Godly Student Chapter 397

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You fools. Are you tired of living? Cheng Yu had completely annihilated the enemy troops. He turned around and shouted angrily at the two of them

Cheng Yu was leading twenty people through the forest. From afar, they could hear the sound of guns shooting. Relying on his powerful spiritual sense, he was the first to run over.

When he arrived, he saw that Dragon Four and Dragon Ten were preparing to go out and fight with their lives on the line. If he had arrived a moment later, the two of them would have been corpses. How could Cheng Yu not be angry?

Instructor Seeing Cheng Yu's appearance, the two men who were almost 30 years old actually had red eyes. It wasn't because they had been scolded by Cheng Yu, but because he had come to save them.

Although Cheng Yu had only taught them for a few days, their gains were enormous, and the speed at which they grew up was also fast. In the eyes of all the members of the Divine Dragon Squad, Cheng Yu was a true expert who had broken through the limits of humanity.

In such a dangerous place, if there was anyone in this world who could save them, that person would be their martial arts instructor, Cheng Yu. Now that Cheng Yu was really standing in front of them, they only knew that there was no need to be afraid anymore.

Cheng Yu didn't pay attention to the two men who were crying like women. Instead, he quickly walked over to the Dragon Two and the other wounded people. He felt their pulse and found that they were still hanging on with their breaths.

He took out a small pill bottle that contained God's Water and fed it to the four of them.

What about the others? After saving several people's lives, Cheng Yu stood up and said in a low voice.

Out of the twenty people here, only six were seen. Cheng Yu didn't want to believe the news that everyone else had died

In order to give us a chance to break out of the encirclement, captain took Dragon Three and the others to lure the enemies away. It is unclear whether they are still alive or not. I wonder how Team Two is doing now Dragon Two said sadly.

You guys wait here. Reinforcements will arrive soon. You can go back with them in a while. I believe the enemy will not rush here. Cheng Yu said to the two of them.

Instructor, then by yourself... Dragon Two said.

As long as you guys return safely, these people won't be able to hurt me. Remember, you must return directly to the country. I have my ways of going back After saying that, Cheng Yu directly ran towards the direction where Xu RuoSong and the rest were.

The two of them had just experienced Cheng Yu's true strength. After the danger had passed, the two of them thought of the scene just now. It made them both excited. Their instructor was truly too domineering. He could split a person into several pieces with just a wave of his hand. Although this method seemed a little too violent, as soldiers, they only felt that it was too exciting.

Sure enough, not long after, a group of people rushed towards them. The two of them were startled and thought it was Country M's army.

Zhao Yuan. Why is it you guys? Tiger said in surprise when he saw the people hiding behind the rocks.

The Zhao Yuan that Tiger spoke of was Dragon Two. He was originally a special forces unit in the Beijing military region, and he was also a teammate with Tiger. However, in the end, only Xu RuoSong, Zhao Yuan, and Thunder received the chance to enter the Divine Dragon Squad.

Now, seeing that they were here to rescue the Divine Dragon Squad's men, he was immediately surprised.

Tiger? I didn't expect you guys to come too. Let's quickly leave this place. The enemy might arrive soon Zhao Yuan said.

Have you seen your instructor Cheng Yu? We still have to go with him to save the others Tiger said.

Yes, the instructor saved us. He told us to go back with you Zhao Yuan said.

How can this be? There are many dangers inside, how can he handle them alone? Leopard said from the side.

The strength of our instructors is not something you can imagine. I'm sure there aren't many people in this world who can injure him Zhao Yuan said with a look of worship on his face as he recalled Cheng Yu's mighty demeanor.

This... Tiger and the rest hesitated

Tiger, let's hurry up and go. The strength of our instructor is really not something you can imagine. This place is too dangerous, there's the possibility of a large army appearing at any time Zhao Yuan held Dragon Five up and said to the others.

This... Fine Although they still wanted to go in and kill more enemies. With so many wounded present, it would be very inconvenient for them to move around. They couldn't just leave them here

They were here to save people in the first place, not to kill people. Although it was rare for them to have a chance to enter the territory of a country, the mission was still very important.

How did you get so injured? A few of them supported the other wounded soldiers as they spoke.

Don't mention it, we were suddenly surrounded by Country M's Army before we could figure out what was going on. Zhao Yuan sighed.


Cheng Yu did not have much to worry about and directly flew up on his flying sword at a low altitude. He kept scanning the area within a kilometer radius with his spiritual sense

The flying sword's speed wasn't something that could compare to the speed of running. It couldn't even compare to the speed of the plane. Not long after, Cheng Yu heard the sound battle and quickly flew there.

Xu RuoSong and the other three used trees as cover, they didn't need to fight the enemies head-on, but they were currently running towards the depths of the mountain forest, in the direction of Country M's base.

So they were in a very dangerous situation. They had really entered a wolf's lair and were being followed by groups of soldiers. They didn't know where the ambushing soldiers were, but they had no other choice.

Originally, they had planned to take a detour after luring away the soldiers stationed at the mountain pass to catch up with Dragon Two and the others. But what they didn't expect was that there were soldiers everywhere and they ran into a group of soldiers that stopped halfway. Under such circumstances, the few of them had no choice but to run inside.

Captain, this can't go on. If we go any further, we won't be far from the enemy's base. Dragon Three said while panting heavily.

That's even better. Since we won't be able to live anyway, we might as well go to their base and cause some damage. Even if we die, we need to at least cause some damage to the enemy. We might even be able to destroy their base. Dragon Six boldly said, not putting his own life in his eyes at all.

Dragon Six is right, we're all going to die anyway. Rather than getting caught by the enemy's army like a mouse, we might as well go to their base and have a battle. Dragon Eight also agreed.

Alright. Since everyone is not afraid of death, I will not say anything. Xu RuoSong looked at the surroundings, and said while gritting his teeth.

As the captain, he should be able to maintain his calm at all times, but in these past few days, he had been holding back the anger in his heart. He had not rushed out from the outskirts, and now that he was so deep inside, it was even more impossible for him to rush out.

After finding the right direction, the four of them ran in the direction of the base.

Damn it Cheng Yu was flying all the way, but he still couldn't detect the traces of the remaining dozen people. It couldn't be that they had already been taken care of?

Humph. Just in time. Since I can't find the person I'm looking for, then go ahead and die with them Cheng Yu flew for a while, but still couldn't detect the existence of the Divine Dragon Squad members. However, he could sense that a group of people were heading towards the west, so he didn't care about the rules and directly flew towards them.

This is bad. An enemy attack Before Cheng Yu had even arrived, the sword qi had already flown out. It instantly charged into the army and split apart a few people.

Tat tat tat! Country M's Army soldiers raised their guns and fired towards the direction of Cheng Yu

Clang clang clang! This time, Cheng Yu did not hide anything and openly rushed towards them. The bullets hit Cheng Yu's body, but it did not affect his speed in the slightest.

What? How could this be? When everyone saw Cheng Yu fly over on a sword, they were stunned. They had never seen such a magical scene. The bullets seemed to be ineffective, but the only thing they could do was to continuously fire at him.

Puff puff puff! Cheng Yu rushed into the crowd, sword qi flew everywhere, killing and separating the enemies limbs everywhere.

Run, This is a demon. It's the devil Some people were scared out of their wits and ran.

But since Cheng Yu had revealed his identity, how could he leave them alive? This time, when Cheng Yu came to save people, he had only seen six people, yet there were still fourteen people missing. Cheng Yu needed a place to vent his anger, and these people were undoubtedly the targets for him to vent.

Tat tat tat! In the blink of an eye, Cheng Yu had finished off the 50-60 person team. But at this time, a helicopter appeared in the sky. Obviously, this helicopter also noticed Cheng Yu's existence and started shooting wildly at Cheng Yu.

Without even thinking about it, a few sword shadows shot up into the sky and flew towards the helicopter.

BOOOOOOM. The helicopter was actually directly split open by Cheng Yu and instantly exploded, causing the wreckage to rapidly descend.

After a short moment of venting, Cheng Yu once again flew deeper. After flying a few kilometers, he finally sensed that there were people fighting in the west. Cheng Yu immediately changed his direction and flew over.

At the top of the western hill, a group of wounded people were gathered at the entrance to the mountain, fighting with the soldiers below.

Damn it. Once these guys attack the mountain at random intervals every day, we will be exhausted to death by them sooner or later Dragon Thirteen said angrily.

It was almost midnight now, a time for everyone to doze off, but Country M's Army at the foot of the mountain suddenly launched an attack, making everyone very angry.

Of the ten people remaining, only five could still fight. The remaining five were tied up with rags, and their faces were as pale as paper. Three of them had their eyes open, but the other two had already lost consciousness.

The five men who were fighting weren't much better off. Their chests, thighs, and arms were all covered in blood or torn pieces of cloth. Due to the enemy's intermittent attacks, the five of them had to take turns on duty, which made them very tired. They lacked food and water, so they didn't even know how long they could last.

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