Godly Student Chapter 384

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Little Yu, how can you decide so quickly? Do you know how dangerous that is? Hearing that Cheng Yu agreed so easily, Cheng Ruilong asked anxiously.

Grandfather, I know. Don't worry Cheng Yu said.

Old Man Xu, is this how you discuss things with my grandson? You don't know what the stakes are if he doesn't know? Hearing Cheng Yu's insistence, Cheng Ruilong said angrily to Xu Zhongfu.

Ugh... Little Yu, your grandfather is right. This rescue mission is indeed very dangerous. It is very likely that you will face the encirclement of a large number of people and will have to engage in a frontal battle. I can only send twenty men also, so you should be well aware of the dangers. Although I really hope that you can carry out this mission, but from a security standpoint, if you don't have enough confidence, I won't be able to send you out just like that. Xu Zhongfu said seriously.

Xu Zhongfu was indeed happy when Cheng Yu agreed, but he didn't want to be a sinner of the Cheng family. If anything happened to Cheng Yu, he wouldn't be able to explain it to the Cheng family. Perhaps from then on, the relationship between the two families would become cold.

Grandpa, Grandpa Xu, don't worry. I know what this means. I won't do something that I'm not sure of. I'm willing to go. Cheng Yu said.

Little Yu.... This matter... Cheng Ruilong was still unwilling.

Grandfather, I promise you, I will come back safely and bring them back as well Cheng Yu interrupted Cheng Ruilong's words.

Are you sure? Cheng Ruilong asked.

I'm sure Cheng Yu answered with determination.

Alright... I allow you to go, but you must promise me to come back alive. Think of your mother, your father, your grandmother, and me. The Cheng family can't lose you, you know? Cheng Ruilong remained silent for a while before he finally nodded and said.

Mm, I promise you that nothing will happen to me. Hearing the old man's helplessness and reluctance on the phone, Cheng Yu felt very ashamed and touched. However, there were some things that could not be explained in a few words.

At this moment, he felt that the burden on his body had never been this heavy, because the current him was no longer alone. He had his own home, his own family, his own love.

His every word and action would bring laughter and sorrow to those around him. He was even carrying the fate of a clan on his shoulders

Xiao Yu, since you've made up your mind, I'll send someone to pick you up. Where are you now? Seeing Cheng Ruilong's expression, Xu Zhongfu did not want to send Cheng Yu, but hearing Cheng Yu's firm and confident tone, he held it in.

After all, his grandson's life and death was still unknown. If Cheng Yu was really that confident, he really wouldn't be willing to give up.

Yeah, I'm at Yunhai University. Call me when your people arrive Cheng Yu said.

Ding ling ling. Cheng just hung up and was about to enter the classroom when the bell suddenly rang.

Boss, we won't have class until the afternoon. Let's go out and play The fatty and Lin Yuhan walked out and said to Cheng Yu. This fellow usually didn't come to class. It was just that Cheng Yu had specially called him out today.

Han Han, I can't accompany you today. I'm going out for a few days, I'll come back in two days to take lessons with you Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan and said apologetically.

How many days out? Did something happen at home? Lin Yuhan said with some curiosity, because when Cheng Yu was talking to a person, she heard Cheng Yu calling that person grandpa, so she thought something was wrong with his family.

More or less. So I have to go back for a few days. I'm sorry. Cheng Yu said.

Then go. I'm used to it anyway. Lin Yuhan said with a depressed tone. Cheng Yu just returned with great difficulty. Of course, she wanted to spend more time with him, but there were always so many things going on in Cheng Yu's life.

Han Han, don't be angry. When I get back, I'll listen to whatever you say. Even if the deities come find me, I'll ignore them, okay? Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan's hand and said.

Boss, how about me? Think about me too, a bachelor! Also, boss, do you know that sister-in-law is our school's new beauty? You are openly whispering to her like this. Do you know how many boys have their dreams shattered and how many are preparing to commit suicide by jumping off a building? fatty couldn't take it anymore and said.

What about it? Jealous? Don't worry about it, let your sister-in-law introduce you to one. Besides, aren't there a lot of girls in our class? And I found quite a few beautiful ones? You don't like it? Cheng Yu smiled.

After all, this was the Economics Department, and the people who lacked it the least were the girls.

Who do you think is more beautiful? Before fatty could speak, Lin Yuhan glared at Cheng Yu and spoke.

Hehe, am I not comforting Fatty? In my eyes, the only one who's absolutely beautiful is definitely you, Han Han Cheng Yu smiled.

Hehe, Boss, your words are enough to become the enemy of all of the Yun University's girls. Except, of course, for sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, you should have your eldest brother announce this to Yunhai University in the broadcast room so that you don't have to worry about your Boss flirting with beauties anymore. I believe no girl will bother with him fatty said while grinning.

Kid, are you looking for a beating? Cheng Yu's face turned dark

Humph. Fatty is right, unless you are lying to me. Lin Yuhan snorted.

Han Han, you can't be serious. Actually, your beauty is universally acknowledged by all girls, but we have to keep a low profile too. At that time, not only will those girls ignore me, you will also become their enemy. And if I really do that, many girls might not be able to accept the fact that they're ugly, and what if they want to deal with us because of it? Cheng Yu exclaimed.

Humph. You're right, I'm not that bored. Even if you want to, I might not want to either. Lin Yuhan smiled.

Kid. You're the one who said he's Lin Yuhan's boyfriend? The three of them walked out of the school building. Suddenly, a few male students walked over and surrounded the three of them.

Zhao Hongming, you're looking for trouble again, aren't you? At this time, fatty suddenly went up and said to the person in the lead.

Damn fatty, don't think that I'm afraid of you just because you're protected by Dao Jiu. You better scram, otherwise don't blame me for making you lose weight Zhao Hongming looked at the fatty and said.

Ever since Cheng Yu introduced the new light club to Fatty, Fatty ran over when he had nothing to do. Due to his relationship with Cheng Yu, Dao Jiu and co. took care of Fatty, and Fatty had even asked several times for help teach him a lesson since Lin Yuhan was being harassed by him..

Fatty, who are these people? Students? Cheng Yu said while looking at them.

Yes, a sophomore in the Mechanical Department who is quite unreasonable in school. He used to want to harass my sister-in-law, so I called Dao Jiu to help me teach him a lesson. fatty said.

They harassed you? Cheng Yu's eyes turned cold as he looked at Lin Yuhan and said.

Yeah, it was a long time ago, don't bother about it. Seeing the look in Cheng Yu's eyes, Lin Yuhan knew that he was angry, and she also knew that the consequences of Cheng Yu's anger were very serious.

The first time she saw Cheng Yu's violence was when she was kidnapped by the Blood Wolf Gang. Cheng Yu's violence and bloodlust was not something an ordinary person could imagine. That was also the first time she saw someone being killed.

Although she believed that Cheng Yu wouldn't kill them, the consequences of provoking Cheng Yu would be very tragic.

Tat tat tat. Just when Cheng Yu wanted to give them a hard time, a helicopter suddenly appeared in the sky above Yuhai University.

Wah. Look, this helicopter seems to be landing at our school Seeing the helicopter flying so low and slowly descending, many people exclaimed in surprise.

Really! Could it be that some rich family's young master is driving a helicopter to school? This is too awesome Someone said in envy.

Idiot, Do you think this is a movie? Someone said in disdain.

What? Can't I think so? There are a lot of rich people these days. Do you think they are like you? From now on, maybe helicopters are nothing short of normal means of transportation That person refused to admit defeat.

You're really an idiot to say that. I don't even know how you managed to pass the college examination test, yet a person like you can even pass the test in order to get into Yunhai University. I feel ashamed to be fellow alumni to a person like you. It's even more worrying for the future of Yunhai University The man sighed.

What's? Am I am idiot? I think you're the idiot, and I'm worried about your future. the man argued.

Don't you see it's a military helicopter? Have you ever seen anyone driving a military helicopter to school? To call you a pig is an insult to a pig The man looked at him with sympathy.

You... I was just joking, you can't even tell? If I scold you, that would be insulting The man's face was as red as a pig's liver. He quickly found an excuse and left with a complacent expression.

Idiot The man snorted.

You can consider yourselves lucky today. If you let me hear you harassing her again, I'll let you live a life together with a pig Cheng Yu saw the helicopter in the sky and knew that Xu Zhongfu sent people over. He quickly pulled Lin Yuhan towards the sports field.

You f * cking want to leave!? I'll cripple you today. Brothers, attack Seeing that the other party was about to leave, Zhao Hongming quickly rushed over.

Get lost Seeing that Zhao Hongming was trying to stop him, Cheng Yu threw out a slap. With a pa sound, the slap landed on Zhao Hongming's face, sending him rolling a few meters away.

The were stupefied. When they turned around, Zhao Hongming's mouth was full of blood, and even a few of his teeth had fallen off.

Han Han, they came to pick me up. I have to leave first. I'll be back in two days Cheng Yu did not care about these small things and pulled Lin Yuhan and said.

Are they here to pick you up? Aren't you going home? Seeing that it was a military helicopter, Lin Yuhan asked in confusion.

I'll explain this to you when I get back. Fatty, take good care of your sister-in-law. If there's anyone who doesn't open their eyes, Dao Jiu will teach them a lesson Cheng Yu instructed fatty before walking towards the helicopter alone.

The helicopter slowly stopped on the school field. A man in military uniform got off the helicopter and took out his cell phone to contact Cheng Yu.

Commander Long, I'm here Cheng Yu walked over and said. This man was none other than the Commander Long who accompanied the Central Military Commission's member, Huang Qiming, to find him.