Godly Student Chapter 387

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In the military chairman's office.

Are you sure this is true? Song Tianlin said to the security guard beside him.

Yes. Chief, this news is absolutely true The guard stood straight and said seriously.

This Old Man Cheng really wants to enter the military world. He's crazy. How dare he let his grandson go on a mission like this. Isn't he afraid that he will have no descendants left? When Song Tianlin heard that the rescue team was led by Cheng Yu, he frowned and said.

Song Tianlin didn't have any good impression of Cheng Yu. All these years, he had heard that the Cheng family's third generation was useless, spending his days and drinking to his heart's content, and causing quite a bit of trouble.

He thought this would mean the Cheng family would start to weaken because he was the only male in the third generation of the Cheng family. If Cheng Yu wasn't a good person, the Cheng family would definitely be weakened.

I heard that this kid got into trouble two years ago and was sent by Old Man Cheng to Yunhai. I didn't expect that after two years he would come back so strong and want to take over the military.

Especially the last time when the Divine Dragon Instructor Selection had allowed him to take the position of Instructor so forcefully. What was even more shocking was that this legendary good-for-nothing playboy could actually have such great skills. Even the expert from Mount Shu that he had found with much difficulty was defeated. This was truly unbelievable.

Could it be that the Cheng Family had purposely shown weakness in recent years? Preparing for the Ministry? This doesn't make sense

Humph... Even if the Cheng family wanted to rise up, it would not be that easy. This is the beginning of your Cheng Family's decline! Also, do you think I don't know about the Xu Family? So what if I asked you to send someone? Isn't he courting death. It's a good opportunity to heavily injure your Cheng and Xu families in one fell swoop Song Tianlin laughed coldly.

The grandson of the Xu family was trapped in M Country. How could his Xu family not save him? Initially, he did not agree with Liu Yan's plan because he wanted to force Xu Zhongfu to make a move.

Sending reinforcements was just an excuse. Regardless of whether or not he really did it, this rescue mission would definitely fail. Do you really think that Country M's armies a paper tiger?

If Xu Zhongfu did not send someone to help Xu Ruo Song, that would be fine. Since Xu Zhongfu could not let Xu Ruo Song die, and since he really sent people into the enemy's battle zone to rescue people, causing the entire rescue team to be completely wiped out, then he, Song Tianlin, would have a topic to talk about

For personal gain, Xu Zhongfu actually sent so many outstanding soldiers to their deaths. This effect seemed to be not small. What was even more unexpected was that Xu Zhongfu had also dragged Old Cheng's grandson down with him. This was going to be a good show. If Cheng Yu died in action, the Cheng Family would be destroyed and the Cheng and Xu Family would fall apart

Haha. Good, This move of Xu Zhongfu's is too awesome. Song Tianlin was pleasantly surprised.

Captain, do we need guns for this mission? On the transport plane, a team leader asked weakly.

This is a must. Don't you usually use guns for missions? Cheng Yu said.

Captain, I want us to return immediately At this time, one of the team members was unwilling and was the first to step forward.

He wasn't afraid of death, but that didn't mean he was willing to throw his life away. If he still had hope for Cheng Yu before, it was because Cheng Yu had the status of a Divine Dragon Instructor.

However, this instructor actually didn't even know how to use a gun, and couldn't even be counted as a real soldier. Although this kind of person had a very special identity, they were fighting in actual combat.

As the captain of the special forces operation team, he had to have a calm mind, a sharp judgment, a strong sense of command, and a lot of knowledge on firearms.

Guns were the most basic ability of every special forces soldier. The reason why a captain could become a captain was that they still had outstanding abilities in areas other than the outstanding performance of firearms. But a person who didn't even know how to use a gun, he didn't even know the most basic requirements to become a special forces soldier or even a normal soldier.

With this type of team captain, he could even predict the end of their quest. He was still young and wanted to help the country, but he didn't want to be sacrificed so easily. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the arrangement of his superiors.

Me too. I also request we return immediately

That's right, we can't die with a captain like this With someone leading the way, the others also began to express their opposition.

Just because I don't know how to use a gun? Cheng Yu said as he looked at the soldiers standing in front of him, wanting to eat him alive.

That's right. A man who doesn't even know how to use a gun doesn't deserve to be a soldier, much less lead us. We do not agree to such a captain the first objector said again.

But your leader has already handed you over to me. Don't tell me that you want to disobey the military order? Cheng Yu looked at these people as he spoke.

He never thought that since he was curious about how to use a gun. It leads to everyone's dissatisfaction.

Even if I were to be punished by the leader, I must insist on returning. We cannot follow you to your death the man said.

You all think so? Cheng Yu said while looking at everyone.

En He nodded without even thinking about it, and a few nodded even after thinking for a while. Although the soldiers demanded absolute obedience, they now had the feeling that they had been betrayed by the country. They could not take their own lives as a joke.

If they were to sacrifice themselves for the sake of such a useless captain, it would be too unworthy of them. It was an honor for a soldier to die for his country, but to die in such a way would be a humiliation.

It seems that all of you don't think very highly of me. Do you really think that those who don't know how to use guns will die without a doubt? Cheng Yu smiled.

This is obvious Do you think you can kill all the enemies with a gun? Can you survive with a gun in your hand? Cheng Yu smiled.

I didn't say that. In short, I want to return immediately That person's attitude was firm.

What if I don't want to go back? Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Then don't blame me for being impolite The man raised the rifle in his hand and said to Cheng Yu.

Tiger. Don't be impulsive, let's have a good talk Seeing this, some people couldn't help but feel that this wasn't a joke.

Although the commander of this operation was a little unreliable, if they really did get rid of him, there was no point in discussing it. They would definitely be tried by a military court.

That's right. Tiger, you better not do anything reckless. This is not a joke Everyone tried to persuade him otherwise.

As long as he agrees to return, I will let him go. If he doesn't agree, I would rather be tried by a military court than die with such a person Tiger refused to let go.

Don't worry, let him do it. Today, I will stand here without moving. If you can use the gun in your hand to wound me even a little, I will immediately order them to return Cheng Yu also stood up and said indifferently.

Captain. Now everyone was really worried. He couldn't act rashly. Even if Cheng Yu wasn't a satisfactory team leader, they still wouldn't have truly hurt him. After all, he was a Divine Dragon Instructor, and his identity was there.

Shoot. Don't you all think that following me, this captain, who doesn't know how to use a gun, is a dead-end? Shoot, As long as you hurt me, we can immediately go back Cheng Yu looked at him and said.

The atmosphere at the scene immediately became extremely tense. Tiger was already sweating with his hand holding the gun, and the cold sweat on his forehead was also pouring out. His heart was beating very quickly

The crime of using a gun to attack a superior was not small. Seeing how calm Cheng Yu was, it was as if he was riding a tiger and was unable to back down.

Don't worry. As long as you can injure me, I won't hold you accountable. Everyone else can testify. However, if I am not injured, then even if we were to die, you all must follow me Cheng Yu saw his hesitation and encouraged him to shoot.

Really? You really won't hold me accountable? The tiger said.

Of course, the prerequisite is that you can injure me with your rifle. However, if you can't injure me, then you won't say a thing even if I send you to your deaths Cheng Yu said.

Tiger looked at how Cheng Yu did not seem like he was lying, he swallowed his saliva and then pointed his gun at Cheng Yu's shoulder

Tiger The others were also extremely nervous. At this moment, they didn't know if they wanted to see tiger injure Cheng Yu and then return to the base. Or see Cheng Yu stay unharmed, and continue on with their mission.

If you don't even have this much guts, then I can only say that it's not that I'm not good enough to be your captain, but that you're not qualified to be my team members. Shoot! Cheng Yu's voice became heavier and heavier, almost shouting out in the end

AHHHHHH. Bang. Being provoked by Cheng Yu like this, tiger could no longer hold himself back and crazily shouted

He really shot

Everyone was shocked. They never thought that tiger would actually fire at him. A few of them had already closed their eyes, feeling extremely nervous. Something big had really happened

Things happened too fast, and before anyone could even think about it, they were so shocked that their eyeballs fell to the ground once again.

This... This... This... Someone pointed at Cheng Yu, his voice trembling. This was simply too unbelievable. The bullet was actually just three inches away from Cheng Yu's shoulder.

Is this what you call the most lethal weapon? All of you know how to use this thing, but even I, who don't know how to use a gun, can't hurt you. Do you think it's necessary for me to use a gun? Cheng Yu did not wait for their surprise. He raised his right hand and directly took the floating bullet into his hand.

Team... Team... Captain, you. How did you do it? Everyone came back to their senses and exclaimed.

The shock that Cheng Yu had given them was just too great. Even when he saw a movie shooting, he had never seen such an absurd and bizarre thing

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