Godly Student Chapter 394

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While Cheng Yu was leading a small team to battle on the other side of the ocean, an engagement ceremony was about to be held at the Royal Hotel in Yunhai.

Han Xue didn't sleep the whole night. Every time she closed her eyes, a face that she couldn't get rid of would appear in her head. His face was filled with tenderness, and his eyes were filled with love for her.

But at the same time, she also seemed to see Cheng Yu embracing Lin Yuhan with incomparable love. Han Xue spent the night in this muddled state.

Little Snow. Little Snow. It's getting late. Hurry and get up. The Tang Clan's car is coming. Early in the morning, Han Xue's mother shouted from her room.

But after half an hour, there was still no movement in Han Xue's room, causing her to feel anxious.

You damned girl, are you up or not!? The Tang Clan's car is really coming Mother Han shouted while patting the door.

But there was still no response from inside the room. Mother Han became angry and took out a spare key to open the door, only to see Han Xue still inside the blanket.

Girl, why aren't you getting up and dressing up, In a while, the Tang Clan's car will come to pick you up. Mother Han said as she pulled Han Xue's blanket.

Mom. I never promised to marryTang Ze at all. It was all your decision, I'm not going Although she didn't understand the relationship between her and Cheng Yu at all, she still wasn't willing to be engaged to Tang Ze.

Didn't we agree on that last night? Since everyone has already been arranged and customers have all been invited, how can you not go today? Mother Han said angrily.

I'm not going anyway. Whoever wants to go, go Han Xue rolled up the blanket and refused to come out.

Are you trying to piss me off? The guests invited today are all well-known figures in the city, and the Tang Clan's guests are even from the province. Do you want to make our Han Clan lose face in front of everyone? How do you expect your dad to meet people in the future? Mother Han said.

But I don't like Tang Ze at all! I don't want to be with him Han Xue said with red eyes.

Xiao Xue, Mom knows you feel wronged, but in this life, how many things can a person do to make themselves happy? Just because you don't like him now doesn't mean you won't like him in the future. Did you think I have always loved your father? Things were not the same before. Tang Ze's family is great, you will never be wronged if you marry him. It hasn't been easy for your dad all these years. You don't want your dad to be excluded at this time, right? Seeing her daughter's sad appearance, Han Yunxi's mother's eyes also turned red.

Mom, Wuuuuuu Han Xue rushed into her mother's arms. Whether or not Cheng Yu really had another woman, she still had hope of being with him. However, if she was engaged to Tang Ze, then she would no longer be fated to be with Cheng Yu.

Listen to your mother and get dressed up. Wait for the Tang Clan to come pick you up Mother Han sighed as she gently patted her daughter's back.

An hour later, the Tang family's car appeared in the courtyard downstairs. Mother Han and her daughter went downstairs, and Han Xue expressionlessly followed her mother and got in the car.

Where is Tang Ze/? Han Xue's mother looked around but didn't see Tang Ze's shadow as she asked.

I'm sorry, ma'am, I didn't know that The driver said.

After more than 40 minutes, the car drove into the hotel slowly. Han Xue looked at the joyful arrangement outside and felt even more upset.

As soon as the engagement bride Han Xue appeared, all kinds of ceremonial flowers shot up.

However, what was interesting was that no one saw the engagement groom at this time.

Time passed second by second. In the blink of an eye, an hour had already passed. However, this betrothed still hadn't appeared. The guests were starting to get impatient.

Only Han Xue, who was the other protagonist, was happy. It would be great if Tang Ze didn't show up.

After waiting for so long, everyone even started to guess if the betrothed groom had escaped. But at this moment, Tang Zhiyong, who had been comforting his guests everywhere, suddenly received a call. What he heard gave him a shock.

Tang Zhiyong hung up the phone with an unsightly expression. He had been comforting so many guests for so long, but now this kind of thing had happened. No matter what he did, it would result in offending many people.

Everyone! I'm really sorry today. My son had an accident and has been sent to the hospital, so today's engagement ceremony has to be cancelled. I apologize for delaying everyone's time. Sorry everyone, I still have to go to the hospital, so I'll take my leave first. Tang Z's father, Tang Zhiyong, said with an apologetic expression.

Tang Zhiyong told a few people beside him and then walked over to Han Xue

The engagement will not be held today. I must hurry to the hospital, you... Tang Zhiyong said.

Master Tang, let's go take a look as well Since the other party had already said so, it wouldn't make sense if she didn't take a look

Han Xue really didn't want to go, but she couldn't leave even if she wanted to, so she could only follow. But she was also curious, wasn't this guy fine yesterday? He was showing off his strength in her house, why did he suddenly enter the hospital? Could it be that he was engaged to be in a car accident?

When they arrived at the hospital, a middle-aged woman was anxiously waiting outside the emergency room.

What's going on? How did Little Ze suddenly get into the hospital?Tang Zhiyong said angrily.

No matter what, he had offended many of these guests today. Even if there was a reason behind it, many of these guests had come all the way here and had put down their business to attend the engagement ceremony. Yet, things had turned out like this.

I don't know either. After Little Ze got up today, he said his legs were weak, but just as he was about to go out, he fell to the ground. The doctor is still checking inside, I wonder what's going on? The middle-aged woman was Tang Ze's mother, Gu Fangqin.

Ding dong! Suddenly the emergency room light turned off and the doctor came out.

Doctor! What happened to my son? Tang Zhiyong walked up and said.

The patient's condition is very strange. It's not clear yet, but we can confirm that his lower body is paralyzed The doctor said with a puzzled expression.

Just now, he had performed a variety of tests, such as blood sample analysis, image analysis, sampling analysis, and so on. All of the data and indicators showed that the patient's body was normal, but the lower body really did not have any response.

What!? Paralysis of the lower body! Are you sure. He was fine yesterday, why did he suddenly become paralyzed? When the Tang couple heard the doctor's words, they nearly fainted on the ground and anxiously said.

This is what we are curious about. I had done a lot of pathology and sampling tests just now, and the results are normal. But the lower half of the patient really doesn't have any response. He understood the family's reaction, but he really didn't understand the rationale behind it.

When the Han family heard this news, they were also greatly shocked. A person who was fine yesterday was actually paralyzed today.

How can this be? Is there something wrong with your equipment? Mrs. Tang said.

That's impossible. And even if our instruments are broken, the patient's lower body is paralyzed. That's the truth

Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Your hospital is considered a famous hospital in the country. How could something like this happen? How could a fine person suddenly be paralyzed? Tang Zhiyong angrily said.

He only had one son, yet he was somehow paralyzed. No one would be able to accept this.

As a family member, I can understand your feelings, but there are many strange diseases in this world that humans cannot overcome. This is a rare condition for your son, and we can not rule out that it is a new disease that causes the patient to develop this syndrome, so it will take us some time to observe everything the doctor said.

It is of great research value for such patients. Once the cause of the disease is identified, it may be possible to find other treatments for lower limb paralysis.

No. Since you all are unable to cure my son's illness, then I must transfer him to the capital. I believe that someone there will be able to cure my son's illness Mrs. Tang said.

This lady, the neuroscience department of our hospital is definitely one of the best in the country. It is definitely the best choice for him to stay here. Furthermore, we can also invite famous neurologists from all over the country or even from abroad to our hospital to study the patient's condition together. However, if you were to transfer him away like this, it would only delay the patient's condition. the doctor said.

This... Hearing the doctor's words, the Tang couple were stunned. They weren't doctors, so they naturally didn't understand these things. If it really was as he said, delaying the disease will make it worse for their son.

Mom. I don't want to be paralyzed At this moment, the nurse pushed Tang Ze's bed out of the emergency room.

Son. Don't worry, Mom will definitely think of a way to cure you Mrs. Tang cried.

Xiao Xue, wait for me. I will definitely get better. Seeing Han Xue present, Tang Ze looked at her and said.

You should recuperate first Seeing the usually haughty Tang Ze suddenly become like this, Han Xue also felt a bit sad for him. But now that he had become like this, it was even more impossible for her to be with him.

Sympathy was compassion, but compassion could not place its happiness on the other side. She was glad that she had promised to attend the engagement ceremony today. Now, she didn't need to be engaged to him, nor did she need to take on any responsibilities that she didn't want to take on.

If they hadn't appeared today, then the other party would have shifted the blame to herHan Family.

The nurse escorted Tang Ze to the ward. Suddenly, the mayor of Yunhai City, Zhao Minglong, and the hospital director of Yunhai City, Ji Wenbo, appeared before everyone.