Godly Student Chapter 386

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Do you want me to save them or collect their corpses? Cheng Yu was very dissatisfied with their so-called rescue operation

Instructor Cheng, I understand your thoughts and your feelings. We were forced to make such a decision. We can't let you die for nothing just to save them, Liu Yan said. Seeing that Cheng Yu did not put his own life in his eyes at all, nor was he afraid of death, she had a good impression of Cheng Yu.

If it was before, she didn't have a good impression of Cheng Yu's character. However, after knowing that he was the only male in the third generation of the Cheng family, his attitude just now could tell that Cheng Yu was a loyal person.

Alright, that's it. Are the people you prepared ready yet? When are we leaving? Cheng Yu thought for a moment. There was no need to argue with them. Perhaps this was the best way in their mind, but he was different. No one knew his strength, so arguing with them was meaningless.

Instructor Cheng, I hope that you can obey the orders of your superiors. Now is not the time to be loyal to your words. You will be in charge of this rescue operation, but you must follow our plan and not act on your own. Is that clear? Liu Yan saw that Cheng Yu no longer had any intention of arguing and was preparing to take on the mission. She immediately saw through Cheng Yu's intention. This guy most likely wanted to save someone at the right time.

That's right. Xiao Yu, you cannot act rashly. Although the members of the Divine Dragon Squad are important, your own lives are more important. Hearing Liu Yan's words, Xu Zhongfu also realized something and said to Cheng Yu in a serious tone.

Although Xu Ruo Song was the grandson of his Xu family, Cheng RuiLong was right. Cheng Yu was also someone they watched grow up and was also likee hiis own grandson.

It was impossible for him to send another grandson to his death for one grandson. If both of them died in the end, it wouldn't be worth it. Moreover, the current Cheng Yu had a bright future ahead of him. Although he was much younger than Ruo Song, his current achievements were already above his.

The Cheng and Xu families were old friends, and the two families' interests were tied together a long time ago. Cheng Yu's rise was just as important to the Xu family. If Cheng Yu died and the Cheng Family fell, then the Xu Family's losses would also be enormous. Therefore, both families would suffer and prosper together.

Mm, I understand. I'll just listen to you guys. Since he had figured out the problem, Cheng Yu naturally didn't want to get entangled with them on this issue.

Are you sure you plan to follow our plan? Liu Yan looked at him and said.

Of course, I also want to live a long life. If you don't believe me, you can supervise me. Cheng Yu looked at her and said. There are still 20 minutes until 12 PM. We will reach M Country in around 9 PM. Hurry up and prepare your equipment. Liu Yan said.

Little Yu, have you really made up your mind? Cheng Yu walked out of the meeting room when he heard Cheng Ruilong.

Grandfather, don't worry. Have you forgotten what I told you? Trust me Don't tell my mom about this. I'll be back in two days. I'm going to prepare some equipment now. Cheng Yu gave Cheng Ruilong a reassured look and said.

Little Yu. I'll be counting on you this time. If possible, I hope you can bring back as many people as possible, including Ruo Song Xu Zhongze also said on the side.

Don't worry Grandpa Xu, I'll do my best After Cheng Yu said this, he followed Xu Zhongfu to prepare the equipment.

Ten minutes later, all twenty-one rescue team members, including Cheng Yu, were assembled at the airport.

This operation will be led by Divine Dragon Squad's Instructor Cheng. Any mission or operation of yours will be under his command. Is that clear Xu Zhongfu looked at the fully armed group in front of him and said.

Understood Everyone became excited when they heard that the captain in front of them was actually an instructor from the Divine Dragon Squad. As members of the capital's military sector, they knew a long time ago that there was a mysterious Divine Dragon Squad hidden here.

Although they didn't know what this squad was for, they knew that this squad was very strong. Their military had once held a selection event for this squad, but only three people had been chosen.

And now, they could actually follow the instructor of such a mysterious team on a mission. They also wanted to see just how powerful the Divine Dragon Instructors were.

Let's go Cheng Yu did not say much and just shouted loudly.

Xiao Yu, be careful Seeing that Cheng Yu was about to board the plane, Xu Zhongfu said loudly.

This was a completely unknown mission. Most of the people here knew that such a rescue mission was completely meaningless. Sending them over would just be sending them to their deaths.

Don't worry. I will bring Brother Song back Cheng Yu said as he boarded the plane.

Watching the plane take off, Xu Zhongfu felt very complicated in his heart. No one could predict what would happen next.

Instructor Liu, do you think they will be okay? Looking at the huge plane in the sky that had long since become a small dot, Xu Zhongfu sighed.

This... Liu Yan didn't know how to answer this question because she was very clear about this battle. If Cheng Yu acted according to the plan, then his chances of survival would be very high, but if Cheng Yu didn't act according to the plan and still stubbornly wanted to save others, then Cheng Yu might not be able to come back.

Liu Yan had a premonition that Cheng Yu would not act according to the plan. However, she would not tell Xu Zhongfu about this premonition. It would only make him more worried.

She could only pray for them now.

On the plane, everyone wasn't as nervous as they thought. Everyone was very curious about Cheng Yu, but as a soldier, they couldn't ask what they shouldn't ask, so everyone looked at Cheng Yu.

Do I look strange? It was Cheng Yu's first time wearing this kind of equipment, he was completely wrapped up. He felt like he couldn't breathe.

However, what was most curious thing to him was the gun in his hand. He had never used it before, so he was about to ask someone about it when he suddenly realized that they were all staring at him.

Captain, are you really the Divine Dragon Squads instructor? Can you tell us more about the Divine Dragon Squad? One of them said.

Do you think your leader would lie to you? As for the Divine Dragon Squad, they're no different from you. They're just a little more resilient than you guys. Cheng Yu said.

How could that be? They are the most powerful people selected from all the regions. There are only three of us were selected to be in the Squad in the entire military area, and I was almost able to get selected. It's such a pity. the man said.

Thank goodness you didn't go Cheng Yu said. Cheng Yu thought about what the hell was going on. These people treated those guys like gods, but what they didn't know was that they were going to save these useless guys.

It was terrible to be in such a state after just carrying out their first mission.

What? That person did not hear what Cheng Yu said clearly.

I said you don't have to be regretful. No matter where you are, no matter what position you have, you are still the country's most outstanding soldiers. They may be a little stronger than you, but what you guys have done is the same as what they have done, to protect your family and protect your countries; what you have done is for the safety of this country Cheng Yu definitely wouldn't tell them that the team they worshipped had already been filled with dumplings.

The army needed this kind of worship. Only by worshipping the will of the strong would they have the courage to move forward.

Thank you, Captain. Cheng Yu's words gave everyone fighting spirit, because he wasn't an ordinary person. He was someone who taught the Squad they admired the most. They believed in this person's words.

Right, I also have a question to ask you Cheng Yu suddenly said.

Captain, you're too polite. Please ask

How do you use this gun? Cheng Yu said seriously.

Pah pah pah! Everyone's eyes fell to the ground, their fighting spirit instantly dropping to the other side of the Earth.

Team... Team... Captain, what did you just say? I didn't hear you clearly the man said. He felt as if his hearing had gone wrong, or he simply couldn't hear clearly. The other party was the most mysterious and powerful instructor of China's Divine Dragon Squad. How could he ask such a ridiculous question as how do we use guns?

I say, how do you use with this thing? Cheng Yu said as he raised his gun.

This... This... Captain, you're not joking with us right? That person said in fear.

This time, he was sure that he hadn't misheard. The other party had indeed asked how to use the gun.

Team... Captain, you don't know how to use a gun? The man swallowed his saliva.

That's right Cheng Yu nodded seriously.

Oh my god. Everyone was going crazy. The dignified instructor of the Divine Dragon Squad didn't even know how to use a gun

But you're the instructor of the Divine Dragon Squad. How could you not know how to use a gun?

I'm only teaching them fighting techniques, not firearms. It's normal for me not to know how to use it Cheng Yu said matter-of-factly.

Team... Captain, I have a small problem Another person said.

What's the problem?

Will we need guns for our mission this time? the man asked weakly.

This is a must. Don't you usually use guns for missions?

So you're saying, this mission will also kill people?

That's a possibility Cheng Yu said after some thought.

Wuuuuu... Everyone's faces turned pale as tears streamed down their cheeks. Heavens, Was this playing house? This captain actually doesn't know how to use a gun, I'm going to hijack a plane and go home

It wasn't that they were afraid of death, but that this captain was too unreliable. He actually didn't know how to use a gun. No one wanted to follow a captain like this