Godly Student Chapter 403

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Cheng Yu brought the members of the Divine Dragon Squad and quickly traversed the vast ocean. It was already late at night by the time they arrived at HuaXia. Cheng Yu did not enter the city directly nor did he return to the military region. Instead, he stopped on a mountain a few kilometers away from the military sector and made a phone call to Xu Zhongfu, telling him to send someone to pick them up.

The more than thirty researchers did not even know where this place was, and their first reaction was to run away.

But how could Cheng Yu let them run away? A powerful aura emanated from their bodies. Everyone, including the members of the Divine Dragon team, felt as if they were immobilized. Not only were they suppressed to the point of being unable to breathe, they were completely unable to move.

If you dare to run again, I don't mind sending you to meet Yama Cheng Yu's voice came from a sound transmission, his first word shocked everyone's heart.

The researchers once again felt the terror of death. They no longer dared to run, and they all kneeled down and begged for mercy

After about half an hour, the sound of propellers could be heard in the sky as a transport plane came flying over.

Little Yu, they are...? According to the location provided by Cheng Yu, as well as the bonfire they had lit, Xu Zhongfu quickly found them.

A few hours ago, he was still worrying about Cheng Yu's safety with his grandfather, Cheng Ruilong. However, what shocked him was that he unexpectedly received a call from Cheng Yu a few hours later.

The moment he saw Cheng Yu's phone call, Xu Zhongfu was very excited. He didn't care about whether he had rescued everyone or not. At least Cheng Yu had safely returned. This was the greatest fortune for the Cheng and Xu families.

However, Cheng Yu's next words made him even more happy. He said he needed to bring someone to pick them up. It was a very simple word, but it already made him understand that he didn't come back alone, but brought them back.

Although he was very worried and curious, such as whether all the members of the Divine Dragon team had been rescued or whether Xu RuoSong had returned, and why Cheng Yu had appeared here, and not in the sea port.

All this excitement and curiosity was immediately buried in his heart. When he walked out of the plane and saw the people Cheng Yu brought back, he was even more shocked.

At this moment, he didn't even feel the existence of the Divine Dragon team member. Instead, he focused all his attention on those foreigners who were wearing white coats.

Liu Yan, who followed behind, also couldn't believe that all of this was real. What made her even more confused was how Cheng Yu brought so many people to this place.

Let's talk about this when we get back Although Cheng Yu had said that he would be the one to deliver the message, the identities of these researchers could either be big or small, so he still had to be careful.

Filled with excitement, everyone was sent on a plane. Half an hour later, they returned to the military sector where the members of the Divine Dragon team and the 30 researchers were arranged to go.

Xu Zhongfu brought Cheng Yu and Liu Yan to his office. Cheng Ruilong was already anxiously waiting there.

Grandfather. Why are you here so late at night? Cheng Yu said in surprise when he saw that Cheng Ruilong was also here.

Ever since you went out on a mission, your grandfather has never been at peace. Every day, he's been asking me for any updates about you. When I received your call, I called him over. Before Cheng Ruilong could say anything, Xu Zhongfu explained with a smile.

Didn't I tell you not to worry? Looking at the pair of eyes filled with concern, Cheng Yu felt touched.

It's good that you're back Seeing Cheng Yu standing in front of him without missing a thing, Cheng Ruilong finally let go of the uneasiness in his heart.

Little Yu, tell us about the situation of this mission. Those foreigners can't be... Xu Zhongfu had long been unable to restrain the excitement and curiosity in his heart as he asked.

One of them was dressed in a white coat, most of them wore thick glasses, looking like a scholar. No matter how he looked at it, they didn't look like a prisoner of war.

That's right. Those people are the researchers who are researching the same new weapons as you Cheng Yu no longer hid anything and said directly.

Is this true? How did you do it? After obtaining the correct answer, Xu Zhongfu and Liu Yan were both extremely excited and shocked

Did you get that information back as well? Liu Yan asked.

Take a look and see if that's all? Cheng Yu magically took out a large stack of information and handed it over to the two of them without paying attention to their curiosity.

Right, right. That's it. What are these foreign language materials? Could it be their translator? Xu Zhongfu asked curiously when he saw that there were a large number of foreign languages in addition to their original source data.

It should be. It is possible that part of it is the results of their research. It should be useful to you all Cheng Yu said.

Really? Great. Little Yu, you've really done a great service for the country this time. Not only did you manage to save the Divine Dragon Squad, you've even brought back such an important information. We will definitely reward you well and honor you Xu Zhongfu said in surprise.

This time, Cheng Yu's success in the mission was just too perfect. Originally, they thought that it would be great if Cheng Yu could return safely. As for the members of the Divine Dragon Squad, they could only depend on their own lives.

When they received the information from Dragon Four and found out that someone had returned safely, in addition to being pleasantly surprised, most of them held great hope and anticipation for Cheng Yu.

Now that Cheng Yu had returned, the news about the success of the mission could shake the entire world. This was a huge success for the Chinese soldiers in their country.

Not only did they bring back their own possessions, but they also brought back the talents and research results of other countries. Such a harvest and achievement was definitely historic. However, such an achievement could not be announced to the public.

Just like those thirty researchers, they would never be able to obtain freedom in their entire lives. They were destined to only be able to operate underground and devote their entire lives to China.

Alright. There's no need for celebrations, I'm very busy. Now that the matter has been resolved, it's time for me to go back. Grandfather, let's go home To Cheng Yu, all of this was nothing to boast about. This was because they were all ordinary people.

The reason he brought back so many things was just on a whim. Furthermore, after living in this world for so long, one could always hear just how strong Country M's military was. Since he had the opportunity, he naturally wanted to experience it and bringing this information back was just on a whim.

Good. Good. Let's go home Seeing his grandson act so boldly, Cheng Ruilong was very happy in his heart. He proudly glanced at Xu Zhongfu and prepared to go home with Cheng Yu.

That's right. I've brought back the research equipment for those people, but I've already sent someone to deliver it to our Cheng family. As for the issue of secrecy, I believe you all know how to do it? Cheng Yu was about to walk out of Xu Zhongfu's office when he suddenly turned around and said.

Puff. You said you brought back their research equipment? Xu Zhongfu was very excited in his heart. Just as he was about to drink the tea, Cheng Yu's words gave him a fright. He spat out all the tea in his mouth and said in a trembling voice.

There should be some research materials on other projects. In short, bring some people to take a look at them tomorrow Cheng Yu said as he followed Cheng Ruilong out.

Liu... Instructor Liu. This guy couldn't have looted the base, right? Even when Cheng Yu had completely disappeared from his office, Xu Zhongfu still could not believe his ears.

... Liu Yan was already at a loss as to what to say. Cheng Yu felt that every word he said was ordinary and unremarkable, but in their ears, every word he said was like raging waves, It was enough to shock everyone.

At this moment, all she could think of was Cheng Yu. Just who was this man? It was amazing. Everything he did was incredible.


Little Yu, don't be too ostentatious about this sort of thing in the future. Cheng Ruilong said to Cheng Yu while sitting in the car.

Although everything Cheng Yu did brought great benefits to the country and also brought the Cheng family honor, this kind of achievement was beyond the scope of ordinary people's acceptance. It would easily cause a lot of trouble.

I know, Grandpa Cheng Yu himself knew that such matters were beyond the scope of ordinary people's understanding.

Cheng Yu had never considered himself as a savior, but no matter what, he was still a Chinese. He couldn't let all the Chinese worship him.

Otherwise, others would think that he was spreading feudal superstition and even thinking that he was trying to overthrow the current Chinese government and was plotting against them.

Moreover, there were not many opportunities like this. He could not go to Country M whenever he had the time and destroy a base to stock up on resources. Now that he had such an opportunity before him, it didn't matter if he made a show of himself once in a while. It could be said that he had helped the country.

Grandfather, take me to the warehouse Returning to the Cheng Family's courtyard, Cheng Yu said.

Yes. Cheng Yu had said earlier that there was something that would be delivered to his Cheng family, so he was curious as to what Cheng Yu was up to.

There were only two of them in the warehouse. He didn't have anything to hide from Cheng Ruilong. Sooner or later, he would make everyone from the Cheng family embark on the road of cultivation.

With a wave of his hand, a white light flashed. Cheng Ruilong used his hand to cover his eyes. When he opened his eyes again to look at what was happening, he was shocked speechless.

Little Yu... This... Looking at the originally empty warehouse that was now filled with all sorts of equipment, Cheng Ruilong actually didn't know where to start.