Godly Student Chapter 395

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Hall Master Tang, let me introduce you. This is our City Hospital's Dean Ji Zhao Minglong brought Ji Wenbo to the front and said.

Hello, Dean Ji Tang Zhiyong reached and shook hands with Ji Wenbo. Now that his son was suddenly paralyzed, the hospital could not even find the cause of the disease, so he naturally did not have any good feelings towards the dean.

Hello, Hall Master Tang. Director Zheng, what's the current situation of the patient? He didn't pay any attention to Tang ZhiYong's cold and indifferent attitude. Instead, he spoke to the doctor.

Dean, the patient's condition is very special and very strange. The results of various tests show that the patient's body is very healthy, but what is incomprehensible is that the lower half of the patient's body is paralyzed. Director Zheng said.

Is there such a thing? Ji Wenbo asked curiously.

Yes, I suspect this is a new neurologic disease that hasn't been discovered in the world. Currently, we need to study and observe them for a period of time. Director Zheng said.

Dean Ji, I heard that your hospital is quite famous throughout the country. I only have this one son, please think of a way to save him Tang's mother said with red eyes.

Lady Tang, don't worry. I believe that the doctors in our hospital will find the cause and cure the patient as soon as possible. Director Zheng, let's go to the ward to see the patient together Ji Wenbo said.

When they arrived outside a nursing ward, they could hear shouting from afar.

Scram.All of you, scram. You bunch of quacks. I am not crippled. I am not crippled Tang Ze really couldn't accept this blow. Yesterday, he was still fine. This morning, he discovered that his legs were powerless and trembling. However, after a while, his legs completely lost function.

When everyone entered the room, they saw that the floor was a mess. A few nurses had already been frightened by this.

Son, don't get excited. I've brought a doctor to see you Seeing her son go crazy with red eyes, Tang Mu's heart became even more sad.

Mom. I am not crippled. I am not crippled. I don't want to stay in the hospital Seeing his mother again made Tang Ze very excited.

Son, be good and let the dean take a good look at you. You will be discharged very soon. Mrs. Tang said.

Dean Ji, I'll leave it to you. Seeing his son in such a state, Tang Zhiyong's heart also didn't feel good. He looked at Ji Wenbo and said.

En Ji Wenbo nodded his head and came in front of Tang Ze's bed. He let Tang Ze's legs naturally droop before he took a small hammer and lightly tapped on Tang Ze's knee a few times. However, he didn't show any normal reaction.

Can you feel anything? Ji Wenbo asked.

Nope. Tang Ze said.

Ji Wenbo increased his strength and knocked a few more times. What about now?

Tang Ze still shook his head.

Ji Wenbo put down the hammer and pulled down Tang Ze's pants. Then, he found a few acupuncture points and forcefully pressed them. However, he found that Tang Ze still didn't feel any pain.

Dean Ji, how is it? Seeing Ji Wenbo stand up, Tang Mu's mother hurriedly said.

Director Zheng, have you checked using the EMG before? Ji Wenbo said.

Yes, this is the examination report of EMG. Everything was normal! Neurons and muscle tissue, including the spinal cord, show no signs of damage Director Zheng said.

Ji Wenbo received the electromyography report from the other party. As expected, all the data were normal.

Have you fought with anyone lately, or been hit hard or hurt anywhere? Ji Wenbo put down the inspection report and said to Tang Ze.

No Tang Ze shook his head.

Did you eat or drink anything special? Ji Wenbo said with a frown.

No Tang Ze shook his head after thinking for a while.

Take a good rest first. Remember, you need to maintain a good attitude. Perhaps your illness is temporary, and a good attitude will help you recover. In addition, we will find the cause of your disease as soon as possible and help you treat it. Ji Wenbo said after thinking for a while.

Dean Ji. Is that all my son will be able to do from now on? When everyone left the ward, Mrs. Tang spoke up.

Lady Tang, as you have seen, the patient's examination report is very normal. Only his lower body's function is ineffective. We can not rule out that his condition is temporary. We can only observe him for a few more days. If something happens to his body, we will naturally be able to find out the cause of his disease. Ji Wenbo said.

But what if my son can't be cured? Mrs. Tang said.

Then we can only think of other methods, but for now, we can only observe.

Then will there be any more problems with my son? Mrs. Tang said worriedly. After all, her son's illness had happened too suddenly. What if the other parts of his body were not functioning as well?

We can not rule that out. However, our medical personnel will observe his condition 24 hours a day. If any other symptoms occur, we will take measures in time, so please understand Ji Wenbo said.

This... Didn't you say that you could invite experts from all over the country? Then please ask a few experts to help my son take a look She refused to give up.

Mrs. Tang, I can understand your feelings, but inviting a doctor from the outer courtyard isn't that simple. Besides, our Director Zheng is a leading neuroscientist in the country. If he doesn't have a clue, do you think the other doctors will be able to cure him right away? Therefore, Madam Tang, please wait patiently for a few days. Since the patient is living in our hospital, we will definitely do our best to treat him Ji Wenbo explained.

Alright, my wife, let's listen to Dean Ji first. Then I'll leave everything to the Dean. Tang Zhiyong could also tell that the other party was not lying, so he could only compromise.

After Ji Wenbo and Zhao Minglong left, the Han Family left after a few words of consolation. Now that their own son had become like this, the Tang Clan no longer needed to bring up the matter of their engagement.

Old Han, this matter is rather strange. Thankfully, Tang Ze's illness occurred in time, otherwise, our Little Snow would have been wronged and almost married a half-dead person. As they sat in the car home, Han Li's mother said with a face full of joy and surprise.

That's right. Otherwise, we would truly regret it for the rest of our life.

I think that this is not an illness at all. It might even be the punishment the heavens have given for the Tang Clan. Mother Han said. Although she really wanted to climb up the Tang Clan's branch, she couldn't help but feel displeased with the Tang Clan's threat to the Han Clan. Now that the matter had turned out like this, they couldn't blame anyone, but it was a pity that it was impossible for Han Liwen to become the current minister.

At this time, the happiest person was Han Xue. Although putting her own happiness on the shoulders of the Tang Clan was too unkind, the Tang Clan itself was not a good clan. Right now, it was a good thing that she didn't have to be forced into an engagement with Tang Ze.

Now that the biggest problem in front of her had been solved, but she still had an even harder and more complicated problem to resolve. Han Xue could only hope that Cheng Yu would return soon and give her a reasonable explanation.


On a mountaintop in the western part of the country, several wounded men dressed in tattered military green camouflage clothing were anxiously observing the situation.

Captain. How could these guys not attack? It can't be that they want to starve us to death, right? A man said as he looked into the distance with a telescope.

Maybe This time, I'm afraid it'll be difficult for us to get out of here alive The captain said.

These people were none other than the Divine Dragon team led by Xu RuoSong.

These guys are probably going to capture us alive. Why don't we just rush out? Dragon Five said

That's right. These fellows are too treacherous. Every day, they would retreat after a small battle with us. If this goes on, not only will we not have any food to replenish, even our ammunition will be used up. Dragon Six said angrily.

Captain, let's rush out. Team Two may have already broken through and returned back to the receiving end. Dragon Four said.

But Dragon Seven and Dragon Nine are both heavily injured. It'll be very difficult for us to break out of this encirclement. Xu RuoSong looked at the two of them who had long since lost their minds, and said with difficulty.

It's fine, we'll carry one each on our backs. As for the other six, you just have to cover for us. As long as we break through their defense line, we will not be afraid Dragon Six said.

This... Xu RuoSong looked at the seemingly tranquil mountain forest in the distance. he also had a complicated feeling in his heart. He knew that it wasn't as quiet as he saw it. There were quite a few soldiers stationed there.

Captain. Don't hesitate, if this goes on, Seventh Brother and Ninth Brother won't be able to hold on. Dragon Five said anxiously.

Alright. Let's get ready. When the sky gets dark, we'll find a chance to get out of this predicament Looking at the two injured people, Xu RuoSong knew that he couldn't drag this on any longer.

Alright! We're finally going to have a big fight tonight. Let's let this old lady have a taste of our might Dragon Five said excitedly.

Let me first state that we are going to break through this time, not fight with our lives on the line. Once we break through the defensive line, we will leave immediately. Seventh Brother and Ninth Brother are still waiting to be cured Seeing how excited everyone was, Xu Ruo Song couldn't help but solemnly remind everyone.

Understood, captain Everyone nodded.

A few hours later, the sky had finally dimmed. The few of them replenished their food and checked their weapons and equipment. Two of them carried Seventh Brother and Ninth Brother on their backs as they walked down the mountain cautiously.

The reason why they were able to stand guard on this mountain for so many days was because the three sides of the mountain were cliffs. This was the only road they could take, and because of this, if they wanted to break through, they would have to clash head-on with the Soldiers stationed at the foot of the mountain.