Godly Student Chapter 402

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We didn't disturb it. We hadn't taken a bath for so many days. It was just a bath, that's all Dragon Six said in an aggrieved tone.

Then you guys must have been too smelly, and made her water dirty. Cheng Yu said snappily.

Instructor, is this thing really your water monster? Call it out for us to see. I've never seen a real water monster in my life. Just now, I was afraid and I didn't have the time to see it clearly. Dragon Six said suddenly.

That's right. Instructor, Let's see it again The others said in excitement as well.

They were afraid just now, but knowing that this fellow was the instructor's water monster, that fear have disappeared without a trace. Moreover, they were prepared in their hearts. Moreover, with Cheng Yu present, he wouldn't have attacked them.

There are rumors about water monsters all over the world, but many are made up and the photos of them are fake photos made by others. However, this was different. This was something that had truly appeared in front of them. Everyone wanted to see it with their own eyes.

She wasn't raised by me, she's my friend. You'd better treat her with respect, otherwise if she wants to eat you, I might not be able to save you. Cheng Yu said.

Ah? No way. Then forget it Dragon Six was shocked.

Alright. I need to talk to you guys about the information. Take a look at this information, and see if it's what you're looking for. Cheng Yu took out a stack of thick documents and passed it to the others.

We don't understand it either, but it should be this. These are all weapons research, so it should be more or less the same. A few people took a look and said.

The research was nothing more than data and records. They were not researchers, and they couldn't tell, but judging by the title, Latest weapon research topic, it was probably the information they need.

Alright then. Let's go back now. When you go back, remember to not say anything about everything that happened here, understand? Cheng Yu solemnly said to the others as he put away the information.

Instructor. Rest assured! We'll keep it a secret for you. Everyone said with confidence.

In fact, they were able to tell that Cheng Yu was not an ordinary person. Everything he displayed seemed to no longer belong to the human race. If they were to say what Cheng Yu was in their hearts, then Cheng Yu was already an immortal.

Other than this word, they could no longer imagine what other words could accurately describe him. The mysterious Sword Technique could destroy an enemy in an instant. With just a wave of a hand, everything would disappear or reappear.

This was something that only immortals could do. They also knew that if the shocking ability of Cheng Yu was leaked out, it would very likely cause chaos in the world and they might even be punished or cursed by the immortals.

If they had been real atheists before, now, they did not hesitate to believe that there was indeed a deity in this world. They naturally did not dare to be disrespectful to the deity.

They finally set out on their way home. In the study of the Cheng family that was more than 10,000 kilometers away, old man Cheng was in a rage.

Inside the study, other than Old Master Cheng himself, there was also an old man. He was Vice President Xu Zhongfu.

Damn it. Damn it. Old man Xu, speak honestly. Did you ask Little Yu to go deep into the enemy's battle zone? Hearing the news that Cheng Yu had gone deep into the enemy's battlezone to save others, Cheng Ruilong's heart was filled with anxiety and anger

He blamed all of this on Xu Zhongfu, because he was the one who planned this operation.

It turned out that a few hours after Cheng Yu rescued the four members of the Divine Dragon Squad's first team. Dragon Four and the others had already contacted the headquarters through Messin and reported everything that had happened.

Xu Zhongfu and Liu Yan, who had received the report at the first moment, knew that Cheng Yu had secretly entered the enemy's battlezone and it made them were extremely anxious. That was the reason for the current situation.

Old Cheng, I swear to the heavens. This was definitely not my intention. Back then, when Instructor Liu was explaining the mission's situation to Little Yu, we repeatedly emphasized to him that he shouldn't enter too deep into the enemy battle zone. However... Xu Zhongfu said in a serious tone, but when he finished, he hesitated.

But what? Cheng Ruilong said with his eyes wide open.

It's just that I've discovered that Little Yu himself seems to have the intention of entering the enemy's battle zone Xu Zhongfu said.

Bullshit, What kind of place is the enemy battlezone? How could he not know? How could he barge in without permission. Even so, since you could see that he had such an idea, why didn't you tell me earlier? The reason why you did not tell me earlier is because you want Little Yu to barge in, right? Cheng Ruilong angrily said.

Ugh.... This... Old Cheng, Listen to me. I admit that I did have those thoughts in my head, hoping that Little Yu would be able to break into the enemy's battle zone. However, I'm not saying that I want him to die. But I can see that Little Yu is not the kind of person who tends to be hot-headed and has no brains. I think that not only I, but also you have underestimated Little Yu's strength. From the way I looked at Little Yu, I can tell that he definitely didn't go out because of kindness and righteousness, but that I saw confidence in his eyes. This self-confidence comes from his powerful strength. Xu Zhongfu looked at Cheng Ruilong and said seriously.

Cheng Ruilong pondered. How could he not know that Cheng Yu's confidence came from his ability. However, he did not see the true strength of Cheng Yu and did not know how powerful he was.

Immortals might be powerful, but he had never seen a true Immortal. At the very least, Cheng Yu could not be considered an Immortal. However, as a modern man, he believed that the power of firearms was enough to destroy everything. Therefore, it was hard for him to imagine how Cheng Yu would be able to defeat such a powerful technological weapon no matter how powerful he was.

More importantly, as Cheng Yu's biological grandfather and Cheng Yu was the only heir to the third generation of the Cheng family, it was difficult for him to remain calm and collected. Any damage to Cheng Yu was not something he or the entire Cheng family wanted to see.

Old Cheng, I really want to know where Little Yu got his skills from. Xu Zhongfu asked a question that had been weighing on his heart for a long time.

Most people knew what Cheng Yu was like back in the capital. No one would have thought that Cheng Yu would magically reappear with such strength in the capital after only two years.

This kind of power and high profile was enough to shock everyone. He had seen Han Li's performance at the Divine Dragon Instructor Qualification Competition and didn't understand what kind of person that Cheng Yu or the person that Song Tianlin chose were, but the other candidates were chosen from the best instructors.

Each and every one of them had gone through countless hardships and cruel training in the army. After many years of hard work, some of them had finally gained that kind of strength after decades of hard work.

But even so, these people were unable to withstand a single blow from Cheng Yu, who was not even twenty years old. The other candidates were like playboys in front of him. They were no match for him.

Furthermore, the videos that Cheng Yu had posted on the internet were extremely magical. The movies often talked about all martial arts in the world, only speed is unbeatable. When a person's speed is faster than a bullet, they should be able to block a bullet. However, I've never heard of anyone being able to do such a thing

But what about Cheng Yu? He did not block it, but the bullet hung motionless in front of him. Anyone could even remove the bullet at this moment.

If such a miraculous thing wasn't a result of special effects, then it would truly be a miracle. It was likely that only a deity would have this kind of ability. But was that possible? He had watched Cheng Yu grow up, the only thing he did not understand was his two years in Yunhai.

In merely two years' time, it was hard for him to believe that a playboy could become a god in such a short time. He did not believe that gods really existed in this world

Therefore, he believed that this answer could only be found from Cheng Ruilong.

I can't answer this question. I once asked him the same question, but he didn't tell me the answer Cheng Ruilong said.

Even though the Cheng and Xu families were old friends, and their relationship was indeed very good. However, no matter what, he would not reveal the matter of Cheng Yu cultivating.

And who in this world is not selfish? Others didn't know, but in this world, Since Cheng Yu was a cultivator. Cheng Yu's status in the Xu family would naturally become higher and higher. Their alliance will always focus on the Cheng family.

Perhaps there were still others who were cultivating in this world, but these people did not appear in front of them nor did they have any conflicts of interest. Thus, there was no need to care about them.

However, if these people knew about it, including the Xu family, then if they also cultivated to become immortal, then the Cheng family's interests would naturally weaken. Moreover, he didn't know much about cultivation, so he didn't dare to casually reveal it.

Really? Xu Zhongfu obviously didn't believe Cheng Ruilong's words. Cheng Yu was his own grandson. If there was anyone in this world who knew Cheng Yu best, it would be his grandfather.

Is there a need for me to lie to you? If I had truly understood Little Yu's situation, then I wouldn't be in such a hurry right now. Cheng Ruilong said.

That's true. Don't you think it's strange? Seeing the serious look in Cheng Ruilong's eyes, he didn't think that the other party was lying to him.

Of course I know it's strange, but what I want to know is how is the situation with my family's Little Yu? If anything happens to Little Yu, I will definitely fall out with your Xu family At the same time, he cleverly changed the topic.

Ugh... Old Cheng, we should trust Little Yu. Look, didn't he already save someone? I believe he will return safely. Sure enough, after Cheng Ruilong changed his direction, Xu Zhongfu immediately became embarrassed. He chuckled and said. Although he was very curious about how Cheng Yu became so strong, he couldn't help but worry when he thought about how he was alone in enemy territory.

Humph. It would be best if that was the case Cheng Ruilong coldly snorted.