Godly Student Chapter 380

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There are a total of five people in Qin CangHai's office. Cheng Yu and Qin Xiaohai are sitting in the chair, while the other three people are standing in front of them.

At this time, all three of them were very nervous. They had seen Cheng Yu before, but they had never been so close to him. Now seeing Cheng Yu staring at them, it made them very nervous.

Although Cheng Yu seems to be much younger than Qin CangHai, Cheng Yu's sense of oppression is much stronger than that of Qin CangHai's.

The three of you are very good. You can feel the existence of Qi during this time. Although it is very weak, it also shows that your understanding and potential are good. Let me introduce myself Cheng Yu stared at the three people. Not looking at anything else, just feeling the Qi in their bodies.

Although he has made sure that the three of them indeed have Qi flowing in their body, but it seems that this amount is really too little. But this is already a pleasant surprise considering their potential.

We three are brothers, I am the oldest, my name is Lian Fei A man on the left spoke.

My name is Lian Jiang. The man in the middle said.

My name is Lian Qiang. The man on the right said.

Well, very good. I heard that the three of you have felt the existence of Qi according to my cultivation method. Do you know what it means? Cheng Yu said to the three.

I don't know said the Lian brothers.

Then I will tell you now, the method I taught you is to test whether you are worthy of training, and whether you can feel the existence of Qi is the standard of passing the test. I ask you, do you want to be a strong person, A person who is admirable and is like a god in the eyes of ordinary people Cheng Yu looked at the three people and said loudly.

YesThe three men saw how strong Cheng Yu is, and when they heard that they could get his training and become a strong person like him. All three people replied with excitement.

,q>Then you are willing to follow me, if so, then you can't betray me. Cheng Yu stared at the eyes of the three people. The most intolerable thing in his life was betrayal.

The reason why Cheng Yu came to this world is due to a betrayal. If Cheng Yu wasn't very lucky and his soul did not inadvertently possessed this body, he would have long disappeared into the void.

Now that he is cultivating his own power, he naturally cannot allow this kind of thing to happen. Cheng Yu stared at them, forming an immortal imprint on them.

We are willing The three people sang together.

Good! Remember what you said today, As long as you are absolutely loyal to me, I will let you stand at the top of the world. Cheng Yu said.

Thank you Young Master Yu said the three excitedly.

Who else is there in your family? Cheng Yu said

. There are our parents and wives.

Are you all married?


Since you followed me. You will need to leave for a while. You will give them a sum of money and let them arrange the things at home Cheng Yu said to the crowd.

Yes, but how much is appropriate? Qin CangHai did not know where Cheng Yu would take the three of them, but he knew that this was definitely a great thing.

They won't be away for a long time. About a month or so, give them 100,000 Cheng Yu thought about it.

Thank you Young Master Yu said the three excitedly.

Young Master Yu is really kind, not only was he willing to train them, but also give them a subsidy of 100,000. This boss is really worth it.

Okay. Qin CangHai was also a little surprised. The boss was really generous, he gave out 100,000. He wondered when he was going to get on his Boss good grace.

You don't have to go with me today, go home and arrange it. Wait for me here three days later, CangHai, you too. After three days, let the wolf and Wu Chang come over. I have something to tell you.I thought about it and told them to go for today.

. "Yes, Young Master Yu." Hearing that he also had a share, Qin CangHai was excited. He had long believed that he will have a bright future by following Cheng Yu.

Here, this is a Qi-Gathering pill. You can't slack off in these three days. The cultivation methods I teach you still have to be adhered to every day. If you aren't able to use your Qi after three days, then forget about today. You will also lose the opportunity to cultivate

Yes, we will live up to the expectations of Young Master Yu. The three men accepted the pill.

Boss, the people of Azure Bamboo Gang are making trouble again When Cheng Yu and Qin CangHai just came out of the office, a man nervously ran over and said.

I must have been too kind recently. Do they really think they can bully people from my Blood Wolf Gang? Qin CangHai's face suddenly became very ugly, and he was embarrassed and said to Cheng Yu: Sorry, Young Master Yu, I will deal with it immediately

This Azure Bamboo Gang had come to make trouble when he is here, and Cheng Yu is also here, isn't this telling Cheng Yu that he is incompetent?

Its fine, let's go see it Cheng Yu didn't care. He had dealt with Azure Bamboo Gang before. When Xu Dongyuan and Jiang Ming were both designing to make trouble at Lin Yuhan's mother's stall.

Okay Since Cheng Yu said so, Qin Haohai naturally nodded.

Leopard, it's best for you to get out here, otherwise don't blame us for being impolite Dao Jiu looked at the other group of people.

Dao Jiu, don't think that your Blood Wolf Gang can help you. My brothers didn't drink enough today. The customer is God. Are you treating God like this? Leopard looked at Dao Jiu and said disdainfully.

If you come to spend, we welcome you with open arms, but you have seriously affected the mood of my guests. If you want to cause trouble, I can tell you very responsibly, you will die a very horrible death. Dao Jusaid.

Dao Jiu knows that Cheng Yu is present today. The people of Azure Bamboo gang came to cause scene at this time. Will he let them go so easily?

Oh, don't scare me, the night is always a place for entertainment. Is it because you are here to bring me a woman to chat with? You are too kind Leopard laughed and didn't seem to be afraid of the Dao Jiu. But they don't seem to want to chat with you. Are you doing to cause trouble? Knife said, looking at the scared faces of the girls around leopard.

Beauty, are willing to chat with me? Leopard clutched a girl and gently touched the other's face and smiled.

I...big...big...big brother, let me go The girl saw the fierce expression of leopard with the tattoo on his arm was everywhere. She was scared of leopard and started sobbing.

I asked if you would like to chat with me, is it that hard to agree? Seeing that the girl does not want to cooperate, leopard raised his hand and was about to hit her.

Slow Just as leopard was about to slap on the girl's face, a voice came from the crowd, although the messy sounds and music are still ringing, but everyone heard it clearly, some even thought that It is an illusion.

As soon as the sound fell, a young man appeared in front of the crowd with Qin CangHai.

It turned out to be Qin CangHai. It's fortunate for me to be able to see you leopard saw that Qin Haihai appeared but did not panic.

You dare to cause trouble in my Blood Wolf Gang's territory? The Azure Bamboo Gang is arrogant, even a dog from Azure Bamboo Gang dare to sneak in front of me, do you want me to feed you to the dogs See the other side, Qin CangHai spoke coldly

Leopard is not even one of the generals of the Azure Bamboo Gang. It is not a star or a half with his own. Even he dares to come to the new light to scatter the wild. If it is not to be awkward, others will really treat his blood wolf as a soft persimmon.

Qin CangHai, don't be so proud. Even though I may call you brother Qin, that doesn't make you amazing Leopard also said with a cold face.

Cheng Yu. Please help me At this time, the girl caught by the leopard suddenly said.

Alright Cheng Yu has already noticed these girls. They are Yang Ruoxue's employee. This is almost exactly the same as Han Xue's situation yesterday. He can't understand these girls' big nights. Why are you still not going home, are you that lonely?

Let them and I will let you go back Cheng Yu said to leopard

Kid, you have guts. Do you know who I am? You dare to talk to me like this. Leopard did not care about Cheng Yu.

In his view, the most weighty here is just Qin CangHai, and the rest are small. What's more, he is not afraid of Qin Canghai, so how can he be afraid of a young brat?

Before I count to three, you'd better let that hand go, unless you don't want it Cheng Yu said.

Yes? Then I will have to see if you are able to cut off my hand. Leopard laughed.

One. Cheng Yu faintly spat out a word.

"I am not scared." Leopard said disdainfully, there was no fear.


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Ah Just as the voice of Cheng Yu fell, a miserable voice rang at the same time. They saw that Cheng Yu had disappeared from his original spot , and he appeared magically in front of Leopard who was more than ten meters away. At this point, his left hand has pinched Leopard's hand that is holding on to Jia Jia's shoulder.

In the noisy environment, no one heard the sound of the broken bones, they only heard Leopard's pig-like shouts. Leopard reacted, and his other hand waved directly toward Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu is not polite, grabbed his hand, squeezed hard, and his bones broke again.

Ah Leopard shouted again, his expression was extremely distorted, his face turned into a pig liver's color. The cold sweat on his forehead went straight down, and fell directly to the ground.