Godly Student Chapter 381

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AHHHHHHH Leopard shouted once again. His expression was extremely distorted, and his face turned the color of a pig's liver. Cold sweat broke out on its forehead, and it collapsed to the ground in pain.

Attack! The people beside Leopard reacted and hurriedly attacked Cheng Yu. Some held chairs, some held steel pipes, and some even held knives.

Cheng Yu did not show any fear. Against a few ordinary people, Cheng Yu would not use his cultivation to bully them. He dodged left and right to remove the weapons in the other party's hands.

The screams entered the ears of all the onlookers. Not only did it not make them feel any fear, it instead made them excited to the point of dancing in such an environment.

Everyone looked at Cheng Yu in surprise. At this moment, it was obvious that he had already become the focus of the stage. Young, handsome, strong, and tyrannical. He was simply the embodiment of a powerful person. There were even quite a few women who screamed for Cheng Yu.

Qin Canghai waved his hand, and instantly, a group of people surrounded and restrained the few people who were lying on the ground and howling.

Young Master Yu, I'm sorry. I had to trouble you to take action yourself. Qin Canghai walked over and said in embarrassment. At the same time, he was also constantly sighing in admiration at Cheng Yu's innate charisma and temperament. For such a man, even a man might be attracted to him

The sexy female bartender on the stage looked at Cheng Yu with an even more enchanting gaze. She was trying to figure out how to get close to such a rich, powerful, and charming man.

It's fine, you handle these guys yourself. I will be talking to my friend. Cheng Yu said without thinking much of it.

Why are you guys still staying in this place at such a late hour? Don't you need to go to work tomorrow? After sending Qin Canghai away, Cheng Yu looked at the few girls who were trembling in fear.

I... I ... Jia Jia and the rest were all frightened by the sudden turn of events. Cheng Yu's performance and attitude was completely different from the one they saw when they were in the company.

That Cheng Yu was humorous, shameless, and thick-skinned. At this time, he was violent and overbearing, and seemed to be related to the underworld. The girls were a little scared, and no longer dared to tease Cheng Yu like in the company.

Forget it, you guys are scared too. I'll get someone to send you back Seeing the girls stunned, Cheng Yu did not ask them why and just sent them straight home

You ... Aren't you going back with us? Seeing Cheng Yu calling over those vicious looking men, the girls were a little scared. Jia Jia tried to test the waters.

Alright. Do you want me to send you back? Do you all live near here? Cheng Yu said.

Yes. The girls nodded.

Alright then. I'll send you back Cheng Yu nodded. The girls were quite frightened and they also knew each other. Besides, they were technically also his employees. There was no harm in sending them back personally. Cheng Yu, you... You. Are you also from the underworld? Sitting in the car, a girl asked Cheng Yu weakly.

Yes, I specialize in abducting and selling pretty girls, especially pretty girls like you. Cheng Yu smiled at the girls.

AHHHHHHHH The girls were scared out of their wits just a moment ago, and now that Cheng Yu said this, they thought it was true, so they shrank back in fear.

Haha Enough, I'm just trying to scare you guys. If Rouxue knew that I sold her employees, then wouldn't she be beating me up? Cheng Yu laughed loudly.

Are you serious? The girl called Qi Qi said.

Of course I am joking. If not, I would have already sold you girls off and besides, you all will deserve it. You're not home at such a late hour, do you think those bad people are blind? Cheng Yu said in a bad mood upon seeing the frightened expressions of the girls.

We originally wanted to go back, but when we saw you go upstairs, we wanted to find you and make you pay for us. Who knew that before we could get to you, that happened. Qi Qi said in an aggrieved manner.

So that's how it is. Alright, isn't it because you wanted to use me? Dao Jiu, the next time they go to a nightclub, let them have a special service. Get them a VIP card of yours, the best kind. Cheng Yu also found it funny. These girls were actually trying to use him, but he was not the one being used, and was almost used by someone else instead.

Alright, Young Master Yu. Dao Jiu, who was driving, quickly replied. He was quite willing to do this sort of thing. With so many beautiful girls around, he couldn't wait for them to come every day.

Really? Cheng Yu, are you the owner of that nightclub? A few women asked curiously.

Ugh ... Kind of. So if you encounter any problems in the nightclub, just look for him Cheng Yu smiled.

Cheng Yu, you sure are amazing. You have are so powerful at such a young age Qi Qi looked at Cheng Yu with glowing eyes.

Hehe, just a coincidence, just a coincidence Cheng Yu felt a little embarrassed

Then what's your relationship with Director Yang?

Can't you see that Director Yang is my wife? Cheng Yu smiled.

Tsk, if Director Yang is like your wife, then Liu Dehua is my husband Qi Qi smiled.

Eh? Isn't your husband like me? Cheng Yu asked in surprise.

Who would be like you? The women were all amused, and the fear in their hearts disappeared without a trace.

Dao Jiu, you don't seem to have made any progress over this long period of time. Do you train in the training methods I teach you every day? After sending them home, Cheng Yu said to Dao Jiu on the way back.

Yes, I've been using Young Master Yu's method every day, but I haven't made any progress at all. I'm sorry for disappointing Young Master Yu.

Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Dao Jiu's hand that was on the steering wheel trembled, almost having an accident.

I am truly disappointed. There is a bottle of Qi Gathering Pills here. If you feel the existence of Qi, then come find me. If you don't, then I won't use it again. Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Thank you, Young Master Yu. I will definitely work hard in my cultivation and strive to sense the existence of Qi as soon as possible. Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Dao Jiu was very excited and secretly swore to himself that he would cultivate well.

Cheng Yu's power was not something he could understand. The only thing he knew was that Cheng Yu was very strong, very powerful, and his strength even seemed to be beyond the human realm. Otherwise, the three of them wouldn't be so respectful to Cheng Yu.

Do you know? Lian Fei and the others have already felt the existence of Qi. In a month, you will see a completely different Lian Clan's three brothers. Then you will know how important it is for you to feel the existence of Qi.

Yes sir Dao Jiu was very surprised. The fact that the three Lian brothers felt the existence of Qi did not spread out. Today, when Boss Qin told him to go find the three Lian brothers, he did not know what it was about. So it was because they felt the existence of Qi.

Doesn't that mean they can get Young Master Yu's tutelage? Dao Jiu became even more nervous. He was the one who brought the three Lian brothers here. Now that they had achieved great heights, but he was still the same as before.

While Cheng Yu was busy taking care of all sorts of things, a piece of news that shocked the Chinese authorities was broadcasted on the television during the day. A few days ago, an area in the western part of the country was attacked by a group of unknown people.

According to the news, this group of outlaws were from Yizhou and were currently sealed off in the Mountains of M country. The two sides have engaged in a number of frontal exchanges of fire, and the situation continues to be investigated.

How can this be? Didn't you say that they would be able to retrieve the information? Why did they attack the enemy's organization!? This is the Divine Dragon squad that you have nurtured? In a secret meeting room in the capital's military sector, the Chairman of the military committee, Song Tianlin, said angrily.

As the main instructor of the Divine Dragon Squad, Liu Yan was also shocked when she heard the news. She didn't know why such a big change had happened either.

As a death squadron that entered a foreign country, they were unable to contact the headquarters in case the mission failed and the news leaked, allowing other countries to obtain unfavorable evidence.

As a result, they currently had no way of knowing what had happened to the Divine Dragon Squad. From the news released by their side, they knew that this team was in a dangerous position and could be surrounded and annihilated at any moment.

Instructor Liu, as the chief instructor of the Divine Dragon Squad, what do you think about this matter? Noticing that no one was talking, Song Tianlin said angrily again. He had originally been very dissatisfied with this team that had no one from his own faction. Now that such a large discrepancy had occurred, not only had the quest failed, but it was very likely that the entire team had been wiped out. He needed to make use of this opportunity.

President Song, as the chief instructor of the Divine Dragon Squadron, I will take responsibility for the failed mission. I will step down as required, but before that, I ask the country to send a rescue team. They were the pillars of the country, the most outstanding soldiers selected from millions of outstanding soldiers. We can't give them up Liu Yan stood up with a clear attitude.

That's impossible. Now that the mission has failed and they have been exposed, do you think that their army is useless? No matter how long they can last, or whether you can get there in time, even if you do, how many rescue teams do you think we need to send to get them out? How much are we supposed to send? Song Tianlin rejected Liu Yan's proposal.

Everyone was silent. It did not matter if Song Tianlin was being selfish or not, he was not wrong. Right now, they were not fighting in a place that they could go to as they pleased.

The two places were so far away from each other, and there was no way for them to contact each other. Even if they had reinforcements, they could not be saved so easily. If they sent too many people, that would expose themselves, and too few would be of no use.

Even if that's the case, we can't just sit back and do nothing and just watch as they get captured. They are the heroes of the nation, and at such a crucial moment, if we give them up like this, it will only hurt the hearts of all the soldiers. Liu Yan argued with reason. Although she knew that the other person's words were reasonable, they were, after all, 20 lives. She could not be so cold and detached.