Godly Student Chapter 383

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Do you two brothers want to screw my over Cheng family? You guys also watched as Little Yu grew up, don't tell me you guys have the heart to push him into a fire pit? Cheng Ruilong said angrily.

Old Cheng, aren't we discussing about it now? No matter what, Xiao Yu is the Divine Dragon squads instructor. Back then, you did your best to make Xiao Yu fight for this position. Now that his students are in trouble, as an instructor, he at least needs to know a few things. Didn't you say you don't know where Little Yu is? Just try to contact him. If he doesn't want to, we won't force him, okay? Xu Zhongfu said.

Cheng Ruilong knitted his eyebrows and quietly pondered. If it was the old Cheng Yu, he, his grandfather, would not let him do something like this. But now that Cheng Yu had the ability, many things that he didn't want to let him do in the past didn't mean he didn't want to let him do them now.

Cheng Ruilong looked at the two in front of him. He thought, These two old fellows are not easy to deal with. If Little Yu really did return, how could he endure being coaxed by the two of them? Who knows? They might be able to convince Little Yu in a few sentences. No, he couldn't call him no matter what.

No. I still don't agree After pondering deeply, Cheng Ruilong still refused.

Sigh. I say, Old Man Cheng, no matter what, you're a country's Elder, and our soldiers are currently going through life and death trials at the frontline, how can you do this? Xu Zhongfu was unhappy.

You don't need to put on a high hat. I'm no longer talking to you as the head of state, but as the head of the family. I'm talking about this as a grandfather. He's the only grandson of the Cheng family's three generations. If it's something else, we can discuss it. But I believe you know better than I do what this mission means? Then tell me, I'm not 100% sure, but do you think you have an 80% chance of making my grandson return unharmed? Cheng Ruilong loudly said.

Xu Zhongfu fell silent. He truly did not have any confidence in allowing these people to return alive.

How about this, he don't have enemy's area, as long as he is at the designated location to assist the 20 members, that will do Although Xu Zhongfu was aware of the danger, he was still unwilling to give up just like that.

What kind of person do you think my Cheng Family is? Let the other soldiers sacrifice themselves, and my Cheng family will hide in the back? How am I going to go out and meet people in the future? Cheng Ruilong said in a bad mood.

Old Cheng, don't misunderstand. I meant for all the rescue team members to not go deep into the enemy's base. If these twenty members of the Divine Dragon Squad can break through the siege and return to the designated location, Little Yu just need to lead the rescue team to bring them back safely. If there really is no hope for these twenty members, they could just retreat. This was what Xu Zhongfu had told Song Tianlin at the meeting.

But he still wanted the rescue team to go deep into the enemy's area and rescue these twenty people. Now that he saw how determined Cheng Ruilong was, he felt that he should just follow the original plan. As for the other twenty members, they could only resign themselves to fate and rely on their own abilities.

After all, he couldn't really let Cheng Yu die. If he really went deep into the enemy's battle zone to save them, the chances of Cheng Yu surviving were indeed not high.

Cheng Ruilong once again began to ponder. This plan was indeed much more secure. If he didn't enter the enemy's battle zone, at least he wouldn't have to directly clash with the enemy's army. Naturally, the danger was much smaller.

However, this did not mean that there were no dangers. At this point in time, the entire target area was in a very tense situation. Even if they did not enter the enemy's battle zone, they could still encounter an army or two.

Old Cheng, contact Little Yu first. Time is of the essence. If there's really no news from Little Yu, we can't afford to waste any time here. Xu Zhongfu said. As he saw Cheng Ruilong's changing expression, he knew that he was already hesitating.

Good. I'll try to contact Little Yu first Cheng Ruilong thought so too. If Little Yu still hasn't returned, then wouldn't he just be blindly worrying about it?

Cheng Lilong picked up the landline on the table, hoping that he wouldn't be able to get through.

Du ~ du ~ du ~ du! The call connected, but no one answered. Cheng Ruilong became nervous. In the past, he couldn't get through a few times, but the other party wasn't in the service area. But now he is. Did this brat really come back? It couldn't be such a coincidence

Pow! There was no answer after a few rings, so Cheng Ruilong quickly hung up.

Look, I already told you that there's no one here Cheng Ruilong said as he looked at the two of them.

Old Cheng, you're being rude like this. You've only rang three times and you've already hung up. That's too obvious. Try again, don't play around When Xu Zhongfu saw Cheng Ruilong play tricks, he immediately became unhappy. He picked up the phone and pressed the redial button, then pressed the speaker button again.

Sigh... Cheng Ruilong wanted to grab the phone, but he was stopped by Xu Zhongfu.

Du ~ du ~ du ~ du! The phone rang again, but there was still no answer. The three of them were very nervous as they looked at the phone. It was impossible for Cheng Ruilong to answer the phone, but the two elders of the Xu family were muttering to themselves that Cheng Yu should answer it quickly.

Hello? Grandfather? A voice suddenly sounded from the other end of the phone.

Hey, Little Yu, I am grandpa Xu ...

You stinking brat, why didn't you give me a call when you came back When Xu Zhongfu heard the phone ring, he opened his mouth in pleasant surprise. However, before he could finish, Cheng Ruilong angrily interrupted him.

This brat was truly infuriating. He actually came back at this time. However, considering that it had been more than four months, he should have returned a long time ago, but he really didn't come at the right time.

Ah? Hehe, didn't I just come back? There are so many things to take care of that I've forgotten them all At this moment, Cheng Yu was taking his first university class at Yunhai University.

He was sitting next to Lin Yuhan, staring blankly at Xiao Han, when the phone suddenly rang, but hung up after two rings. Cheng Yu didn't care and thought that someone called the wrong number, but soon after, his phone rang again. When he saw that it was his grandfather's study phone, he immediately picked it up.

When did you return? Cheng Ruilong asked. He did not want the two elders of the Xu family to think that he was lying.

Three days! I seem to have heard Grandpa Xu's voice just now. Cheng Yu said.

Hey, Little Yu, its your Grandpa Xu This time, before Cheng Ruilong could say anything, Xu Zhongfu opened his mouth first. Cheng Ruilong rolled his eyes at him in annoyance and told him to speak, since he couldn't hide it now.

Hehe, Grandpa Xu, hello Cheng Yu smiled.

This... Little Yu, Grandpa Xu really wants to ask you for a favor this time Xu Zhongfu said with a smile.

What is it?

Did you see yesterday's news?

News? I never look at that stuff. Grandpa Xu, if you have something to say, just say it Cheng Yu said. He had been busy all day and night. How could he have time to watch the news?

Oh, well. It's like this. something happen to the Divine Dragon Squar Xu Zhongfu was extremely embarrassed. He was so anxious that he was about to die. This brat was even lazy to watch the news.

What Cheng Yu was shocked. Although he only spent a few days with the twenty team members, he felt that these people were very cute, because they were soldiers that protected their families and countries.

When he was in the world of cultivation, he was wondering if they had already left for a mission. He also wondered if anyone used his method to sense the existence of Qi, but now, something happened?

This student, if you don't want to attend my class, you may not come next time, but since you've come, please respect your teacher's identity and don't delay your classmates' studying time. It's one thing to make a phone call in class, but you're still so loud. Why don't you come up to the stage and make a call

All of the students had heard his exclamation. Originally, the teacher had ignored him when he saw Cheng Yu making a phone call, but now that it was so loud, if he didn't say anything, the other students would have mocked him for his cowardice.

All the students looked at this guy who suddenly appeared beside their class flower. A few days ago, those who saw Cheng Yu knew that he was Lin Yuhan's boyfriend, but for some people who didn't know, they could only be in a bad mood.

Lin Yuhan was the goddess in their hearts. Now that she had a man by her side, how could they not be jealous? Hearing their teacher's reprimand, they felt much better.

I'm sorry Cheng Yu also knew that it was his fault, so he stood up and apologized, gave Lin Yuhan a look, then took the phone and left.

Hey When he arrived outside the classroom, Cheng Yu picked up the phone and said.

Hey. Little Yu, what was that sound just now? Who else is there? Xu Zhongfu said. This was a military secret. If others were to listen to it, it would be troublesome.

Its fine, say it. What's happening there? Cheng Yu said solemnly. After all, these twenty people could be considered his disciples. If they were in trouble, of course he would like to know what had happened.

Not long ago, we dispatched the Divine Dragon Squad to carry out a mission in M country. However, for some reason, the Divine Dragon Squad didn't follow their goal and directly clashed with the M country's army. Right now, they are trapped in M country, and is very likely to be surrounded and soon to be annihilated. So, I want to ask for your help and lead a team of people to M Country to bring them back Xu Zhongfu said.

Country M? Didn't he just come back from M Country two days ago? Why didn't he know that such a big thing had happened in that country

We are not clear about the details right now. I would like to ask if you are willing to carry out this rescue operation? Xu Zhongfu said.

No problem. When are we leaving? Cheng Yu said without even thinking.