Godly Student Chapter 391

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Han Xue didn't go around asking about Cheng Yu's whereabouts anymore. She walked on the busy street, and seeing the couples in the coffee shop, their face was full of smiles. The gentleness on the men's faces and the happiness on the women's faces were like sharp knives that stabbed into Han Xue's heart.

Just two days ago, Cheng Yu had treated her so warmly. But now, not only did Cheng Yu disappear, she even knew that he had another girlfriend.

Could it be that the promise he made were all fake? But why? Why did he have to lie to her

Han Xue's mind was in a mess, she didn't know what to do now. Tomorrow is the day of her and Tang Ze's engagement. Even if Cheng Yu lied to her, she wasn't willing to marry Tang Ze. She really wanted to ask Cheng Yu, just what exactly was going on?

Unknowingly, she had arrived at the entrance of Cheng Yu's villa. At that time, she had felt that she was the happiest and most fortunate woman in the courtyard when she had roasted with Cheng Yu. She would live with him for a very long time. But now, this place didn't seem to belong to her.

By the time Han Xue returned home, it was already late at night.

Little girl, where have you been all day? When she saw that her daughter had returned, Han Yunxi became even more furious.

Mom... Wuuuuuu Seeing her mother's intimate face, Han Xue's eyes reddened, and she immediately threw herself into her mother's embrace, crying bitterly.

Sigh. Xiaoxue, mom knows that you feel wronged in your heart, but since this is already a foregone conclusion, you should accept reality. Promise mom that you'll get engaged with Tang Ze tomorrow, okay? Han's mother thought that her daughter cried because of Tang Ze's matter and felt wronged, thus she comforted her.

Why? Why? Han Xue sobbed in her mother's arms.

Xiao Xue, people are like this all their lives. It's impossible for them to be satisfied with everything. I don't blame you for liking Cheng Yu, but as you can see now, this brat doesn't truly like you at all. Otherwise, why would he disappear without a trace at such a crucial moment?

On the other hand, Tang Ze, look at him. Even though you never give him any face, he still likes you the same way and might even want to marry you. Perhaps his way of doing things is a bit hard for people to accept, but it also shows that the other party genuinely likes you, don't you think? Her mother comforted her.

Mom, can you not force me? I believe that Cheng Yu truly likes me. I can tell from his eyes. Han Xue said.

Silly child, what can a man's eyes do? They all pretend to deceive your feelings. If he really likes you, then where do you think he is now?

I know he had something to do and left Just wait a few more days, I'll definitely give you an answer, okay? Han Xue said. What she wanted the most now was Cheng Yu's explanation.

You heard what Tang Ze said today, this engagement ceremony must be held tomorrow. If you don't appear, not only will your father not be promoted, he will also be transferred to another place. Do you want to see our family leave Yunhai? Mother Han said.


But.. We have no chance with the Cheng Family, do you still want us to offend the Tang Family? Do you want your father's years of struggle to be in vain? Mother Han interrupted her daughter.

I want some peace and quiet Han Xue wiped her tears as she spoke indifferently before turning around and walking back to her room.

Wait, this is the Tang Family's dress for you to wear to the engagement ceremony tomorrow. You can go back to your room and try it out Her mother called her and put a large gift box in her hand.

Soon after Han Xue left Yunhai University this afternoon, a thread with a very eye-catching title on the BBS of Yunhai University suddenly caught fire.

The title of this post was The Story of the School Beauty and the mistress It was started by a person with the ID of Death before unveiling information.

It was written in the post that the girlfriend of the top scorer for the college entrance exam, Cheng Yu, came to look for him.

In the end, the article put forward that Cheng Yu is two-timing, but the question of who is the mistress deserves everyone's consideration. At the end, there was even a background picture of a woman. Although one could not see her face, from her enchanting figure, one could tell that she was definitely a beauty.

Many busybodies also had a heated discussion on this last question.

Are you for real? Isn't Cheng Yu's girlfriend our new beauty Lin Yuhan? With such a beautiful girlfriend, he actually dares to go on board the boat twice. What a bastard

That's right. Cheng Yu is simply worse than a beast

I'm more curious about the face behind that wonderful looking woman's body. I wonder if she also has a devastating beautiful face

This post looks unbelievable, it might be a prank by Lin Yuhan's suitor, to use it to achieve his goal of chasing School Beauty Lin. This person's actions are vile

That's right. For an outstanding man like Cheng Yu, even if I had to be a mistress, I would still be willing

Oh my god. My poor goddess, how could you be dating such a scum

Beast. Break up with the school beauty

In just a short period of time, there were people who were scolding Cheng Yu. There were some who felt sorry for him, but there were also others who felt that this was a scheme. In short, it was just an hour before the number of comments reached 10,000.

Yu Han, look, there's a thread about you and Cheng Yu here. It's getting popular, it already has over ten thousand comments In one of the female dorms in the administration department, a female student exclaimed while looking at a computer.

These people are so boring. All they know is to look for trouble Lin Yuhan was reading a book on economics. She didn't even raise her head as she said this.

This wasn't the first time she had encountered this kind of thing, so she was already used to it. Back then, those busybodies had given her the title of school beauty, and it had caused quite a stir on the school forums.

But it's different this time. The post said that today, a woman who claimed to be Cheng Yu's girlfriend had come to find Cheng Yu. Right now, everyone is talking about you and that woman. I wonder which one of them is the mistress? The girl opened the thread and was amazed by the content inside.

Interesting News. Let me see

Where is it? I want to see it too The girls in the dorm suddenly felt interested and rushed over to their computers.

Lin Yuhan was shocked, she put down the book in her hands.

Really. Yuhan, come take a look. What about the picture of the woman? It's a pity that it's just a back figure, but her figure is really great

That's right, Yuhan you're in danger. This Cheng Yu is too despicable. He actually is actually two timing The girls were criticizing Cheng Yu again

Lin Yuhan hesitated, walked over and looked at the post, there was indeed a photo of a woman. Her hair was shoulder-length and short. Although one couldn't see her face, from the looks of her figure, her face didn't look that bad.

Lin Yuhan's heart jumped, her face turned white, and she was at a loss of what to do.

Yuhan, hurry up and call that guy. Ask him what's going on? This is too shameful The slightly plump girl, Sun LingLing saw that Lin Yuhan's expression wasn't right and quickly said.

Lin Yuhan took out her phone and called, but the message was that he wasn't in the service area.

How is it? Sun LingLing said.

I can't get through Lin Yuhan put away the phone, no one knew what she was thinking.

Yu Han, what are you going to do?

I... I... I don't know Lin Yuhan shook her head.

Let me see. This type of person is unreliable, Yu Han, just kick him out and ask for a breakup fee, only then can you take care of yourself. the girl who had noticed the post said.

You guys chat, I'll calm down first Lin Yuhan's face turned ugly, and she immediately left the dorm room.

Arriving at the rooftop, she looked at this beautiful campus and thought of the days when they were in high school together. She thought of the days when Cheng Yu would go to her mother's stall to eat.

If what the thread said was true, what should she do? Let go or not?


The world is always unpredictable. No one can control the course of future events. It was just like what had happened in Yunhai. Cheng Yu could neither predict nor control it.

At this moment, he was leading twenty men through the forest.

At the beginning, everyone thought that even though Cheng Yu had special skills, but he was definitely not a match for them after running around with a weight of more than 100 kilograms.

However, after running for more than 4 hours, Cheng Yu still didn't have any signs of heavy breathing or is he slowing down.

What was even weirder was that Cheng Yu seemed to have the ability to predict things, and always avoided enemies before they met them. This made the admiration of the twenty team members rise to a very high level.

The fact that Cheng Yu was able to become an instructor of the Divine Dragon Squad was no joke. Without a few unique skills, it was impossible to suppress everyone.

Stop. A few scouts are flying this way, do your best to hide After running for a while, Cheng Yu issued another warning.

Everyone firmly believed it, and they all jumped into the bushes at the side. A minute passed, but there was no movement in the sky. Just when everyone was beginning to suspect that Cheng Yu was being overly nervous, they finally heard the sound of a surveillance drone coming from the sky.

Everyone was shocked. The scouting machine's speed was so fast, but Cheng Yu was able to detect it two minutes earlier. This was simply unbelievable. This perception was too heaven defying. Could this captain really have special abilities?