Godly Student Chapter 379

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What do you mean by going on a long journey for you? Mother Han said in confusion.

You will know later Han Xue did not say more, went directly into the house and closed the door.

Hey, You don't understand what you are saying. Xiao Xue Han Xue's mother shouted two times at the door of Han Xue's room.

Enough, stop shouting, don't disturb others at night. Her father got another cigarette to smoke.

Old man, what's going on with you tonight? Why don't you say something? This girl is getting more and more outrageous. Her mother scolded her father.

What wrong? Of course it's Little Yu. Father Han said.

Didn't you go to work for the government today? did you meet him? So you told him everything? Mother Han said.

He came to the city government today. I think he came to find Mayor Zhao. I told him about Snowy's engagement Father Han said.

You think he won't know if I don't tell him? He said that he was going to look for Snowy, so I told him not to look for Snowy, and it ended just like this. Snowy was getting engaged in two days. He said he won't give up. Little Yu is both the mayor's nephew and the savior of Snowy's life. What can I say? Father Han said.

What are you saying? Children don't understand things. Even people of your age don't understand things? Is this something that Little Yu can decide? Xiao Yu just graduated from high school and our daughter is already over 20 years old. By the time he graduates from high school, Xiao Xue will be 30 years old, would those rich families be willing to let her in then? They would have probably already found a good wife for a long time. If this matter really turns out to be wrong, then you've offended the Vice Governor again. In the future, you won't have a good life. Mother Han said at once.

You can't put it like that, this is just our guess. I think that Xiao Yu is a very assertive person, even though he's still young, he's very mature and steady. If he really likes Xiao Xue, then maybe he will succeed. That way, we can be considered to have a relationship with the mayor. Naturally, we don't have to care about a vice governor. Moreover, I always feel that Little Yu isn't simple. Didn't you hear what Little Snow said just now? Father Han said.

What do you mean? Mother Han said.

Xiao Xue just said that as long as Little Yu is around, she won't be old Father Han said.

You really believe that girl's words. To think that you're still a government official, I think you've gone mad from wanting to be promoted! You can even say such absurd thoughts. Mother Han rebuked.

Wife, I'm speaking the truth. Don't you think that this Little Yu is very strange? Father Han said.

I think you're the one who's strong. You are just fawning over the mayor. Although your just a deputy governor, your still working in the province. Is your brain damaged?Mother Han said snappily.

Aiyo, don't be so impatient. Aren't you curious about Little Yu's identity?

Then aren't you curious as to how Little Yu rescued Little Snow back then? His father hurriedly said after being scolded by his wife.

This... Hearing you say this, what happened that day was indeed very strange. My skin is indeed getting better and better, but can I really not get old like this? That's impossible Speaking of this, her mother also felt it was very magical.

These years, she had spent a lot of money on maintenance, but it wasn't as useful as the pills Cheng Yu gave her. She didn't need to use all sorts of cosmetics anymore. But can such a pill make a person not age? Back then, Cheng Yu had only said that it would slow down her aging and she wouldn't grow old.

Every time she thought of this matter, she felt incomparably regretful in her heart. She felt that she was somewhat in a rush to seek medical treatment.

If you weren't so obsessed with government affairs, it wouldn't be a bad thing to be a deputy governor peacefully. Without enough confidence, Tang Ze would dare to be so unyielding. At this moment, he had become your weakness instead.Mother Han also said with a worried expression.

In fact, she had a good impression of Cheng Yu. She had thought about the two of them together, but at such a critical time, she heard that Little Yu had left the country. If this young man went abroad to study, the two of them would have no chance.

At that time, she also lost herself for a moment. Although the Tang Clan was threatening, Tang Ze also seemed to be very good to Snowy. Every day, he would gift Snowy this and that, which made her extremely happy.

How about you call Little Yu over to our house tomorrow and we'll discuss this with him and see what he really wants from Snowy. If he can make the decision to marry Snowy, then we'll have our own security. Father Han suddenly said.

Alright. Tomorrow, I will get Snowy to invite him to come and we will ask him about it. Mother Han also agreed.


Cheng Yu, after sending Han Xue off, directly flew towards the New Light Nightclub.

Young Master Yu, Young Master Yu... When the waiter at the door saw Cheng Yu who had disappeared for a few months suddenly appear, he quickly greeted him respectfully.

En Cheng Yu nodded and entered.

As a cultivator, Cheng Yu actually liked peace and quiet, but after being infected by these men and women, he felt that venting his anger sometimes was a very fun thing to do.

What would you like to drink, Young Master Yu On the bar, a sexy bartender looked at Cheng Yu and said.

Give me a glass of ice water Cheng Yu was still not used to those strange modern wines. He preferred the spirit wine of the cultivation world.

Young Master Yu, why do you only drink iced water every time you come to a bar? The female bartender asked curiously. In this nightclub, although Qin Canghai had repeatedly emphasized that Cheng Yu had to be respectful when she saw him, Cheng Yu was usually very amiable to everyone, so everyone no longer had the feeling of being afraid of Cheng Yu

That's because every time I come here and see you guys so sexy and charming, it makes my blood boil. However, I am also a traditional man. Since I don't dare to seduce girls, I can only use ice water to cool myself down. Cheng Yu smiled evilly as he looked at the other party's deep white gully.

Young Master Yu can really make a joke, with Young Master Yu's demeanor, every day you hook up with another woman, I don't know how many, how can you be afraid to hook up with girls? I think Young Master Yu does not give others the opportunity to hook up The sexy The female bartender looked at Cheng Yu and laughed.

What? You saw through me even though I hid so well. It seems like your eyesight is as deep as your ditch Cheng Yu smiled.

Giggles, Young Master Yu is so bad The female bartender said coquestiously.

Haha am I? I've heard that men who don't want to be beasts aren't good men. Little brothers who don't want to eat meat aren't good brothers. What do you think? Cheng Yu laughed loudly.

Hello, Young Master Yu. I'm the manager of the first floor, Luo Yuan. Young Master Yu, I'm here. What can I do for you? While Cheng Yu was talking happily, a man walked up to Cheng Yu and respectfully said.

Hehe, don't mention it. Your female bartender has been very good at entertaining me. I really like it. Take me to see your Boss Qin Cheng Yu smiled.

Beauty, when I have time next time, I'll tell you the story of my little brother and little sister Cheng Yu smiled at the female bartender and followed Luo Yuan upstairs.

Eh? Isn't that the guy who came to our office to look for Boss Yang? So he's the boss here? As Cheng Yu followed Luo Yuan up the stairs, a few girls at a booth on the first floor pointed at Cheng Yu and shouted.

How is this possible? How old is he? I think he's a frequent customer here, but didn't he say last time that we could find him for a treat at the New Light Nightclub? How about we call him down? That brat is so bad and perverted. Last time he squeezed into the elevator, it hurt so much. We should slaughter him today. The girls chattered happily. Boss, Young Master Yu is here. Luo Yuan said as he opened Qin Canghai's door.

Got it, you may go. Seeing Cheng Yu appear, Qin Canghai quickly got up from his chair and walked over.

Young Master Yu, please sit. Dao Jiu, go and bring the three Lian brothers over Qin Canghai said to Dao Jiu who was at the side.