Godly Student Chapter 381

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Even if that's the case, we can't just sit back and do nothing. We will basically be just watching as they get captured They are the heroes of the nation, and at such a crucial moment, if we give them up like this, it will only hurt the morals of all the soldiers. Liu Yan argued with reason. Although she knew that the other person's words were reasonable, they were, after all, 20 lives. She could not be so cold and detached.

You're right, they are the heroes of our nation, the heroes of our nation, but they can understand that! This is because they know, they are soldiers, the most outstanding soldiers in China. To protect their family and their country, sacrificing their lives for their country is their fate and also their glory Song Tianlin said.

But Chairman Liu Yan insisted.

Needless to say, this matter will stop here. Also, you have now been dismissed. You have no right to participate in the following meetings Song Tianlin said with a stern face.

Wait. Chairman Song, I feel that you've made a hasty decision on this matter. Instructor Liu was the main instructor of the Divine Dragon Squad. It would be inappropriate for her to be removed from her position at such a crucial moment. Furthermore, she's right. Although the current situation of the Divine Dragon Squad is very dangerous and not optimistic, we cannot easily give up on any single soldier who has contributed to our country. At this time, the vice chairman of the military committee, Xu Zhongfu, spoke up.

One of these twenty people was the grandson of his big brother. How could he give up on this group of people? No matter what, he had to fight for a chance for them to survive.

Vice President Xu, does that mean you also agreed to send out a rescue team? But do you know what's going on with them now? What guarantee do you have that you can rescue these twenty members? Song Tianlin looked at Xu Zhongfu and said.

I know it's not right for the rescue team to send many soldiers, but we can't just let them sit there and wait for death. We had arranged for them to retreat, and now that the mission has failed, they will naturally think of a way to reach the retreat point. Even if our reinforcements can't enter the main battlefield, when our soldiers come back, we have to do a good job of saving their retreat Xu Zhongfu said.

You're right. I agree with that. I wonder if the other members here agree? Song Tianlin laughed.

Judging from the battle and target mission maps, he did not think that these twenty would have the opportunity to break out of the encirclement and reach the pre-arranged retreat point. Therefore, there was no need for him to reject it. Otherwise, his intentions would be too obvious.

No objections In any case, they were not required to enter the battlefield. No matter what, they would just sit there and watch. Naturally, they would not have any objections.

Then the rescue arrangements will be made by Vice Chairman Xu. I believe that you already have a plan and an arrangement in your heart. Song Tianlin laughed.

They naturally knew about Xu Zhongze's grandson in the Divine Dragon Squad. He also knew that even if he disagreed, Xu Zhongfu would still send people to arrange it.

No one would reject this kind of formalistic rescue work. In any case, his grandson was inside, so he might as well just let him go through with it.

Instructor Liu, what do you think our rescue personnel should do now? After the meeting, Xu Zhongfu called out to Instructor Liu Yan.

Vice President Xu, thank you for speaking up for me just now. Liu Yan said gratefully to Xu Zhongfu.

Hehe, no need to be so polite. I believe that you are a good instructor since you won't let any soldier die so easily Xu Zhongfu smiled.

Vice Chairman Xu, you are too kind. I truly do not have any better ideas for this rescue mission. From the map, it was very likely that they were surrounded in this area. It will take our people more than ten hours to get into M country quickly. Moreover, they must have added more people to the entry area. It is impossible to send them to M country without anyone knowing and find these twenty people. Liu Yan was also in a dilemma.

Looking at the map on the table, the sea surface was blocked by a mountain range. The fastest they could choose to enter was to the southwest of M country. This would take a long time. They might not be able to hold on for such a long time.

So we have no hope at all? Xu Zhongfu also said with a dejected look.

For now, we really don't have much hope, but no matter what, we have to try. As long as they can hold on for us, we still have a chance to save them Liu Yan firmly said.

Then how many do you think we should send? These twenty people are the best soldiers that we have found. Who can we get to save them now? Xu Zhongfu found it hard to believe.

I think there's someone suitable for you. You can try him out Liu Yan suddenly thought of someone.


Its their martial arts instructor Cheng Yu, as far as I know, this person's ability is extraordinary. Since he was able to make the twenty of them raise their pure combat strength by so much in such a short period of time, I believe that his ability is absolutely incomparable. Liu Yan said.

Liu Yan had been in the army for so many years, but this was the first time she saw such a magical person. Strictly speaking, Cheng Yu had only taught them for a week. However, just like what he said when he first left, a month later, their strength had indeed improved by leaps and bounds.

In the past, although they were strong, when facing the same kind of special forces, they were at most stronger than those people. However, after a month, they were able to defeat several of the original special forces at the same time, or even kill them.

Such rapid improvement in strength caused the entire Chinese military to be extremely shocked. Even Song Tianlin, who had wanted to remove Cheng Yu's identity as an instructor time and time again, could not find an excuse.

He might have been incompetent and ran away after a few days of work, but his ability was there, and no one could deny that fact. The other special forces trained tirelessly every day, but these twenty people practiced two sets of fist techniques every day. Many people thought that they were going to become monks, but the result was so obvious that their battle value could not be estimated.

Therefore, Liu Yan felt that if there was someone suitable for this rescue mission, it would be this mysterious person.

Cheng Yu? But he has already disappeared for more than four months. Even his grandfather doesn't know where he is, so how can I call him over? Xu Zhongfu also said helplessly.

Ever since he saw that Cheng Yu had miraculously increased the strength of the Divine Dragon Squadron, he had asked Cheng Yu's grandfather, Cheng Ruilong, to call him back. But the result was that even he, his grandfather, did not know where Cheng Yu was.

If that's the case, we can only find another twenty people in the capital's military sector. Liu Yan said in disappointment.

That's the only thing we can do for now. It's getting late, I'll make a trip to the Cheng family tomorrow Xu Zhongfu sighed.

Early the next morning, Xu Zhongfu and Xu Zhongze appeared at the Cheng Family's main courtyard.

In Cheng Ruilong's study, three people were sitting on a chair. Cheng Ruilong looked at Xu Zhongfu's worried expression and said: has something happened over there?

Yesterday, such an important piece of news might not have caught the attention of others, but for those of them who knew the inside story, they naturally knew what it meant

Mn, I've come to find you today because I want you to find Little Yu. Now, we can only ask him to step in and bring those people back Xu Zhongfu said.

Little Yu? Are you joking? Is this something that Little Yu could do? Do you want him, Cheng Yu, to die? Besides, since I don't even know where Little Yu is right now, how am I supposed to call him back? When Cheng Ruilong heard the other party's thoughts, he was immediately displeased.

Their Cheng family had only one precious grandson. Although he didn't know what was going on, he knew that the current situation wasn't too good. Otherwise, Old Xu wouldn't say such things.

Thus, he naturally didn't want Cheng Yu to be in such danger. Moreover, he didn't know where Cheng Yu was right now. How could mortals like them understand the Immortal World?

How can you say that? Didn't you see Little Yu's capabilities? Back then, he could even block bullets, and those twenty people are already this powerful after receiving just a few days of instruction from him. How could he be in danger? Xu Zhongfu smiled.

They naturally knew what Cheng Yu meant to the Cheng family. He was the future successor of the Cheng family. On the other hand, the Xu family was different. Other than Xu RuoSong, they also had several grandchildren. Otherwise, they wouldn't have agreed to let him join the Divine Dragon Squad. Since Cheng Yu was the only grandson, they naturally understood what Cheng Ruilong was thinking.

Don't talk to me about things that don't exist, can it be the same? Even if Little Yu had the ability to catch bullets, would he be able to catch a hail of bullets? That's M country's army. In their territory, do they only have two bullets? Who knows? He might even have to face a missile. No matter how powerful Little Yu is, would he be able to annihilate the entire M country's army by himself? Therefore, regardless of whether or not Little Yu is here, I will not let him follow you guys in this mission. Cheng Ruilong said in a bad mood.

Cheng Yu also said that he had received guidance from an otherworldly expert. However, that was after all just advice, not really becoming an immortal. How could he fight against an army? This was simply bullshit.

Old Cheng, don't get too excited. Why don't you try contacting Cheng Yu? If you can, please contact hm and let us hear his opinions Xu Zhongfu smiled.

No. It's clear that you are trying to screw over our Cheng family. I can't make this call. Cheng Ruilong would not be fooled by them.

Old Cheng, look, RuoSong has been calling you grandfather since he was young. Right now, his life and death is uncertain. Xu Zhongze looked at the other side and said.

Do you two brothers want to screw over my Cheng family? You also watched as Little Yu grew up, don't tell me you have the heart to push him into a fire pit? Cheng Ruilong said angrily.