Godly Student Chapter 389

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Bugu! Bugu! Panther covered his mouth, mimicking a cuckoo.

Not long after, the cuckoo bird's cry sounded out, and a Chinese man walked out. The man was tall and had dark skin. He was dressed like a fisherman.

Are you the rescue team sent by the higher-ups? Seeing Cheng Yu and the others, the man seemed very excited.

Yes, I am the captain of the operation team, how should I address you? Cheng Yu looked at him and said.

Everyone calls me Messin here, as for my Chinese name, Yang Zhen, I have almost forgotten about it. The man laughed.

Then we will also call you Messin Cheng Yu said.

It doesn't matter, we have to leave now. Those people have been trapped for several days! he said.

Messin led the group to the back of the haystack. There was a small fishing boat hidden inside, and carrying twenty or so people was no problem at all.

Messin, how long have you been here? Cheng Yu, who saw that the fishing boat have quite a few years of use on it, curiously asked.

It's been more than ten years. I was sent here by my superiors when I was in my twenties. Messin sighed with emotion.

Do you still want to go back? Cheng Yu admired this man, he had actually been holed up in this kind of place for more than ten years

I did want to go back when I first arrived, but now I don't have any more thoughts

Why? Are you disappointed in the country?

No, because I've already made a family here and have my own wife and children, this feeling gradually faded. Messin said with a smile.

So that's how it is Cheng Yu said in understanding.

If you guys return safely, you can go to my house and take a look. Perhaps it was because he hadn't seen his compatriots for a long time, he felt very close to them.

Heh heh, of course Cheng Yu smiled.

However, he didn't have any thoughts of disturbing them. Since they had lived in seclusion for so many years, their appearance had broken their peaceful life.

If anyone else saw anything, the Messin family might be in danger.

Right, Messin, can you get in touch with those people now? Cheng Yu said.

No, since the second day after they entered, I've already lost contact with them. He shook his head.

How will you send us back when we rescue them? Cheng Yu looked at him and said.

I will send you to the ocean, where we have men. Through them, you can return safely. I will be waiting for you at the appointed place every afternoon at three and five. Once you have completed your task, please be sure to arrive at the designated location at this time. he said.

Mm, we'll remember. Cheng Yu nodded.

After about an hour, they finally arrived at the designated landing point. This was already the territory of Country M.

Thank you, Messin. You can go back Upon reaching shore, Cheng Yu expressed his gratitude.

Take care Then he led the fishing boat away.

Captain, which way should we go? Looking at the huge forest, Panther said.

Just head east. The connection point is about 100 kilometers away from us. How much time will be wasted? Cheng Yu said.

Seven to eight hours Panther thought for a moment and said. Since they had quite a bit of equipment on them, and they are in the forest, the road wasn't too good, so they naturally couldn't run at full speed.

Alright. Everyone, we have to be careful. We might encounter an army here at any time. Cheng Yu nodded. Although he really wanted to fly over, there was nothing he could do with these people present.

Under Cheng Yu's lead, twenty of them rushed towards the east.

Cheng Yu was already far away in another country, and Han Xue who was in Yunhai City had already gone crazy.

Tang Ze, get out. I said that I wouldn't get engaged to you, so just give up Han Xue pushed Tang Ze out of her room and shouted angrily.

Bang. Before Tang Ze could say anything, Han Xue had already closed the door.

Snowy, even if you don't think for yourself, you still have to consider Uncle's situation Tang Ze said loudly outside the door.

Don't even think of using this to threaten me. Scram. In short, I won't be engaged to you Han Xue's angry voice sounded from within the room.

Uncle, Auntie, don't tell me that you want to go back on your word? Tang Ze's expression was also very ugly as he looked at Han Xue's mother and father and said.

This... How could this be? It's just that we can't do anything about Snowy's stubborn temper, Little Ze, why don't we postpone the engagement for a few days? Let's first talk to Han Xue, how about it? Mother Han said in embarrassment.

How can this be? We already sent out the invitation cards. Everything has been arranged for at the hotel and some of my father's old friends from outside the city have already come to Yunhai. Tang Ze said with a cold expression.

But, looking at how Xiao Xue is now, I'm afraid that she will really refuse to attend tomorrow. Wouldn't that be even worse? Mother Han said.

Then I won't care so much. This is your problem. As long as you agree to let her marry, she will always agree. Uncle, I've heard that the position of the city committee's head of organization is about to be confirmed. If you don't put on an attitude now, it'll be difficult for you to do so. Furthermore, yesterday, I heard from my uncle that the organization department head of Pingyuan City has been promoted. It seems that my uncle is planning to elect a few qualified deputy ministers to take over this position. Tang Ze looked at the two and said.

This... Tang Ze! Rest assured, I will think of a way to convince Snowy to attend tomorrow's engagement ceremony. Han Liwen's expression immediately changed.

Haha, that's for the best. Since we will be family from now on, my uncle will definitely take care of father-in-law. Since that's the case, then I'll leave Little Snow to you two. Tang Ze left the Han Family with a loud laugh.

Old man, can you really let Snowy participate in this engagement ceremony? Mother Han said as she sat on the sofa.

Sigh. What can I do? You just heard it. If I don't agree, I'm afraid I will be the vice minister who will be transferred to Pingyuan City. Han Liwen also revealed a bitter expression.

Although the cities of Yunhai were territorial, Yunhai was a provincial city. Pingyuan was just an ordinary territorial city. Although it seemed that he had been promoted from vice minister to minister, he had been transferred to the same level.

Moreover, the economy of Pingyuan city was too poor, it was far away from Yunhai city. After being in Yunhai city for so many years, he naturally didn't want to be transferred away.

Sigh. What should we do? It's the same for Little Yu. Why did he disappear without a trace after appearing for just a day? Mother Han said in distress.

Who knows where he is now? Han Liwen also sighed.

Han Xue's mother told her to bring Cheng Yu home for dinner yesterday, but she couldn't get through to his phone after work. She ran to his mansion but there was no one there.

Seeing that the engagement was about to arrive, Cheng Yu had disappeared without the slightest premonition, causing Han Xue to be very anxious. She felt that Cheng Yu had abandoned her. The day before, he had deeply valued and cared for her.

But in just a short day and night, he seemed to have completely vanished from the face of the earth.

No. He said that he won't leave me behind, and he won't lie to me. He must have some urgent matters to attend to After crying for a while, Han Xue suddenly sat up from the bed.

A tear flashed across Han Xue's eyes. She carelessly wiped away her tears, grabbed her bag and left the room.

Xiao Xue, it's good that you came out. We have to discuss this properly Mother Han said when she saw Han Xue coming out of the room.

No need for that. I said that I won't go, so I won't go Han Xue angrily said and ran out of the house.

You... Where are you going? Mother Han shouted.

Tat tat tat! She could only hear the sound of a series of hurried high heels getting softer and softer.

The older this child gets, the more outrageous she becomes. Her father is already at this critical juncture, yet she's still running away and taking a stroll around Mother Han said angrily.

It's not for us to say anything. Han Liwen said in an exhausted manner as he took out a cigarette.

Old man, why don't you find the mayor? Isn't he Little Yu's uncle? He should know where Xiao Yu went, right? Or can you just ask him for help? Mother Han suddenly said.

How can he help? This matter has not been resolved yet, and they have already sent me away without even saying a word. Han Liwen said unhappily.

Then go and ask him where Little Yu is. This stinking brat has caused our daughter to become like this, you can't possibly not say anything at all, right? What was this? What do you take Snowy for? I already said before, this kind of rich young master is not reliable at all, Tang Ze is not, and now Cheng Yu is not too Mother Han was full of complaints.

You didn't say that in the past. No matter if it's Cheng Yu or Tang Ze, you always praise them endlessly Han Li replied.

I didn't understand it before, but now I can see their true nature. At least, I think Tang Ze is more reliable in this area. Even though he is using his power to bully others, but after all this is because he likes Xiao Xue, so he can still be considered an infatuated person. But Little Yu? When I needed him in the past, he wasn't here, but now that Xiao Xue is getting engaged to another man, he actually disappeared. He clearly wants to use this opportunity to get rid of my Xiao Xue Mother Han complained even more.

Previously, they had thought that Cheng Yu was a person of good character. If Snowy could become a couple with Cheng Yu, then they could be considered to have gotten into a higher position. However, Cheng Yu suddenly disappeared.

Later on, Tang Ze appeared. He also had an extraordinary family background and thought that it was Xiao Xue's chance. However, they didn't expect that he would be a wolf.

Right now, both of them were unreliable. At this moment, Han Xue's mother did not have any good feelings towards the young master of a so-called aristocratic family. They were both not good things