Godly Student Chapter 400

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Alright, tell me about your mission and the situation Cheng Yu did not care about how surprised they were, but asked directly.

Actually, we don't really understand either. We only know that a few days ago, when we arrived at the outer part of the mission base. At that time, we were about a few kilometers away from the base, we did not encounter any army.

Originally, we were planning to carry out our mission at night, but at that time, we heard a few loud noises coming from the base. We thought that Team Two had fought with them and was preparing to support them. Xu RuoSong retracted the shock in his heart, calmed down for a bit before speaking. In the end, he looked at Team Two, wanting to know if it was because of their conflict with Country M's soldiers.

How could it be us? We were just as far away from the base at the time, so when we heard the loud noise, we thought it was you guys clashing with Country M's Army Dragon 13 also said with confusion.

So our guess is right. There are indeed armies from other countries coming to join in the fun. It's just that they made us the scapegoats. Not long after the loud noise, a large number of soldiers began to search the area. We were quickly discovered, and so, here we are Xu RuoSong said.

How long has this been going on? Cheng Yu seemed to have thought of something and asked.

Yeah, it's been about seven days. Xu RuoSong thought for a while and said.

Seven days? Cheng Yu calculated how long it has been since he first came out of the cultivation world and fought with a bunch of unknown military personnel nearby.

F * ck, don't let me know which country is causing this trouble for us, or else I'll blow up their capital Dragon 13 said angrily.

Cough cough. Alright, since it's not your fault, then let's talk about the contents of this mission Cheng Yu seemed to have confirmed that the troublemaker was him. Feeling awkward, he coughed twice and quickly changed the topic.

I heard that a few months ago, our military had developed a new weapon, but it was accidentally stolen away by a spy from Country M. According to our superior, the data is in this base, so our mission is to retrieve this information. Xu RuoSong said.

How could such an important thing be stolen by a spy? Your research center is way too reckless Cheng Yu said speechlessly.

Although he did not know what kind of new weapon it was, but in this world of technology, new weapons represented the strength of a nation. It could even be said that it was related to the lifeline of a country.

Err... Everyone was speechless. This was not something they could know. All they needed to do was execute the mission.

Alright, since we came here with great difficulty, we can't just come here for nothing. We have to get the information back no matter what. Cheng Yu said. No matter what, he was a Chinese. If someone stole something from his people, he had to help out since they could use it to threaten his people. That was not allowed.

Instructor, as long as you're here, this matter will definitely be easy Hearing that Cheng Yu was going to make a move personally, the crowd exclaimed excitedly.

In that case, I'll send you to a place first Cheng Yu waved his hand and everyone disappeared before they could say anything.

In the Mountain and River Diagram, Xu RuoSong and the other three were once again curious. They were no different from Dragon 13 and the rest. No matter what, Cheng Yu didn't want to explain anything to them.

Stepping on the flying sword, Cheng Yu once again headed towards Country M's Army base.

_________________________ In the military base, Admiral William was already in a rage. In just one hour, he had received several reports on his desk. All of them only mentioned the same thing: their army was being attacked by demons.

The ten reconnaissance aircraft that he had sent out had long since been completely destroyed, and the garrison troops that he had placed in the outer perimeter had also been killed and returned. According to their information, there was only one person on the other side, but what was scary was that he had a glowing sword in his hand, like the lasers in their Hollywood magic movies.

However, what was even more horrifying was that not only could this person fly, the laser sword in his hand could also shoot out a death laser. Everywhere it hit, blood and flesh were everywhere. There was simply no one that could match him.

Is this person really that magical? Looking at the report, General William's face turned uglier and uglier. How was this a war? It was obviously a massacre

According to the reports of the soldiers who escaped, this man is indeed that powerful. General, should we request for reinforcements? The assistant said.

Not at the moment, this person probably didn't come to attack us specifically. If he's really that powerful, he would have attacked our base long ago, but he hasn't appeared for so many days. Although he appeared today, he didn't come chasing us. It seems like he's here to save them. Admiral William guessed.

General, are you saying that this person really came from that mysterious Eastern Kingdom? The assistant said.

There shouldn't be any mistake. I just didn't expect them to have such powerful people. It looks like we have underestimated this country. They are indeed more mysterious than I thought. General William said.

General, General Suddenly a soldier bursted into General William's office.

What is it? Why are you in such a hurry? General William suddenly had an ominous feeling.

Um... That demon is coming for us The soldier said in panic.

What? Are you sure? The premonition in his heart became reality, and even General William was shocked.

General, he's already outside the base, how could we be mistaken? the soldier said.

Follow me to the control room General William stood up and said.

Arriving at the control room, he could see everything that was happening outside. The people in the control room had long been scared out of their wits.

In the screen, a fully armed man was standing on a huge eastern sword in the air. He was holding something that looked like a laser sword, exactly as described in the battle report.

That person waved his sword and a shadow of the sword came out. As he rushed into the crowd, blood and flesh flew everywhere. Even though the soldiers shot out quite a few rockets, the opponent's speed was so fast and they couldn't hit him.

Moreover, the bullets that could have killed an ordinary person countless times over were completely useless against that person. General William had grown up in war, but he had never seen such a brutal battle.

How could this person be a demon? He was simply a god of death.

Retreat, get all the soldiers to retreat, inform all doctors and researchers to pack up and leave through the back door Facing such an enemy, General William really couldn't think of any way to kill him.

The missile seemed feasible, but the man was too fast for the missile to aim at.

Watch out. Watch out, the enemy is coming. All personnel of the base, please leave through the back door immediately Paul turned on the intercom and began to speak.

Paul, activate the base's self-destruct system General William decided to abandon the base. Although this might bring him a lot of trouble, such an enemy was too terrifying. If he did not think of a way to kill him, he could pose a huge threat to his country.

Yes, General Paul saluted and typed in a string of codes in front of the computer.

Warning, Warning. The self-detonation system had been activated and the base would detonate automatically in 10 minutes. Please leave immediately. Staff members, please leave immediately Suddenly, the entire base's alarm rang.

Everyone panicked and quickly ran towards the back door.

Colonel Kevin. Try to find a way to bring that guy into the base General William's spoke to a commander.

Yes, General Colonel Kevin immediately ran out.

Outside the base, everyone was either running away or dying. It had been a mess for a long time

All soldiers, return to the base Colonel Kevin ran outside and shouted loudly.

In fact, he didn't even need to say it. The soldiers already knew that this man was not someone they could deal with. They had already scattered in all directions.

Puff! He saw Cheng Yu swing his sword at him and this Colonel Kevin was instantly split into two halves.

Cheng Yu couldn't care less. He didn't just want to kill people, the most important thing was to get the information back. He rushed into the base and searched all over for information. However, he didn't know where to look. When he saw a man, he grabbed him and asked in English, Where's the information?

Don't kill me. Don't kill me. I don't know, I don't know anything That person's entire body was limply lying down as he was extremely frightened.

Where is the research room? Cheng Yu asked again.

Over there The person said fearfully.

Take me with you Cheng Yu said.

Under the guidance of the man, they came to a door, but it was closed, and beside it was a code device.

Open it for me Cheng Yu shouted.

I'm not a researcher. I don't know the password. The man was going to cry. The place was going to explode in a few minutes, and now he wanted to leave.

Seeing that he didn't seem to be lying, Cheng Yu released his aura. True energy gushed out from his entire body and that person was sent flying. The Purple Light Sword in Cheng Yu's hands shone brightly and he slashed at the steel door. The steel door was actually forcefully broken open.

He rushed into the research room. It was very big inside. Cheng Yu took out a stack of information, it was all in English. It gave him a headache when he saw this. Then, Cheng Yu released the dozen or so members of the Divine Dragon team.

Instructor. This is... Seeing that the surrounding environment was very similar to the inside of the base, Xu RuoSong exclaimed.

That's right, this is the base's research lab. Everyone, look for the information. All of these are f * cking in English, it is giving me a headache Cheng Yu said.

Ah? Is this really inside the base? Instructor, you charged into the base alone? Dragon Six said excitedly. The instructor was indeed the most awesome person. He actually charged into Country M's Army base by himself. Once this news have spread out. Who would dare bully my HuaXia

Cut the crap, hurry up and find them for me Cheng Yu kicked Dragon Six's butt.