Godly Student Chapter 388

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Team... Team... Captain, you. How did you do it? No one could believe it, but looking at the bullets in Cheng Yu's hands, even if they didn't want to believe it, they had no choice but to believe it.

What is this? A special ability?

You don't need to know how I did it. I just want to know if you want to go back or continue the mission with me Cheng Yu said as he looked at these people.

This ... Everyone hesitated. Although Cheng Yu had shown them such a magical scene, it didn't mean that he was a qualified captain.

What is it? Are you not willing? It doesn't matter, people like you who are afraid of death and have no ability other than shooting twice, I'm not willing to bring you along. When I get to my destination, you can just follow the transport plane back. Cheng Yu said indifferently while looking at everyone.

Actually, what Cheng Yu said was completely true. As for saying that they didn't have the ability and is afraid of death, it was just to provoke them. Perhaps in front of an immortal cultivator, the strength of these special forces were truly average.

But Cheng Yu knows, in terms of the special forces around the world, our Chinese special forces are definitely among the best, they are a group of real outstanding soldiers that can defend the country.

As for the idea of having them follow the transport plane back, it was true. Up till now, aside from him, no one else knew what their mission was.

As special forces, no matter how dangerous the mission was, they had to think of ways to complete it, even if it meant risking their own lives. This was the fate of soldiers.

Cheng Yu understood that if the mission this time was really as planned and they had only waited for the twenty people at the rescue point, then these people might just barely be able to do it.

But how could Cheng Yu do such a thing? He was here to save people, not to do a formalistic job, not to collect corpses.

Cheng Yu definitely had to go deep into the enemy's battle zone. From the map that Liu Yan gave him, it was possible for groups of soldiers to appear

In such a dense area, these special forces really didn't have any advantage. No matter how strong a single soldier was, they were just ordinary people. They could not defend against bullets, much less cannons.

Therefore, Cheng Yu sincerely wanted these soldiers to go back and not make such meaningless sacrifices. Cheng Yu didn't tell them to go back because he looked down on them, but because he was truly thinking for their sake.

However, was one of these soldiers someone who had not experienced a battle of life and death? Were they really cowards? That was impossible. After being looked down upon by Cheng Yu in such an obvious manner, of course, they would have to stomp their feet.

We are not cowards! I'm willing to follow the captain. Even if I die, I will have no regrets The first special forces soldier that spoke to Cheng Yu earlier said, he's called Zhang Bao, everyone calls him Panther.

That's right. Captain, we are willing to carry out this mission with you, we are not cowards. Just based on your actions just now, I believe that you are definitely not a simple person.

Me too

Me too After a few of them took the lead to express their stance. Everyone else began to express their opinions, even Tiger who was competing with Cheng Yu had finally agreed to stay behind.

Although Cheng Yu really wanted to let these warriors go back, he definitely wouldn't tell them about it. Regardless of whether Cheng Yu's starting point was good or bad, he would still look like as if he was looking down on them if he said so. It was fine to provoke them, but it would not do if he spoke the truth.

In any case, he had quite a few cards up his sleeve, so there would definitely be a way to save their lives. If he really had no other choice, he would just reveal some of his trump cards, they would be able to survive then.

This was not something I forced you to do, it was something you volunteered to do. But first, I have to say, since you have acknowledged me as the team leader, then you have to listen to me. If I tell you to retreat, then you retreat. Cheng Yu looked at these people and said seriously.

Yes Captain. We will definitely obey your orders Everyone stood up straight and puffed out their chests.

Good. Now you can tell me how to play with this stuff The serious expression on Cheng Yu's face suddenly disappeared as he said with a smile.

Pow! The guns in everyone's hands fell to the ground. This captain was too weird, his personality changed too quickly.

Captain, didn't you say that this thing is useless? Panther said softly.

In the martial arts world, there are many skills that don't effect one's body. Although this gun does not pose much of a threat to me, it's still not bad to take it out to beat up birds when there's nothing to do. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Captain, you're really awesome. Now I finally know why you can become an instructor of the Divine Dragon Squad. You're the first person I've ever seen who dares to say he's using this thing to play with birds Panther said, embarrassed. The standard equipment for special forces in his eyes could only be used to hit birds. With this momentum, there probably wasn't a second person in the entire Chinese army.

But captain, you're right about one thing. There are too many skills that can't be used on the body. How about you teach us how to stop the bullets. Our status is not bad, we can withstand it. Panther also laughed as he spoke.

Cheng Yu's move just now was really too shocking. If he could have done the same, then he would have been able to come and go as he pleased in a hail of bullets. This was much more realistic and powerful than a bulletproof vest.

He believed that even if the enemies saw him, they would ignore him. They might even just kneel down and surrender.

Do all of you really want to learn? Looking at the excited and curious faces, Cheng Yu smiled and said,

That's right! That's right! Captain, we want to learn Everyone said excitedly.

Very good. Seeing your enthusiasm, I am very happy

Captain, this means that you've agreed to it Panther was pleasantly surprised.

Of course... Impossible Cheng Yu slowly said.

At first, everyone was overjoyed, but then their excitement instantly fell to the bottom. Captain, then how are you willing to teach us? Become a member of the Divine Dragon? Pantherrefused to give up.

As a soldier, they revered power. If there was someone stronger than them, they would definitely work even harder to train and think of a way to reach the same level of strength as their opponent.

However, when a person's strength exceeded their imaginations, they would no longer be able to think of ways to improve on their own. They could only beg.

Maybe. Everything has to do with fate. Once opportunity arrives, you may have a chance. Cheng Yu said with a faint smile.

Cheng Yu was neither a god nor a saint. He had yet to reach the level where he could fulfill any request he wanted. Cultivating was not an easy matter; not everyone had the qualifications or the fortuitous opportunity to cultivate.

Cheng Yu was not a founding member of the sect right now, so he had no intention of teaching this school. The reason he was able to cultivate them among Qin Canghai's group was because they were all free people. At the same time, they were his first faction and he was naturally willing to spend some time to nurture them.

However, these people were different. Although they might have a better constitution and foundation than others, but he would not care about them. They were soldiers of the country, so all the soldiers of the world would not be too different from each other.

Cheng Yu did not need to do so, nor did he have the responsibility to turn all the soldiers into cultivators. This would thoroughly disrupt the balance of this world, and he could not imagine the consequences that would happen in the end.

Moreover, if such a large scale cultivator appeared, it would easily attract the attention of others, such as in the cultivation world. At that time, he would no longer be able to think about peace and quiet.

Although he taught everyone in the Blood Wolf Gang a little, he still had to be careful of the people he truly wanted to train, such as the three Lian brothers.

Although everyone was disappointed, there was nothing they could do about it. At this moment, they were truly envious of the members of the Divine Dragon Squad. If they had known earlier, they would have gone all out against those guys. Even if they had to break their head, they could have squeezed into this team

Everyone felt regret

In the end, under Panther's simple introduction, Cheng Yu finally used his gun, and in the following time, Cheng Yu was constantly facing pairs and pairs of resentful eyes

Beep! Beep! Beep! After flying for an entire night, the aircraft's alarm finally sounded

Everyone get ready, everyone get ready. The destination is here, everyone get ready to land A voice came from the attendants.

The attendants opened the cabin door, and everyone who had been prepared started to jump down one by one. Cheng Yu already understood how to use the parachute from Panther's simple explanation. Although he didn't need this thing, he was still very excited about trying it for the first time.

Seeing the others blooming everywhere like blossoming flowers, Cheng Yu also jumped down. By the time Cheng Yu landed on the ground, the transport plane had already disappeared without a trace.

Considering the urgency of the situation, it was already morning by the time they arrived. In order to avoid being discovered and shot down by Country's M Army, they had landed not in Country M, but in the southwest of Country J.

They were only about 100 kilometers away from the country, and 300 kilometers away from the place where the Divine Dragon Squad was trapped. Cheng Yu looked around before gathering everyone together and took out the map.

We are now in this position. This time, our mission is to reinforce our comrades who are trapped in this area. Let's go to the seaside now, we have our support personnel there Cheng Yu said to the crowd.

After running for five minutes, they arrived at a shallow sea. Cheng Yu used his divine sense to scan the surroundings and sure enough, he found someone there.

Panther, imitate the cuckoo bird's five calls This was the signal given by Liu Yan to the rescue team. Although she already knew of their existence, they still had to confirm their identities.

Chirp! Chirp! Panther covered his mouth and chirped

Bugu! Bugu! Sure enough, a response came from the tall grasses fifty meters away. Soon, a man appeared