Godly Student Chapter 393

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Tat tat tat! Not long after Cheng Yu had taken care of the soldiers, intense gunshots rang out from the west. Cheng Yu thought about it for a moment, then he ran in the direction of the soldiers stationed in the middle.

Those 20 people were special forces. Although they wouldn't be able to eliminate those 50 or so people in a short time, it shouldn't be a problem to drag in those enemies and protect their own safety.

The soldiers stationed in the middle heard the sound of gunfire from the east and were about to go to support them, but just as they ran more than 100 meters, they heard the sound of gunfire from the west as well. All the soldiers were shocked to hear that the enemies had so many allies, so they immediately split into two teams and ran towards the east and west.

Whiz The two teams had not been separated for long when Country M's Army, which was headed east, suddenly heard a noise ahead of them

Tat tat tat! Regardless of whether they were friends or foes, the soldiers continued to shoot forward

It was the same as the previous group. Other than gunshots coming from the west, none of them noticed any movement from the front. They tried to move forward.

Whiz Suddenly, a few rays of purple light shot out from the darkness. A few people still didn't understand what was going on. They were already smashed into pieces.

Tat tat tat! Everyone panicked. This scene happened too quickly and was too strange. They raised their guns and began to fire.

Sou sou! Another two purple lights flashed, and several people fell to the ground. They were all dead

Tat tat tat! After the gunfire, it was as if nothing had happened. Looking at the corpses on the ground, everyone was panic-stricken.

Retreat. Quick, retreat Some people could no longer endure such a terrifying situation and hurriedly shouted.

Sou sou! Cheng Yu was holding his purple light sword, how could he let them leave safely. Streams of sword qi surged out, and the remaining ten people were decapitated. Even at the moment of death, they did not understand what happened, they did not even find the shadow of the enemy

Tat tat tat! Just as Cheng Yu finished off this team, another team suddenly appeared and started shooting at him. It turned out that the other team that had separated from them a short while ago had already realized that their comrade had been ambushed when they heard the gunshots from the east.

As a result, they happened to see Cheng Yu's figure, but before they could clearly see Cheng Yu, the other party had already disappeared without a trace.

Did I see wrongly? Is that really a person? One of them said in surprise.

Seems so The others couldn't be sure, it was indeed a figure of a person, but that figure's speed was too fast.

Then give chase The leader waved his hand and chased after the black shadow.

Puff puff! However, the few people running in front were suddenly cut into several sections by the purple light. The people behind immediately stopped and used their guns to shoot

Retreat. Retreat. Quick, retreat One of them saw that there was not a single intact corpse on the ground. In addition, the group of men that he had separated from earlier had all been dismembered here. He suddenly felt an extreme sense of fear as he gripped his gun tightly and continued to scan his surroundings.

Puff puff puff! However, just as he took a few steps back, he heard a few screams coming from behind him. He quickly turned his head around, he saw four to five of his companions that had fallen.

Son of a bitch. Get me out This strange and terrifying feeling was quickly devouring everyone's heart. Someone shouted angrily and began shooting wildly at the surrounding darkness.

Sou sou! As soon as the angry soldier finished shouting, several purple lights shot out from the dark. Although countless bullets had struck them, the purple light was still there, and those who had reacted quickly managed to escape the attack, but those who were slower turned into corpses on the ground once again.

However, Cheng Yu did not give them any chance to survive. He immediately flashed out and waved his sword to finish off the last few survivors.

After taking care of two groups of people, Cheng Yu finally headed west where the last batch of enemies was. He didn't know if those guys have already dealt with the enemy, but Cheng Yu kept the Purple Light Sword and then took out his rifle. At least he was wearing a set of special forces equipment right now, so he should at least look like a special forces soldier.

If it was said that the strength of those soldiers battling with guns relied on their hard work and their skills with using a gun, then Cheng Yu, who had no experience in a battle using guns, relied on his powerful spiritual sense detection ability.

It was no worse than a radar. It would only become more accurate as his cultivation base increased. After closing in on the last group of enemies, Cheng Yu hid behind them all by himself and sensed their position. Each shot did not waste a single bullet.

This is bad. We are attacked from both the front and back. Quick, retreat to the left The soldier who was in the middle of a heated battle with the enemy before him suddenly realized that his teammates were being killed one by one. Thinking that a sniper had appeared behind them, he quickly commanded.

Brothers, they retreated. Chase after them Seeing that the originally fierce army had suddenly retreated, the crowd was somewhat baffled. Panther quickly shouted.

Stop chasing. Let's go to the east to support the captain. Right now, there's no sound at all from the other side. Tiger stopped Panther and said.

That's right! The fight was so intense that he almost forgot about the captain. Did something really happen to him? Isn't he someone who can block a bullet? Panther also said with uncertainty.

After all, the captain was alone. If he was fine, he should still be in the middle of a fierce battle, but right now there was no sound at all. This was not a good sign at all.

Stop talking, hurry up and go take a look. Although captain can block a bullet, it's not guaranteed that he can block a hail of bullets said Tiger, and hurriedly ran east.

At this moment, Cheng Yu was having a solo fight. Although it wasn't as domineering as killing them directly, this method of killing them one by one from far away was still a very satisfying one.

At first, Cheng Yu wanted to chase after the enemy retreated, but when he sensed that the twenty men were heading in his direction, he stopped chasing.

Captain? Why are you here? What about those people? They all retreated?/ Panther and the others had only run seven to eight meters when they discovered that Cheng Yu was shooting at their enemies with his gun.

You guys came at the right time, Pahernt, give me your sniper rifle Cheng Yu suddenly started to fall in love with guns and this kind of weapon. He liked this kind of low-key killing method that was hidden in the dark.

Captain, they've almost retreated 2 kilometers. Do you still want to kill them? Panther handed the sniper rifle to Cheng Yu and said.

Don't tell me your gun can't hit that far? Cheng Yu said.

They can hit that far, but this gun only has an effective range of 1500 meters, 2000 meters won't have much damage Panther explained.

It's only that far. That's too weak Cheng Yu looked at the sniper rifle in his hand and shook his head in disappointment.

Err... This QBU10 is not the best sniper rifle in the world, but it's still a good rifle worldwide. Panther said dejectedly.

So it's like that. Cheng Yu said.

In fact, Cheng Yu's current perception range was only about a kilometer.

... Everyone was speechless. You don't even know how to use guns, yet you still dare to say that the Q8U10 is not good. This captain is really too shameless. However, this was not the time to discuss this issue, Captain, let's leave early. These people will find reinforcements soon after they run away.

Mm, business is more important Cheng Yu nodded and led the group to the east.

Sigh. Captain, we can't go that way. Didn't you say that there are two teams of people there? Seeing that Cheng Yu actually planned to head over to the east side, Panther said anxiously.

I've already killed them all, where else can they be? Cheng Yu ignored them and directly left.

What!? They were all killed? Everyone said in shock.

The twenty of them had been fighting for so long, yet they hadn't managed to kill all fifty of them. Cheng Yu was only one man, yet he managed to kill over a hundred of the two squads in such a short period of time?

Captain. You can't be lying to us, right? Panther chased him and said.

Is there any use in lying to you? Hurry up, they are still waiting for our rescue Cheng Yu had no interest in explaining so much to them.

When everyone saw that their captain had ran ahead, they also chased after him. But not long after, they finally believed that Cheng Yu didn't lie to them. The corpses on the ground had explained everything, but this death scene made them feel nauseous. There were so many corpses, yet not a single one was intact.

Captain. You. How did you do it!? It looks like a knife wound Leopard could not help but ask.

This was because the blade wounds on their bodies were over ten centimeters long. It was impossible for them to use such a blade to hack a person into this state. Moreover, it was obvious that there were dozens of people here. It was impossible for so many people to be lining up for Cheng Yu to use his saber to hack at them!

All of this made the captain seem more and more mysterious. The longer they knew him, the more it felt like he was a bottomless pit, making others unable to see through him clearly.

Do you know? In this world, there was a type of man that constantly revealed the aura of a god. So, in the future, don't look at me like how you look at others. If you raise your sight by countless times and look at me like you are looking at a god, then you will realize that everything is so simple Cheng Yu said as they walked.

... Everyone suddenly felt nauseous. They had seen shameless people before, but they had never seen such a shameless person

Although everyone treated Cheng Yu's words as a joke, it has to be said that Cheng Yu had made the tense feeling of their rescue operation a lot more relaxed.