Godly Student Chapter 399

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In the middle of the night, in a mountain forest in the western part of Country M, there were four people hiding in a patch of grass. Not too far away from them, on top of a mountain, somewhere on the mountainside, a door suddenly opened.

What was even more surprising was the number of scouts flying out of the door, one after another.

Captain, what do you think they are doing? It can't be that they want to capture us, right? Noticing the scouts flying in the sky, Dragon Six said in confusion.

I don't think so. Xu RuoSong shook his head.

Then they went to capture Second Brother and the rest? Or Team Two? Dragon Three said with a frown.

That's possible, I hope they can leave safely Xu RuoSong also had a worried expression. After all, they knew that they wouldn't be able to make it back alive. Naturally, they would be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of peace. Even if they died, they wouldn't have died in vain. Then what should we do now? Dragon Eight said.

Now we know that their base is on the mountainside, and most importantly, most of their troops have been sent out to search for us. This is a good time for us to infiltrate the base Xu RuoSong looked at the mountainside and said.

But even so, we don't know how to enter. Those secret doors must have a password.

Let's hide at the top of the mountain for now. It's impossible for the ten or so patrolling soldiers to stay put and not change shifts. When it's time for a shift change, they'll definitely have people coming out Xu RuoSong said, and led the three of them quietly up the mountain.

After we enter, we'll go directly to their weapon ammunition depots and make them perish together with us After the four of them had ascended the mountain, Xu RuoSong looked at the three of them and said.

Good, even if we can't finish the mission, we have to destroy all the information, including this base The three of them said excitedly.

The four of them hid in the bushes and watched the patrolmen walk around. They were all almost asleep from waiting.

Captain, this won't do. We will starve to death sooner or later if we continue like this. Why don't we just force our way through Dragon Six said. The four of them haven't eaten since eight hours ago, and now that they had nothing to eat and it was inconvenient to get find food. they would be powerless before the enemy due to starvation.

Wait a little longer. If this plan don't work, then we'll just have to force our way in. Xu RuoSong also knew that this wasn't the way to go on, but they didn't have enough ammo in their hands, it was too reckless for them to force their way in.

Just as the four of them were getting impatient, two patrolling soldiers suddenly approached them.

Did they discover us? Dragon Three said nervously.The four of them held their guns tightly as they stared at the two people walking over. If anything strange happened on the other side, they would be ready to shoot.

Let's do it here A soldier looked around and said, then pulled down his pants and started to pee.

The four of them suddenly realized that these two fellows were just here to pee. Seeing how comfortable the two of them were, they looked at each other, then Dragon Three and Dragon Six suddenly rushed out, grabbed their throats and twisted, causing them to fall limply to the ground.

The two men dragged the corpses into the bushes, stripped their clothes and changed into them. Then, they picked up their weapons and equipment and swaggered towards the other patrolling soldiers.

As the sky was dark, the two of them pulled down their hats and did not pay any attention to the patrolling soldiers. Seeing the two return, they smiled and said, Jack, why have you two been gone so long? You couldn't have started shooting at each other, right? Haha

Ha ha. The others also looked at the two and laughed.

It's the enemy All of a sudden, one of the soldiers looked and saw the face of one of the men. His face turned pale as he shouted.

Whiz The man raised his gun and was about to shoot when Dragon Three took out a knife and stabbed it into his neck. The man fell to the ground.

Tat tat tat! The others reacted and began firing at the two. The two were already prepared, and with a few rolls, they dodged the bullets.

Tat tat tat! At this time, Xu RuoSong and Dragon Eight jumped out from the darkness and started shooting at the people from behind them. In an instant, the enemies fell to the ground.

What do we do now? We don't know the password to this door The four of them came to a hidden door covered in grass. As they cleared the grass, a metal door impressively appeared in front of them. Next to the door was a password device.

Let me directly destroy it Dragon Six took out his gun and shot a few times, and the password device was broken.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The metal door was not opened as they had expected. Instead, sirens were ringing everywhere.

Damn it, You idiot Xu RuoSong scolded.

What do we do now? Dragon Three said frantically.

When they hear the alarm, the enemy will definitely come out. Let's just wait for them to come out and kill them. A pair of them will come out Dragon Six said indifferently.

This is bad, Run Just as the four of them were guarding the door, a few noises suddenly came from other places. Xu RuoSong felt that the situation wasn't good, and immediately shouted and dodged to the side. Tat tat tat! Sure enough, a group of soldiers appeared from other places and raised their guns to shoot at them.

It turned out that this base had more than one entrance. They were guarding this entrance, and the enemy had long since come out from another.

Retreat. Quickly retreat Suddenly, several groups of soldiers appeared from different directions. Xu RuoSong knew that he couldn't force his way in, so he quickly retreated into the forest.

Chase The enemy leader waved his hand and chased after them.

This is bad. This time, it's really over, there are enemies coming over from the front The four of them dashed through the forest. Suddenly, there was another group of soldiers rushing towards them from the front

Help. Help. Devil. It's the devil Just as the four of them were preparing to fight to the death with this squad of soldiers, a surprising scene appeared in front of them. They all had expressions of utter terror as they cried out for help nonstop.

How was this a group of soldiers surrounding them? It was clearly a group of deserters

What happened to them? Could it be that there's a group of people with even more firepower behind them? Dragon Six asked curiously.

Look. There's something shining behind them Suddenly, Dragon Three pointed to the back of the group of deserters and called out.

It seems to be a person Dragon Eight was surprised.

Such a powerful person. These soldiers were all killed by him, they were thrown to the ground, and then they were disarmed and scattered everywhere Dragon Six said in disbelief.

Such a familiar person. That is... When Xu RuoSong saw that person holding a dazzling purple sword, he thought of someone.

Could that be... Instructor Dragon Three seemed to be able to tell that this person was familiar, and his voice trembled as he spoke.

The figure stepped on a flying sword and with a wave of his hand, a purple figure light through the army. Wherever the light went, flesh and blood flew everywhere

Gulp! Seeing such a bloody and violent scene, the four of them gulped. Good boy, this isn't war, this is clearly a massacre

Seeing the group of soldiers running far away, the figure stopped chasing and landed in front of them in a godly manner. If this person wasn't Cheng Yu, then who else could it be?

Instructor After clearly seeing each other's faces, the four of them finally spoke excitedly.

The four of you are quite capable. You actually ran all the way to this place. You really do have a death wish When Cheng Yu saw the four of them, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

Hehe. Instructor, Why are you here? With Cheng Yu around, everyone no longer had to worry about their safety. Cheng Yu's strength just now had proven everything.

Of course I'm here to save you. Do you think I have nothing better to do? Cheng Yu said snappily.

Hehe Everyone laughed softly.

You guys are really disappointing. You almost got wiped out on your first mission. In the future, don't ever mention being my student, I can't afford to embarrass myself like that Cheng Yu said.

Instructor. Damn it all, we don't know what's going on, but before we could act, we were discovered, and that's why we became like this Dragon Six said dejectedly.

What the hell is going on? Cheng Yu frowned. Back then, Xu Zhongfu had also told him that they did not carry out the mission according to the plan. However, they did not know the reason.

This matter, we also...

Wait, an enemy is coming. Wait for me here Just as Xu RuoSong was about to explain, Cheng Yu suddenly interrupted him. With a flash, he disappeared.

As expected of an instructor. If I had half the strength of the instructor, I wouldn't be in such a sorry state. Noticing that the instructor had disappeared without a trace, Dragon Six said enviously.

Who says it isn't possible? When we go back, we must learn from the instructor In front of Cheng Yu, Xu RuoSong no longer had the appearance of a big brother. The current him looked more like Cheng Yu's younger generation, and the strength Cheng Yu displayed made him admire Cheng Yu from the bottom of his heart.

Not long after, countless screams could be heard from afar, but the four of them no longer had that fear from before. Instead, they felt a sense of comfort in their hearts. Your father's instructor is here.

Let's leave here first. Otherwise, those fellows will catch up to us again. A few minutes later, Cheng Yu returned. He did not care about that anymore, directly grabbing them onto the flying sword and flew away.

This... This... Teach... Instructor, are we flying? Everyone was startled when they were brought onto a flying sword, causing Dragon Six to exclaim nervously and excitedly.

Don't ask so much. You will naturally find out when the time comes. You are not allowed to leak anything you see here. Otherwise, don't blame me for falling out. Do you hear me? Cheng Yu said to the others.

Got it The few of them sat on top of the huge sword and quickly flew past countless mountains. Although they were very curious about everything, they didn't dare to ask any more questions.

Cheng Yu brought the four of them to a mountain a few kilometers away. Then, with a wave of his hand, a few people suddenly appeared.

You all... Regardless of whether it was Xu RuoSong's group of four or the members of Team Two, they all looked at each other in astonishment. This was especially true for the four people on Xu RuoSong's side. They really didn't understand why Team Two would suddenly appear out of thin air.