Godly Student Chapter 398

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What do we do now? The captain is also injured, and the five of us are also in a semi-crippled state, are we really going to wait for our deaths here? Dragon 16 sat on the stone and said.

This is bad. The enemy is coming up the mountain Suddenly, Dragon 12 shouted.

F * ck, they've surrounded us for the past few days without attacking us. Now that we've used up most of our energy, they've started to climb the mountain. It seems like these guys want to capture us alive Dragon 16 stood up and looked at the situation at the foot of the mountain. Sure enough, there were quite a few soldiers heading up the mountain.

Then what should we do now? We're almost out of bullets, do you want us to fight with our fists?

If they dare to fight against us, they will definitely not be our match Dragon 16 said. Although he had several gunshot wounds on his body, he still believed that he had the strength to do so.

Do you think they'd be so stupid? Dragon 12 said snappily. After being trained by Cheng Yu, everyone's hand-to-hand combat was absolutely fearless against any special forces. It was a pity that they were surrounded by enemies with guns this time. There was no chance for them to fight head on.

If the instructor was here, he definitely wouldn't be in such a sorry state like us Dragon 13 sighed.

That's right. I don't think we'll have a chance to see the instructor again Dragon 16 also said with a regretful expression.

Let's go down and fight them. Even if we die, we must not lose face for our instructors or lose face for our country Dragon 12 suddenly stood up and said.

You're crazy, there are so many enemies below, if you go on like this, are you giving the instructor face, giving the country face? Dragon 16 said.

Then what should we do? Just these two bullets, aside from suicide, who else can it kill? Dragon 12 said gloomily.

We can't leave any trouble for our country. If we leave the corpses to the enemy, then it will be very easy for them to find out our identities. That is all the evidence they need Dragon 16 said in a low voice.

What do you mean? Dragon 12 said.

Use up all the ammunition on us. Killing an extra Country M soldier is already a profit for us. This mountain is surrounded by cliffs on three sides, so I think we can only choose to jump down from one side Dragon 16 said.

The five of them were silent. Dragon 16 was right. Maybe the enemy already knew their identities, but as long as they didn't have any evidence, they couldn't make a move against China

Good. This is truly not losing face for the country. Killing one more would be worth it Dragon 12 raises the gun in his hand and shoots wildly at the enemy coming up the mountain.

Dragon 16 hand grenades were thrown down from his waist. Not long later, all 10 of them had their ammunition emptied. They didn't know how many people had died, all they knew was that they had done their best.

The five of them picked up all the equipment that could identify them and carried the five wounded on their backs as they walked towards one of the cliffs.

Looking at the clouds curling down from the cliff, no one showed a single sign of fear. There was only one expression on their faces... determination. They are the pride of their country, even if they die, they can't leave any evidence for the enemy.

We are warriors of the Diving Dragon Squad. Our death will not be in vain. Is everyone ready? Dragon 16 said.

Yes The other nine said. Tat tat tat! At that moment, there was a sudden burst of screams and gunfire from the foot of the mountain

What's going on? Dragon 13 asked curiously.

Has Team One come to save us? Dragon 12 said.

Go. Let's go take a look Dragon 16 said.

If team one really did attack, they wouldn't want to die like this

They had no other choice but to kill themselves. If they did not have to die and is able to kill more enemies, then that would be the best thing possible.

At the bottom of the mountain, Cheng Yu was flying over. As expected, he sensed that there were ten people on the mountain in front of him.

Cheng Yu was not a god with his late stage Foundation Establishment cultivation, but in the eyes of ordinary people, he was no different from a god. Cheng Yu completely ignored everyone's attacks and every time he waved his hand, there would be several people dismembered.

Of course, Cheng Yu's bravery was not considered a god in the eyes of the army, but a true devil incarnation. Country M was a country with a well-developed military. It was also because of their strong military strength that Country M was regarded as one of the strongest countries in the world.

They always believed that their force could destroy almost everything in the world. But at this very moment, in front of this strange man in full armour, they discovered that they were not much stronger than the ants on the ground.

This person could actually block bullets. It could even be said to be a completely fearless attack. Is this a robot? But what was that purple light?

Not only was he able to split a person in half so easily, even the guns in their hand was easily cut in half. This was too unbelievable.

Run. This is the devil from hell Under Cheng Yu's unbridled slaughter, everyone was terrified. They couldn't care less about the people on the mountain, they only knew that they were about to be killed if they didn't run.

That is... That is... Dragon 12 held the binoculars and looked down the mountain. His hands and his voice trembled. He was no longer as calm as before. All that was left was excitement and excitement!

What is it? Is it team one? Dragon 16 said frantically.

It's the instructor, the instructor is here to save us Dragon 12 said with incomparable excitement.

What? Instructor. Quick, let me see Dragon 13 quickly grabbed the binoculars from the Dragon 12 hands and looked down the hill.

Really. It really was the instructor. He's coming to save us Seeing a man at the foot of the mountain killing soldiers like stepping on ants, Dragon 13 said excitedly.

That's great. That's great. Heaven never bars one's way. Who would have thought that the instructor would personally come to save us, and the instructor is really too strong, to be able to kill and force hundreds of people to retreat by himself, it was as if he is a god Dragon 12 said excitedly.

Let me take a look After hearing Dragon 12, the rest of the people also rushed to look through their binoculars.

Looking at Country M's soldiers fleeing in all directions, Cheng Yu did not kill them all. There were indeed too many people and they were all running in different directions. Cheng Yu did not care too much and it was more important to save the Divine Dragon Squad memberes first.

Instructor, It's really you Seeing that the enemies had been killed, the five of them hurriedly ran down the mountain. Halfway up the mountain, they saw Cheng Yu running up the mountain.

Just the five of you? What about the other five? Cheng Yu clearly felt ten people, but now he only saw five people, he exclaimed out loud.

Captain and the others are heavily injured Dragon 12 said in a low voice.

Come with me and let's take a look Cheng Yu quickly headed up the mountain

Seeing Cheng Yu's ghost-like speed, the few of them were amazed. Now they finally understood why Cheng Yu always said they were slow. Compared to Cheng Yu, their speed was no different from walking.

Cheng Yu rushed up the mountain alone. When he saw the five people lying on the ground, he probed for their aura. Without saying anything further, he fed them some Divine Water and then treated their wounds before finally calming down.

By the time the five of them ran up the mountain, the five wounded had already recovered quite a bit. Their faces were not as pale anymore, which surprised the five of them yet again.

Cheng Yu also gave some Vitality Restoration Pills to the five of them to heal their wounds. Then he looked at them and said, I still need to go and save Ruo Song and the rest. I want to bring you guys to a place, but I hope you won't tell anyone about what happened today, understand?

Instructor, please be at ease. We will absolutely not divulge any of Instructor's secrets

Instructor, we will definitely not say anything that we shouldn't They all swore at the heavens.

Alright Cheng Yu did not say anything more. With a wave of his hand, everyone felt their vision go black. When they opened their eyes, everyone was stunned

This... This... Is this paradise? They didn't understand what the dragon-like what the object in the sky was, but just the beautiful scenery and magical scenery alone was enough to make them think that this was a paradise.

Moreover, they were curious as to how Cheng Yu brought them to this place. However, they felt that the air was very fresh inside this place. They felt as if they were floating, as if they were about to become immortals.

Cheng Yu did not pay attention to them, nor did he need to explain so much to them. It was not a bad thing to make them worship him.

The most important thing to do now was to find Xu RuoSong. It was just that he didn't know where he was right now. Xu RuoSong's identity was special, and he had also promised the two elders of the Xu family.

If he brought the other team members back, but not Xu Ruo Song, he didn't know how to explain it to the Xu family

So at this time, Cheng Yu was also very anxious. According to Dragon Four, they had split up for about six or seven hours. According to his flying speed, theoretically, he should have already caught up to them.

However, even though he had found Team Two, he still hadn't seen Xu RuoSong. According to the map, the four of them had either died or were heading towards Country M's Army base.

It didn't matter where they ended up, it wasn't a good thing. If they had already died, then everything would have been for nothing. If they were still alive and had actually gone to the base, then their final outcome would be a dead end.

Right now, Cheng Yu could only rush towards the base as fast as he could.


At the base, Country M's commander, Admiral William, had just received a shocking piece of news. A demon appeared near the base. It held an Eastern longsword in its hand and was not afraid of bullets or other hot weapons. Quite a few soldiers had already been killed near the base.

Damn it! This must be the person who attacked our base last time. Send the order down, send out all scouts, we must find the location of this person Admiral William said angrily.

He knew that his guess was right. Those two definitely came from China, otherwise why would they attack this base for no reason?

Demon. I want to see if you are really a demon General William said with a cold face.

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