Godly Student Chapter 385

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Commander Long, I'm here Cheng Yu walked over and said to Long Xiangtian, who was about to make a phone call.

Hello, Mr. Cheng. We meet again. Long Xiangtian said with a smile when he saw Cheng Yu walk over.

He really couldn't see through this young man in his twenties. He had already guessed Cheng Yu's family background, but he didn't understand why the Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission would call him personally, and even urgently ask him to send Cheng Yu to the military district of the capital.

However, he knew that this was definitely a secret of his superior. He was unable to guess it, and even if he was curious, he could not ask.

Heh heh, Commander Long, just call me Brother Yu. It sounds weird when you are calling me Mr. Cheng. Cheng Yu smiled. Cheng Yu also hadn't expected that Long Xiangtian would personally come to pick him up. The other party was the commander of Yunhai's Military Division, and his status and rank were beyond the ordinary.

Good. Then let's hurry up and go. Chief gave me only two hours. Long Xiangtian smiled. Originally, he didn't have to personally come to pick up Cheng Yu, but since he had repeatedly stressed that this matter should be kept a secret, he thought that it would be better if he personally came.

Alright Cheng Yu got into the plane, and Long Xiangtian followed. The plane once again slowly rose into the air and quickly disappeared into the clear sky.

Who is that kid? What a big show of dignity. Where is that Major General's epaulette that he was wearing just now? After the helicopter flew away, everyone finally woke up from their daze and recalled the shocking scene from a moment ago.

I think he's most likely the son of some general. Otherwise, how can he hire a Major General? Everyone began guessing.

Isn't that the boyfriend of our new school beauty Lin Yuhan? It was no wonder that Xu Liang hadn't been able to catch up to him after so long. So her boyfriend was so awesome. It seemed like he was not only a rich second generation, but also a military second generation? Powerful Those who knew Cheng Yu spoke.

He is Lin Yuhan's boyfriend? Why haven't I seen him before? What's his name? Could he be someone from another university? Someone asked curiously.

I heard that his name is Cheng Yu. He should be from our school too

That's good. If someone else were to snatch our school's beauty away, that would really be too embarrassing. Sigh... Wait, you said that the person is called Cheng Yu? Why did this name sound so familiar? I seem to have seen it somewhere before That person asked doubtfully.

I also feel the same way. I've seen it more than once, but I just can't remember

Eh? It can't be that person The person suddenly glared and pointed at one of the banners on the field.

He only saw that the banner read Warm welcome to the top scorer of the entire country to Yunhai University. Although it had already been over a month since the start of school, the banners that had been hung had still not been taken down.

Many students were envious of this banner every time they saw it. They also wanted to see this legendary top scorer. Many people were extremely excited when they heard that this top scorer was an alumnus of their school. Unfortunately, although they had found out about this top scorer's department and class with great difficulty, but they had never seen him.

This kind of thing happened for a few days before everyone finally calmed down and shifted their focus to Lin Yuhan, who was in the same class as them. In fact, many people had already noticed Lin Yuhan's beauty, and many people said they were here to take a look at her.

Thus, Lin Yuhan became famous and successfully became the new school entrance beauty, while Cheng Yu was gradually forgotten by everyone.

When this person looked at the huge banner that matched the identity of the male student with the pitchfork just now, everyone immediately started their heated discussion.

Really? Could he be the legendary top scorer with a perfect score? So handsome, so charming!

That's right. I really like such a domineering guy

It's a pity that he already has an owner, you don't have to worry about that

Listen to me. Listen, according to reliable sources, Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan were classmates in high school? The reason why Cheng Yu gave up on the two most famous universities in the capital this time is because of Lin Yuhan A girl gossiped.

Really? Wow. So infatuated. How romantic. If only I had such a devoted boyfriend. Handsome and rich, his family background is also very good. He really is the best boyfriend in the country's universities A girl with heart-shaped eyes said excitedly.

Sister-in-law. The boss got admirers again. It seems like your love rivals are almost all of the girls in our school Seeing this sudden turn of events, fatty was both envious and surprised since Cheng Yu's identity had been exposed for only a short period of time.

Humph. I only know that he's in the limelight. Even if he doesn't come back, he will still be in the limelight. Lin Yuhan also said with a helpless expression.

Who asked Cheng Yu to be so awesome back then? Coming out with a perfect score for the college entrance exam, it was impossible for him to not become famous. She originally thought that because of Cheng Yu's disappearance, everyone had already forgotten about this matter.

But now, he had appeared out of the blue, and someone had dug everything up. The truth proved that the power of an idol was incalculable. A small stone could easily cause huge waves.

Hehe. However, sister-in-law, is that person really a general? Since when did boss get involved with such an awesome person? Not everyone could recognize the epaulettes on their shoulders when they saw the general. Clearly, Fatty was someone who didn't know anything.

Who knows when he met him? He disappeared for such a long time, and he ran away from class just like that. I wonder how many days he's going to disappear for this time. Lin Yuhan said with dissatisfaction.

It was just like what everyone was discussing; everyone had seen Cheng Yu's excellence. In terms of learning, looks, and family background, he was definitely the best of the best. More importantly, he had an even more mysterious secret, and that was that he was also a cultivator.

She could clearly feel Cheng Yu's kindness and consideration for her. However, there was always an indescribable worry in her heart. It was because of Cheng Yu's mysterious and glorious aura that made her feel like she was nothing.

Previously, she was very confident in her studies, but ever since she witnessed Cheng Yu's strength, she felt that she didn't have any advantages. In terms of beauty, there were quite a few people in this society who were prettier than her.

The more she thought about this, the more she became flustered in her heart, because she felt that she and Cheng Yu were from two completely different worlds. In the modern world, her family was a chasm that she could not cross.

Her mother had mentioned it to her many times before, but she hadn't wanted to think about it, and now she felt scared.

Zhao Hongming was also taken away by his classmates in a panic. Now, he regretted listening to Xu Liang's words and causing trouble for Cheng Yu. This kid actually had a military background; this wasn't something that a nobody like him could deal with.

Two hours later, Cheng Yu returned to the military sector of the capital.

After getting off the plane, the people who came to meet him were his old acquaintances, his grandfather Cheng Ruilong, the two Xu brothers, Xu ZhongFu and Xu ZhongZe, as well as the beautiful chief instructor Liu Yan of the Divine Dragon Squad.

Grandfather,Grandpa Xu, Grandpa Xu. Hello, Instructor Liu Cheng Yu walked over and greeted the few of them.

Commander Long, why are you here personally? Seeing that the one accompanying him was Long Xiangtian, Xu Zhongfu exclaimed.

Hehe, I'm afraid that I might delay Chief's time and so I came over personally. Long Xiangtian was surprised upon seeing these big shots, and he confirmed his thoughts. Cheng Yu was indeed the grandson of Cheng Clan in the capital city.

Alright. Since you're here, let's go in together Xu Zhongfu smiled.

In a secret meeting room, there were only three people: Xu Zhongfu, Liu Yan, and Cheng Yu.

Instructor Cheng, our people are probably trapped in this position, and this is where one of the M country's Army base is located. There may be an even larger army in the area any time now, so the chances of us going in there to rescue them are basically zero. Considering the crisis of the situation and the concealment of our identities, we have finally decided that you just need to wait here for reinforcements? Liu Yan took out a large strategy map and analyzed the current situation and mission with Cheng Yu.

Waiting for reinforcements? What do you mean? Can't we go into this place and rescue them? Cheng Yu pointed to the place where they were trapped and frowned as he heard the other party's words.

No. With the current situation, it would be too dangerous for us to reach this place. We can't let you take the risk and let be basically surrounded by members of the M country's Army. So, we can only wait for the members of the Divine Dragon Squad to break out of the encirclement, and you guys can escort them back safely. Liu Yan did not want to do this, but after Xu Zhongfu told her about Cheng Yu's true identity and his skills, she had no choice but to ask Cheng Yu for help. Besides, even if they didn't go in to rescue them, it would still be rather dangerous to rescue them.

How can this be? If what you said was true, with their strength, how could they possibly break out? Cheng Yu said in dissatisfaction.

He was going to save people, not wait for them. However, according to what they said, he was going to wait for them. Even if there was a big breakthrough, it would only be in the eyes of these ordinary people.

He had already tried out the cannons used by the M country's soldiers. Even if they didn't have his strength, they would be able to barely handle it.

As long as the opponent didn't use missiles, and only use pure bullets or grenades. They would at least have the strength to block it if they are a late stage Qi Refinement Stage cultivator. This was because cultivators at a later stage cultivator of the Qi Refinement Stage could release their true energy and use true energy to protect their body. The bullets would definitely not be able to harm them.

But since none of them had such strength, then they would undoubtedly die in such an environment. They weren't going to save them, but to collect the corpses.

No. They wouldn't even be able to receive a corpse