Godly Student Chapter 392

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Captain. Do you have special abilities? After the reconnaissance aircraft flew away, Panther jumped out and said.

I only sensed a little further away than everyone Cheng Yu smiled.

Captain, this isn't a a a little further away!. This is way too far away Panther said.

Alright, let's hurry up. Every minute that we delay, their situation becomes more dangerous Cheng Yu didn't want to talk too much with them, so the most important thing was to find the people he was looking for.

They had been running for more than seven hours. It was already around eight in the evening. They had finally reached the location they had planned for them to meet up.

According to the information provided by Liu Yan and the rest, the deeper one went into the area, the more concentrated the enemies would be. At any time, they could run into a patrolling group of soldiers.

Captain. Are we just going to wait here foolishly? Everyone sat on the ground to rest for half an hour. After recovering, Panther asked.

That's right, this is the leader's order. Cheng Yu looked at this place and felt a sense of familiarity. Damn, wasn't this the same place from where he had left the cultivation world a few days ago?

The trouble they would encounter wouldn’t be the people who were attacking them right? It seemed like he had some sort of fate with these guys

Captain, aren't we too stupid to wait? Since the army captured our people, we might as well go all out and directly rescue them. Since we have to wait until they break out, then wouldn't that mean that the probability of them coming here be too low? Panther sat on the ground and took out his compressed biscuit as he spoke.

That's right. Captain, it wasn't easy for us to make a trip to Country M, we have to leave behind a memorial. At the very least, we need to letCountry M know that our Chinese soldiers can come and go freely in their country's territory. Tiger said.

You like fighting? Cheng Yu said while looking at them. These fellows were really more daring than the last. With their little ability, they wanted to come and go freely in the territory of Country M. Did they really think of Country M as a paper tiger?

Even though he had the strength of a late Foundation Establishment Stage, he didn't dare to be too arrogant. Firstly, he did not want to reveal too much of his identity, and getting himself into trouble. Secondly, he did not know much about modern weapons.

Just like when he had managed to shatter the missile with a single slash of his sword. If it wasn't for his strong defense, he would have died a long time ago. Therefore, Cheng Yu felt that it would be better to be safe.

Hehe, no one likes war, but since we are already here, we can't lose face for China. My greatest hope is that one day, I will be able to place the flag of China in the capital of Country M Panther laughed.

You are ambitious. Perhaps one day, you might really realize this wish of yours Cheng Yu smiled.

You guys wait here for them, I will go inside to take a look. If you encounter enemies, you'd better not be reckless, just directly retreat safely. Cheng Yu looked at the dense forest. Although it seemed quiet, he felt that it was not that simple.

It would be troublesome if these twenty people encountered an enemy attack after he left, and these people seemed to be bellicose. Although this kind of spirit was worth encouraging, at a time like this, safety was still the top priority.

Captain, how can this work? How can we let you go inside alone and take the risk? Since we are all part of the rescue team, then rescuing our compatriots is our unavoidable responsibility. Panther said.

That's right. Or we might think that you look down on us, and think we're holding you back. If that's the case, we'll immediately return home and not cause you any trouble Tiger stood up and said.

Alright, since everyone is going, let's rest for another half an hour. After half an hour we'll enter the enemy battle zone on time. Cheng Yu said after some thought.

Cheng Yu really did not intend to let them in. From here on out, the chances of them fighting the enemy was very high, and it was certainly not a small number.

Facing so many enemies, he would likely have to expose his own strength, so he really didn't want these people to follow behind him. If he really had to save someone, he alone would suffice

But these people clearly weren't afraid of death. If there was a fight and they weren't allowed to go up, then this was really hard for them to accept.

Half an hour later, everyone was ready to go. They looked at Cheng Yu with excitement.

Since you have chosen to enter this battle, then go all out. Of course, the most important thing is to listen to my commands. You are not allowed to act without permission, do you hear me Cheng Yu said.

Yes sir Everyone said.

Good. Let's go now With Cheng Yu leading the way, they rushed towards the place where the Divine Dragon Squad was trapped.

With Cheng Yu's Spiritual Sense guiding them, everyone's speed was not slow. However, after walking for two kilometers, Cheng Yu suddenly frowned and stopped.

Captain, what's wrong? Is it another enemy? Leopard asked.

Yes, and there are enemies on all three sides. It seems we have to fight. Cheng Yu said with a frown.

Then let's fight. My hands have been itching for a long time, after following Captain for so long and we still haven't fired a single shot, we're already about to lose our minds said Tiger excitedly.

You guys move to the right. I'll go to the left to finish them off first. You guys pay attention to the front and the right movements. Once they all go support the left group, you guys go around to the back and eliminate them all, do you understand? Cheng Yu tried his best to avoid exposing himself too much in front of these people and said.

Captain, how can this work? Wouldn't they be surrounding you? No, I'll bring a few people to attract attention. Captain, leave a few people behind to ambush them from behind Panther said.

Have you forgotten what I just said? The opposing side has at least fifty or so people in every direction. Do you think you can withstand the attacks from three directions? Alright, you guys go around that side. Remember, don't be impulsive. Don't forget that I can block bullets Cheng Yu said with a straight face.

This... Good. Captain, you have to be careful Thinking of Cheng Yu's skills, Panther finally nodded and led the nineteen people to the right.

Watching the twenty people disappear in front of him, Cheng Yu dashed to the left with a flash. If those twenty people were to see this, they would definitely be amazed. The captain was definitely not human, and his speed was so fast that they couldn't even see him clearly.

On the left side, there were fifty people standing guard. They were eating, drinking, sleeping, and chatting.

Robert, don't you think the commander is making a big fuss over nothing? Isn't it just a few soldiers? Do you need us to surround them with three circles of the Three Diagrams here? Could these people even grow wings? We've been here for two days, and we haven't even seen a single enemy A big bearded man drank a mouthful of wine and said with a grumbling expression.

Aches. Don't complain, I heard that the enemies this time are really not ordinary? I heard that there were only two people who ambushed our base that day, a man and a woman. Not only did they destroy five fighter jets, they even bombed the entire base? Didn't you see the tragic situation back then? Robert said.

Is this Oriental really that powerful? It's not like we've never participated in military exercises with them before. I think they must have sent a lot of people. It's just that they didn't see them

Who cares? Anyways, they are currently surrounded in the forest, and I believe the people inside will be able to find them soon. We just have to guard the entrance and not let them escape

Who is it Just as the two were chatting excitedly, a sentry suddenly shouted.

Puff! However, the moment that person finished speaking, a purple light flashed out from the darkness, and that person was cut in half

Enemy attack. Enemy attack The change happened too quickly. Someone shouted loudly, and the people who were originally lying down on the ground to sleep and chat quickly got up.

Tat tat tat Everyone picked up their guns and started shooting in the direction of the purple light.

After a few rounds of gunfire, the darkness returned to silence. Everyone looked at each other for a while before a few people slowly walked over.

Puff puff puff! However, just as they were about to take a few steps forward, several rays of light flashed out from behind them. When everyone turned around, they saw a few corpses lying on the ground

Tat tat tat! Everyone took out their guns and began shooting. It turned out to be nothing.

Looking at the miserable scene on the ground, the remaining people were all nervous. It was impossible for the enemies to be like this. The scariest thing was that even the enemies' appearances was unclear, they didn’t even know whether they were men or women, and whether they were even humans or ghosts.

Son of a b * tch, come out Tat tat tat. One of them couldn't stand this strange atmosphere of nervousness and started shooting at the surroundings with his gun.

Whiz Suddenly, everyone seemed to sense something. They immediately looked up and saw a huge object falling towards them.

BOOOOOM! Before anyone could even react, the place where they were originally standing at turned into a huge pit. Not a single person survived, and they were all smashed into meat patties

Cheng Yu walked out from the darkness and the large cauldron on the ground instantly shrunk and returned to his body. When Cheng Yu returned to Yunhai, other than the first night with Lan Ya, he spent the next few nights refining the Exquisite Cauldron. Now that the Exquisite Cauldron had returned to normal, it was completely refined by Cheng Yu this time.

Seeing the tragic death of the soldiers of Country M, Cheng Yu sighed. Although he really didn't want to do it, but he had no choice since they were enemies. A cultivator dealing with these ordinary people was truly against the will of the heavens. But he had no choice. Who made them be enemies? Although it was a bit cruel, he had no choice but to do so.

The reason why Cheng Yu did not use the Exquisite Cauldron to smash downwards from the beginning was because he wanted to lure people from the other two directions over. As soon as gunshots rang out, the people from the two sides started moving towards them.

Tat tat tat! Not long after, a wave of gunshots rang out from the right side. Cheng Yu knew that the twenty men had started their fight, so he rushed over. After all, there were only twenty of them, while the other side had more than fifty.