Godly Student Chapter 401

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Instructor This can't be the base of Country M's Army, right? The few of them were let out by Cheng Yu. When they saw the electronic equipment all around them, they exclaimed in shock.

Enough nonsense, hurry up and find them Cheng Yu said as he kicked their butts.

He walked out of the research room alone. Everyone was running for their lives. Cheng Yu seemed to have forgotten something, so he looked around again

After searching for a long time, he was unable to find any important figures. At this moment, he happened to see a person in a military uniform carrying a pile of items. He quickly grabbed onto him and asked, Where is your superior?

I don't know. They might have already run away The man was holding a small piece of precision equipment. He was planning to steal it while it was still chaotic when he suddenly saw the demon appeared in front of him.

Where did he run off to? Cheng Yu shouted.

I don't know

Hmm? Cheng Yu glared at him.

The general might have brought all the researchers up the mountain The soldier was scared out of his wits by Cheng Yu's glare and hurriedly said.

You didn't lie?

No, No. Absolutely not The soldier said fearfully.

Cheng Yu released his Spiritual Sense and looked outside. Sure enough, he sensed that there were quite a few people running up the mountain.

Warning, Warning. 30 seconds left before the base automatically detonates. Please leave immediately, all staff members are requested to leave immediately Just as Cheng Yu was about to chase them up the mountain, the alarm suddenly rang.

Cheng Yu was shocked. These guys actually planned to blow up this base. Without thinking too much, he quickly ran towards the research room.

When they returned to the research room, Xu Ruo Song and the others were quite frightened

Instructor, lets run. This place is going to explode Xu RuoSong said nervously.

Cheng Yu looked at all the equipment and information inside, and couldn't care less. With a sweep of his hand, he moved all the things in the research lab.

The few of them were shocked as they saw this godly technique. Good heavens, is this magic or a celestial spell? It could actually make objects disappear into thin air.

However, Cheng Yu did not give them a chance to ask questions. He waved his hand and once again put everyone back into the Mountain and River Diagram. He quickly ran out of the base.

Alert. The countdown to the base self-destructing will begin. TEN, NINE, EIGHT...

Cheng Yu knew he wouldn't be able to get out. Although he didn't know how powerful the explosion would be, he didn't dare to take the risk


RUUUUUUUUU! Suddenly, the base exploded in a series of explosions, causing the entire mountain to tremble.

He should be dead this time General William, who had just run to the mountain, saw the base on the mountainside turn into a sea of fire. He was finally no longer that worried.

Standing next to a rock in the mountain area, General William took out a small remote control and pressed it lightly. Suddenly, a flat ground in the mountain area opened up and a transport plane appeared in front of everyone.

General William led all the important personnel and moved them onto the transport plane Thump! Thump! Thump! The propeller of the transport plane slowly moved up and left the ground. At this moment, everyone's nervous hearts finally relaxed.

In fact, many of the people present did not understand what happened. Why did they suddenly get attacked and even had to self-destruct their base? They could only feel that the situation was very dangerous

As he looked down from the plane, the huge base had been reduced to nothing. Thick smoke was billowing, making it impossible to see what was going on inside

General, Look. What is that? Suddenly, an observer pointed at the smoke and shouted.

It's flying towards us Everyone looked in that direction and saw a green cauldron flying towards them.

General William's face changed greatly when he saw it. Although he didn't know what it was, his many years of battle experience told him that this strange thing could very likely be related to that mysterious person.

Also, planes were very fragile. Although the plane was huge, it is very easily destroyed.

General William made a prompt decision. He opened the cabin door, picked up a rocket launcher and shot it towards the green cauldron that was flying towards them.

However, what surprised everyone was that this cauldron was actually as agile as a human being. In a flash, it had dodged the rocket.

Peng peng peng! General William could not be bothered with that. He fired a few more rockets.

The result was still shocking. The Green Cauldron was actually dodging back and forth. Seeing the Green Cauldron getting closer and closer, everyone was scared. If such a large cauldron were to crash into them, the plane would definitely crash.

However, the reality wasn't as they had imagined. The large cauldron suddenly flew in front of them, and then, unbelievably, it began to grow larger, and then... After that, they saw the plane fly straight into the pitch-black cauldron.

This... What is this place? When everyone opened their eyes again, they saw that they were in a strange place. They couldn't see their surroundings clearly, but it also seemed as if there was nothing there, as if they were in the chaos of the universe.

Such a strange scene caused everyone to feel extremely nervous and scared

Tat tat tat! General William picked up the machine gun beside him and began shooting! However, the bullets that he had shot out did not seem to have met an end. For a long time, there was no sound of bullets colliding with anything.

Is anyone there? Is there anyone here? The researchers couldn't stand such a terrifying environment any longer and shouted loudly.

Don't be afraid. I just want to know, Is the information on China's new weapons on you? Just as everyone was panic-stricken, a voice suddenly rang out.

No one knew where this sound came from, but it seemed to come from all directions

Who are you? Admiral William looked around and replied. Although he was also very nervous and frightened, the fear had lessened a lot when he heard someone's voice.

Just answer my question. Is the information on you guys? The voice came from all directions.

You found the wrong person. The information is not on us He was still looking around, trying to pinpoint the source of the sound, machine gun in hand. As long as he could identify the target, he would be able to kill it.

Although the others wanted to hand over the information, they did not dare to do so with the presence of General William. This was no different from selling their country; they believed that as long as they handed over the information, they would become the target of General William's gun.

Very good A calm voice came out. At this moment, the crowd was baffled.

AHHHHHHH! General William screamed miserably. He was actually pulled out of the plane by something and then disappeared. There was no sound of him screaming anymore. No one knew where General William was pulled off to.

Now can you answer my question? That terrifying voice sounded again.

Yes. Yes. The information is on us. If you let us go, we can give you all the information we have Without the suppression from General William, the crowd could no longer hold themselves back.

When they first ran out of the base, they could still hear the soldiers who were running away shouting 'Demon', 'Devil', 'Death God' and other similar words. At that time, they were just curious about what kind of enemy they had met, and not only did it make the soldiers want to abandon the base, but it also scared one the most proud soldiers in the world into such a state.

But now, they finally understood what those soldiers meant by demon, devil, and death god.

Let us go. This information is all yours The others quickly took out their documents and shouted.

Whiz The information in everyone's hands had once again mysteriously flown away, disappearing without a trace.

I will appraise it first. If it's true, then you won't face any danger in life. If it's false, then you can only go see your God

Don't worry, this information is all real. A portion of it was taken from the original Chinese version a man shouted.

.............However, even after a long time, they still did not hear that person's voice again.

Inside the Mountain and River Diagram, the members of the Divine Dragon Squad were still wandering around aimlessly. They were very curious about this miraculous place. Could they find a deity here?

Some could no longer hold in their excitement after seeing such a huge and beautiful lake, they took off their clothes and jumped in.

Just when everyone was feeling excited, a huge head with a long horn on the top of its head, and eyes the size of copper bells popped out of the water.

AHHHHHHHH. Snake, What a big snake

Water Monster. Run Everyone was scared to the point that their faces turned pale. They no longer had the confidence from when they first entered the water. They climbed onto the shore as if they had seen a ghost.

The people on the shore were also shocked by the sudden appearance of the huge monster. They picked up their guns and started shooting at the water. Roar! The water monster roared, opening its huge mouth and exposing half of its upper body. The water monster was more than ten meters tall, and as its tail emerged from the water, it smacked the water with force.

Stop Seeing that the huge wave was about to swallow the several people, Cheng Yu rushed in just in time. With a wave of his hand, he dispersed the huge wave.

Cheng Yu looked at Shi Ji, who stared at him before slowly sinking into the water.

Instructor. Could this be your water monster? This is too scary, I thought it was going to eat me allow Dragon Six patted his chest. His face was still pale as he spoke with fear still lingering in his heart.

Who asked you to disturb it. You deserve to be eaten Cheng Yu said snappily.

We didn't disturb it. We hadn't taken a bath for so many days. It was just a bath, that's all Dragon Six said in an aggrieved tone.