Godly Student Chapter 396

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Captain. Let's just go straight for it Seeing the enemy soldiers in front of him, Dragon Five raised his gun and spoke with a heroic face.

No. Third, sixth, eighth, you three follow me to lure these people away. Second, bring them away from here as soon as possible Xu RuoSong said.

Captain, this is too dangerous. I'll go with you Dragon Five said.

No need. If we really can't break out, you will just be throwing your life away by following us. If one of us lives, we will all be victorious. Third Brother, let's go After Xu RuoSong said this, he brought the three of them and quickly ran over.

The remaining four people looked at the four who had left and felt very upset. But Xu Ruo Song was right. If everyone gathered together, they would definitely die, but if they were the ones to lure the enemies away, then it would be very easy for them to break out of the encirclement.

However, when they thought of the four of them, their hearts sank.

Tat tat tat! Not long after, the battle in front began. Xu RuoSong brought the three of them and ran towards the west.

Chase. Chase after them A moment later, they heard the shouting of the soldiers from Country M. The group of soldiers then chased to the west.

Now. Let's go Seeing that the soldiers guarding the entrance were being led away, Dragon Two quickly led everyone towards the entrance of the mountain pass.

Although they didn't feel good in their hearts, they couldn't afford to let down the sacrifices that the four had made for them. Only by safely escaping would the sacrifices of the four of them have true value.

There were six of them, but two of them were wounded. Only Two and Dragon Five had any real fighting power, so their speed wasn't that fast. Listening to the distant gunshots, they could only pray for the four men.

Stop. There's someone ahead They had only run two kilometers when Dragon Two shouted in a low voice.

Seeing the light ahead and the sight of a few soldiers patrolling, everyone became nervous.

Damnable country bumpkin, you actually arranged so many garrisons? Charge forward and kill all of them Dragon Five said angrily.

Ol 'Five, don't be rash. It's not the time to fight, let's avoid them Dragon Two stopped him. Although they couldn't see how many soldiers were stationed there, they were still more than six of them. Moreover, only two of them could fight freely.

They had no choice but to avoid them. Although going around them will take more time, it was at least much safer.

Dragon Two, we should have run about five kilometers now, right? With this speed, we still have at least fifty more kilometers before we reach the rescue point After running for a while, they stopped and said.

It should be so. We're pretty much safe now, but who knows how Captain and the others are doing? Dragon Two sighed.

Be careful! There's a helicopter Before they could even have a good rest, a helicopter appeared in the sky with a searchlight, searching the area. Quickly, they hid in the underbrush.

Damn, this mission is really too depressing, we haven’t even done much but we are in this situation already. Such bad luck Seeing that the helicopter in the sky didn't fly away immediately, but was instead circling around, Dragon Five was filled with anger.

Originally, it took the two teams a long time to get close to the mission base. However, what was depressing was that they still hadn't even seen their base, but they already sent out their main force to clear it out. How strange, Could it be that the enemy could not predict the future?

It should be because of the attack on their base the other day. We might have become the scapegoats said Dragon Two because after the great commotion of that day, Country M's army began to move in great numbers.

Sadly, at this critical moment, they were on another mission. How could they not be discovered after such a large-scale sweep? With this discovery, didn't they become people the enemy mistakenly thought of the ones who raided their base? It was indeed quite an injustice.

Don't let me know which country's son of a bitch it is. One day, I will also go to their country to make a name for myself Dragon Five said in hatred.

It would have been an easy mission, yet they had been reduced to such a miserable state. They were also almost completely annihilated. This was their first mission as a Divine Dragon Squad, it was the shame of their life.

Alright. Don't say anymore, let's quickly leave this place Noticing that the helicopter was getting further and further away, Dragon Two quickly said. In someone else's territory, there was no sense of security. Moreover, enemies could appear here at any time, so he did not want to stay any longer.

Who is it? Come out However, before they could get far, they suddenly heard a loud shout coming from the front

A few of them were shocked. Without even thinking, they already knew that the other side was from the M Army. Dragon Five raised his gun and started shooting without any hesitation.

Discover enemies. This way the soldier shouted from the front, and bullets were fired in their direction.

Damn it. All of you, quickly leave He took out a grenade from his waist and threw it in front of him.

The situation was urgent. Dragon Two did not say anything more and quickly retreated with the others!

Facing the enemy's fierce fire, Dragon Five had no choice but to take out the last grenade and retreat.

This is troublesome. It seems like there are quite a lot of them Dragon Five said as he caught up with Dragon Two.

It's impossible to fight them Dragon Two, having to take care of the others, was not in a very convenient situation to fight, and their speed was affected as well Hide behind that rock Noticing that there was a huge boulder about 20 meters in front of them, Dragon Two shouted.

F * ck, these guys are hiding in the forest. I'm afraid we won't be able to leave safely He originally thought that this place would be safer after such a long distance, but he didn't expect the enemy to be so cautious. There were garrisons guarding the place.

Just go all out. If this goes on, we won't be able to escape either Hiding behind the huge rock, Dragon Two said.

BOOOOOOM! As soon as his voice fell, a grenade landed a few meters away, blowing them up until their faces were covered in dirt and they were in an extremely sorry state.

Tat tat tat! Dragon Five stood up and fired a few shots before quickly hiding again.

The flames of war were very intense, especially with the attacks from Country M's Army. Not only were there numerous people, but they also had sufficient ammunition. It was so much so that the five of them were almost unable to retaliate.

Damn it. I'm almost out of bullets After persevering for a while, he realized that he was almost out of bullets. Dragon Five finally became nervous

Take Dragon Seven's bullet Dragon Two took off the bullet from Dragon Seven's body and handed it to Dragon Five.

Let's not get together, it's too dangerous. F * ck these bastards Dragon Five loaded his gun and quickly jumped out, hiding behind a large tree not far away.

Country M Army's grenades made them confused and quickly split up.

Bullets and artillery shells were everywhere. Dragon Five couldn't stand it. He had always been a valiant person. With ammunition in his hands, he actually stood up and started shooting

Be careful When he saw that Dragon Five was so impulsive, Dragon Two shouted loudly in panic.

Suddenly, a grenade flew towards Dragon Five. He was shocked and quickly fell to the ground. However, the grenade exploded about five meters away from him. Dragon Five was instantly injured

Ol 'Five Seeing that Dragon Five didn't move at all, Dragon two's eyes turned red. He dodged the enemy's attack and rolled to Dragon 5's side with a few rolls, then quickly hid behind the huge boulder while hugging him.

Pow. Suddenly, a bullet hit Dragon Two's thighs, and with a grunt, Dragon Two fell down. He rolled over, directly rolling behind the boulder with Dragon Five in his arms.

Dragon Two, are you alright? Dragon Four said.

I'm fine. Quickly, look at how Ol 'Five is doing. Dragon Two tore off a piece of cloth from his clothes to tie his thigh, then said worriedly as he looked at Dragon Five.

Things are not going well Seeing how Dragon Five was still bleeding from the multiple injuries, and that he had already fainted. Dragon Four said in a heavy tone.

Damn it Seeing that there were already three people lying down and he was injured on his leg, he was in deep trouble now.

Dragon Two, they are surrounding us Suddenly, Dragon Ten shouted.

Dragon Two turned around and hid behind a rock. Sure enough, the other side had already surrounded them.

F * ck, I can't let them catch me alive no matter what Dragon Two's expressions changed as he stood up and started to fire.

Pah pah pah! The enemy's bullets had already struck Dragon Two's body the moment he got up.

Dragon Two Dragon Four caught hold of Dragon Two's body and saw that his body was covered in bloody holes.

Don't let them catch me alive Dragon Two said with his mouth full of blood.

F * ck, I'll fight it out with you Dragon Four put down Dragon Two, picked up his gun and rushed out with Dragon Ten

Puff puff puff! Just as the two of them were preparing to shoot, a purple light suddenly shot out from the darkness to their right.

Wherever the purple light passed, regardless of whether it was a person or gun, they were all cut in half. Of the 40 some people, five or six instantly fell

Everyone was shocked. Country M's Army quickly took out their guns and fired towards the right. Dragon Four and Dragon Ten were also startled, but this was a good opportunity. The moment the enemy shifted their line of sight away from them, the two of them fired a round of bullets and several of their enemies fell.

Country M's Army reacted and pointed their guns at Dragon Four and Dragon Ten

Puff puff puff! Suddenly, a person's shadow flew out from the darkness like a ghost and knocked over the four men that had pointed their guns at them.

The sudden appearance of the figure startled everyone, causing them to hurriedly shoot.

However, the shadows did not seem to be afraid of their guns. It brandished its purple glowing sword as streams of sword energy flew out in all directions. The group of forty or so people had already fallen to the ground.

Demon. It is the devil The few soldiers who had reacted quickly began to flee in panic

It was a pity that the silhouette did not give them the chance. With another few waves of sword Qi, it directly split them in half

Instructor Seeing such a strange and shocking scene, Dragon Four and Dragon Ten were able to immediately recognize who this person was, even though they could not see his face.

You fools! Are you tired of living? You actually went head to head against them with your life on the line Cheng Yu turned around and shouted angrily at the two of them

Instructor. Seeing Cheng Yu's appearance, the two men who were almost 30 years old actually had red eyes. It wasn't because they had been scolded by Cheng Yu, but because Cheng Yu had come to save them.