Godly Student Chapter 390

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Then what can we do? Since things have already turned out like this, it's impossible to end the engagement. How about we forget about the Tang clan and see how we'll be able to face ourselves out there in the future? Han Liwen said.

Now that Xiao Xue is out, what's the use of saying all this? When she comes back, I must explain it all to her properly. Tomorrow, even if I have to tie her up, I will bring her to the engagement ceremony. Mother Han said.

Han Xue ran out the door by herself and immediately took a taxi towards the North Feng Avenue. Han Xue was very depressed. At this moment, she discovered that she didn't even know Cheng Yu's friends. Now that Cheng Yu had disappeared, she didn't even know who she was looking for.

Remembering that Cheng Yu still had an uncle that was a mayor, Han Xue could only go and ask him.

40 minutes later, Han Xue arrived at Zhao Minglong's house. Looking at the mansion inside, she hesitated, not knowing how to enter.

Big Sister Han? Why are you here? Just as Han Xue was hesitating, a familiar red Ferrari sports car stopped by the side, revealing a familiar little girl.

Fang Fang, you came at the right time. Have you seen your cousin in the past two days? Han Xue knew that this little girl was Cheng Yu's cousin and also the mayor's daughter, so she asked.

My cousin? I saw him the day before yesterday, but I didn't see him yesterday or today. Does Big Sister Han have any business with him? You can call him. If you don't know his number, I can tell you Zhao Yunfang said.

Previously, Cheng Yu had specially brought her to get this Big Sister Han. Now, seeing that the other person had come looking for him, Zhao Yunfang naturally wanted to create an opportunity for Cheng Yu.

No.. Nothing? His phone suddenly stopped ringing. I was just casually asking. Since you didn't see him, I'll be leaving first Han Xue said with some disappointment.

Big Sister Han, why don't you come in with me? My mother is at home. Perhaps she knows where my cousin is? Zhao Yunfang said.

This... Alright. Sorry for disturbing you then Han Xue thought that this made sense. After all, Zhao Yunfang was still a child, so it was normal for her to not know where Cheng Yu went.

But her mother was Cheng Yu's aunt after all. Perhaps she knew.

It's fine. I'm glad you came to my house. Especially my cousin. If he knew that you came to find him, he definitely wouldn't be able to sleep. Zhao Yunfang smiled.

Zhao Yunfang drove into the house, followed by Han Xue. Han Xue was still a little nervous when she arrived at Cheng Yu's family house for the first time. Compared to Cheng Yu's uncle's identity as the mayor, Cheng Yu's aunt made Han Xue more nervous. After all, she was from the Cheng family.

Not long later, Zhao Yunfang came out of the garage with a little girl who looked like a carved jade girl beside her. Han Xue was a little surprised, she didn't know that the mayor had such a small daughter.

Is this your sister? Han Xue asked curiously.

Yes, this is my cousin's sister. Keke, call her elder sister Zhao Yunfang said.

Elder sister Keke looked at Han Xue and said.

Your cousin's sister? Sister? Hehe, hello Keke Han Xue was surprised for a moment, then smiled and greeted Keke.

Well... I don't know the specifics. Anyway, my cousin brought Keke back a while ago, but he didn't have time to take care of her. So she stayed at my house. Zhao Yunfang said.

No one in the Zhao family knew of Keke's identity, and Cheng Yu didn't explain it in detail. However, it was a good thing to have such a cute little girl at home.

So that's how it is? Han Xue suddenly understood. No wonder she hadn't heard about Cheng Yu having a younger sister.

Mom, we have guests Zhao Yunfang shouted the moment they entered the door.

Who is it? A voice came from inside, followed by a beautiful woman, noble and dignified.

Hello, Madam Zhao. My name is Han Xue. I'm Cheng Yu's friend. Please excuse me. When Han Xue saw the other party's temperament, she knew that she came from a large clan and was even more curious about Cheng Yu's family background. Her heart tensed up, afraid that the other party would be dissatisfied with her.

So it's a friend of Little Yu's. Come in When Cheng Meiyan saw such a beautiful girl coming to find Cheng Yu, she was also very happy and spoke with great enthusiasm.

There's no need. Lady Zhao, I just want to know anything about Cheng Yu's disappearence in the past two days. Seeing the other party's warmth and familiarity, Han Xue's nervousness immediately lessened by quite a bit.

Little Yu? Didn't he just come back two days ago? Haven't you seen him? Cheng Meiyan asked with a strange expression.

I did see him the day before yesterday, but yesterday, there was suddenly no news at all. I couldn't get through to him on the phone Han Xue said.

Is that so? Is there something urgent you need Little Yu for? Cheng Meiyan said.

Yes, I do have urgent matters to discuss with him Han Xue was a bit disappointed in her heart. From the other party's words and expression, she could tell that she didn't know about Cheng Yu's news.

So it's like that. Then wait a moment, I'll give it a try by phone As Cheng Meiyan spoke, she turned around and entered the living room.

Thank you, Madam Zhao. Han Xue said gratefully.

Cheng Meiyan took out a wireless phone and dialed a number

Sorry, the number you dialed is not in the service area, please wait and dial... A voice came through the phone.

I'm sorry... Cheng Meiyan frowned and dialed another number and received the same response.

This damn brat, he just came back, what is he up to now?Don't worry, I'll ask his uncle Cheng Meiyan was very dissatisfied with Cheng Yu's daily activities and called her husband.

Hey. What's the matter? Zhao Minglong's voice came out from the phone.

Have you seen Little Yu in the past two days? Cheng Meiyan said.

No. What's wrong?

A girl came to our house to look for him. She said that she has an urgent matter and wanted to ask if you have any news about him?

Girl? Could it be that he stirred up some sort of trouble outside again? Zhao Minglong said. Although Cheng Yu had changed a lot, his love for beautiful women hadn't changed at all.

It doesn't look like it. Do you have any way to find this stinking brat? He disappeared again after just two days after returning home. When he comes back, I’m planning on scolding him until his head is soaked in dog blood Cheng Meiyan said angrily.

What can I do? Yesterday, I had some business with him and called him quite a few times, but there's still no one here.I don't think anyone can stop your nephew. Zhao Minglong said.

Alright, that's it. I'm hanging up. Cheng Meiyan hung up and looked at Han Xue in embarrassment, saying, Miss Han, I'm really sorry, but we also don't know where he went. Why don't you tell me if you have anything to say? See if I can help you?

This... Thank you, Madame Zhao. No need, I'll go look elsewhere! I'm sorry to bother you Han Xue bid farewell with great disappointment in her heart.

Han Xue felt very sad when she left the Zhao Family. Was this guy really lying to her? But he had taught her so many things, and none of them seemed to be about to leave her, or was he really in a hurry? did he go to the cultivation world again?

Looks like I can only try my luck at that place. Han Xue suddenly remembered that Cheng Yu was still a student of Yunhai University. Thus, her last hope rose as she headed towards Yunhai University.

When Han Xue arrived at Yunhai University, it was already afternoon. She looked at the distant Welcome to our university, top scorer Cheng Yu Han Xue felt a sense of glory she had never felt before, and the hope in her heart grew

. Student, do you know Cheng Yu? Walking in the huge campus, Han Xue didn't know how to find Cheng Yu. She knew that there were no fixed classrooms in the university, so she had to go to the dorm to find someone. However, she didn't know which dorm Cheng Yu lived in, so it would be useless for her to go. Besides, such a dazzling banner was floating in the sky.

Cheng Yu? What a familiar name. You're not talking about that Cheng Yu are you? The boy said excitedly when he saw such a beautiful woman asking him questions.

Does your school have a lot of Cheng Yu?

Not really. I've never seen this person before. I heard that he's the most mysterious person in our school. However, there were quite a lot of news about him yesterday The boy said.

What news? Han Xue said excitedly.

I heard a helicopter picked him up yesterday, a military helicopter at that. The boy said enviously.

Military helicopter? Do you know where they went? Han Xue said excitedly. There was finally news about Cheng Yu.

I don't know about that. You can go find his girlfriend. She should know about it. The boy looked at her and said, This kid really has good luck with women. This girl seems to be interested in that kid, but I don't know which one is the mistress.

Girlfriend? You mean Cheng Yu's girlfriend? When Han Xue heard the other party's words, she was so shocked that she almost went limp and fell to the ground.

That's right. There's no one in the entire Yun University who doesn't know about this. I heard that Cheng Yu hasn't appeared since the start of school, and just two days ago, he announced that our school beauty, Lin Yuhan, is his girlfriend. Ai, this has shattered the dreams of countless boys. When the boy saw Han Xue's appearance, he was even more certain of his guess. His heart became excited. This really was big news. There was going to be a show later.

You're saying that his girlfriend's name is Lin Yuhan? Han Xue forcefully suppressed the sadness in her heart as she said this.

That's right. She is a freshman who just came in this year, so she is really pretty. I heard that she went to high school with Cheng Yu

Thank you At this moment, Han Xue's mind was very complicated. She didn't know what to do, so she absent-mindedly thanked him and turned around to leave.

This is going to be a good show. Cheng Yu, this is what happens when someone causes me to lose face. Should he go to the school forum and publish an academic paper?

The title will be: The Story of the School Beauty and the mistress. Hmm, it will be interesting.

The boy chuckled and left. If Cheng Yu saw this boy at this moment, he would definitely slap him into the other country. Because this boy was none other than the Xu Liang who he had made lose a lot of face in front of Lin Yuhan!

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