Godly Student Chapter 378

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What? Try it on me? I don't want to. Your stone is so powerful, I don't want to pierce a hole in my body. Han Xue was shocked.

Idiot, even if you wanted me to, I still wouldn't want to hurt you. If you just try, you will know how magical this celestial robe is. Even though you haven't refined it yet, it still has the function of automatic defense, and I won't use that much power. Cheng Yu explained.

Spirit equipment required a drop of blood and refinement in order to recognize its master, but before one became its master, spirit equipment were the same as a soul weapon. They both had their own abilities.

Will it really work? Han Xue said nervously.

How could I lie to you? This is also to let you understand your celestial clothes better. That way, you can have a better grasp of your own limits when you carry out tasks in the future. What kind of dangers are you able to bear?. If you go beyond this range, you should not do it. Cheng Yu said carefully.

He didn't let her try just because of Han Xue's curiosity. No matter if she was a cultivator or a police officer, they both had enemies to face. When encountering enemies, they had to first understand their own abilities.

Understanding one's bottom line was the best way to deal with an enemy. For example, Cheng Yu had gone through countless life and death situations in the cultivation world, so it was his choice to determine when to fight to the end and when to run away.

If you don't understand yourself, and think that you could have just taken care of an enemy, yet you actually left behind trouble for yourself. This is a very dangerous thing to do. They clearly couldn't bear the consequences of going all out, yet they had to go all out against their enemy. That kind of ending was also very tragic.

Han Xue was different from other women. She was a police officer and had a dangerous mission at any time. Making her understand herself better would allow her to strike at enemies and protect herself.

Alright then, Let me try. You have to be gentle Han Xue also seemed to understand Cheng Yu's intention as she nervously put on her immortal clothes.

Hmm, I won't use too much strength Cheng Yu picked up a small stone and slowly stepped back. After all, his strength was much higher than Han Xue's and since she hadn't refined the celestial clothes, Cheng Yu didn't dare to use too much force.

Whiz The stone quickly flew out from Cheng Yu's hand. Han Xue quickly covered her eyes, not daring to look.

Bang! Suddenly, Han Xue's body lit up. A soft sound rang out as if nothing had happened.

Is it done? Hearing the sound, Han Xue opened her eyes and looked at Cheng Yu as she spoke.

It's over

But I don't feel it at all Han Xue said in surprise.

I already said that this celestial robe's defense is very strong. Although I didn't use too much strength, it should be comparable to a bullet. Cheng Yu picked up the stone and flicked it at a nearby tree. This time, the stone only hit about ten centimeters into the tree.

Why don't you try again? She was too nervous and scared to see him earlier, but now that she knew that she was alright, Han Xue grew bold.

Aren't you afraid that I'll injure you? Cheng Yu said with a smile. He randomly picked up a stone and hit Han Xue's body again.

Bang! Han Xue's immortal clothes flashed, and with a soft sound, the stone fell to the ground.

Haha, Awesome, this is much better than the bulletproof vest we have at the station. I don't feel anything at all Last time, Han Xue clearly saw everything and said excitedly.

I can give you a reminder first. Even if you have something like this on you, don't casually expose it. It's best not to use it unless in times of life or death. This is because I am not the only cultivator in this city. If others find out, they will kill you and steal this treasure. Even though it is thin, its quality is extremely high. In the cultivation world, even many Gold Core stage experts does not have such a treasure. That's why I'm not giving you all the good stuff right now. I hope that it can help you resolve this danger, but I do not wish for it to become a source of trouble for you. Cheng Yu said seriously.

He had to be wary of this point. At least in the cultivation world, he already knew that a few sects had already entered society, even though he had only met people from Kunlun at the moment.

But it was hard to guarantee that people from other sects wouldn't appear in Yunhai, and if someone like them did something illegal, Han Xue would be in danger. If these people saw that Han Xue actually had a high grade spirit equipment on her, then it would be even more dangerous.

Well... I know, thank you Cheng Yu Seeing Cheng Yu's serious expression, she knew how much he cared about her and felt very sweet in her heart.

Alright, let's continue our tour. I'll tell you how to refine this immortal robe, then you can freely control it. and also increases its defense. Cheng Yu carried Han Xue and leaped up, then sat on the flying sword and flew away.

Cheng Yu, it's good to have you after Cheng Yu taught Han Xue his method of refining the magical equipment. The two of them flew quietly in the sky, Han Xue felt an unprecedented sense of tranquility.

Shouldn't we do something romantic on such a beautiful night? Cheng Yu said while carrying Han Xue.

Something romantic? Han Xue asked curiously.

Of course. With that, Cheng Yu kissed Han Xue's lips.

Mommy, Mom, Look. There's someone on the moon. Is that Chang'e? But it seems to be a man In a distant, a five to six-year-old little girl was sitting on the balcony looking at the moon, suddenly shouting out in excitement.

Darling, children can't lie. What if your nose grows longer? The woman looked up at the moon.

Mom, I'm not lying. I really saw Chang'e just now! The little girl argued in dissatisfaction.

Darling, it's getting late. It's time to sleep. The woman pulled the little girl and coaxed.

I don't want to, I don't want to. I want to see Chang'e. The little girl pouted and shook her little head.

Darling, be good. Fairy Chang'e has already gone to sleep. She won't come out until tomorrow


Of course, why would Mommy lie to you? The woman picked up the little girl and carried her into the bedroom.


Around 11 PM, Cheng Yu directly sent Han Xue to the municipal government's residential building.

Why did you come back so late? And what were you doing upstairs? Han Xue just got down from the roof and went back to her house when her mother came up from downstairs.

Mom, why aren't you sleeping when it's this late? Normally, they would have already gone to sleep by this time.

It's because you didn't come home at such a late hour and didn't answer your call. I thought something had happened to you and just came downstairs to wait for you. Hu Qiman said in a bad mood.

Mom, I'm not a child anymore, and with my skills, who would dare to do anything to me? Han Xue said.

You're amazing. Do you think the bad guys these days will be afraid of your punches and kicks? Hu Qiman said in a dissatisfied tone.

OK, Mom, it's getting late. Hurry up and go to sleep. Dad, hurry up and go to sleep. The two entered the room. Han Xue's father hadn't slept, so he was sitting on the sofa, smoking a cigarette.

Eh? What is this? Han Xue suddenly noticed a pretty box on the glass tea table in the living room and walked over to say.

This is the engagement gown Tang Ze sent over. Mother Han said.

What? I said I wouldn't be engaged to him. You'll have it sent back tomorrow. Han Xue angrily said.

Xiao Xue, what's the time? Why are you so ignorant? Do you want to see your father working so hard for all these years for nothing? Mother Han said with a straight face.

I don't care. Does Daddy want to sacrifice my happiness for his own cause? In short, I will not marry Tang Ze. Han Xue shouted in anger.

Xiao Xue, how is this sacrificing your happiness? How could Tang Ze not be good? He is handsome and his family is powerful. If you marry into such a family, you won't have to worry about anything anymore. Mother Han said earnestly.

If you like him so much, you can marry him, but I won't. I already have someone I like, and I won't marry anyone but him. Han Xue said.

What did you say, child? Are you talking about Little Yu? Little Yu is not bad, but you and him are not suitable. He is so much younger than you. By the time he graduated, you are already 30 years old. Even if he did, what about his family? Xiao Yu's uncle is the mayor. With a single glance, it's obvious that their family isn't ordinary. Do you think they're willing to accept it? Her mother kindly advised him again.

I don't care, I believe he won't abandon me. Anyway, I won't marry Tang Ze. Hearing her mother's words, Han Xue's heart was also a bit confused. But thinking about Cheng Yu's identity and what happened tonight, she believed that Cheng Yu wouldn't abandon her.

Child, wake up. There are a few things a man can say. Right now, you two are in a period of love, so of course he likes you, but when you're old, will he still like you?

I won't be old. Regardless of whether you believe me or not, as long as Cheng Yu is here, I won't grow old. Han Xue really wanted to tell them Cheng Yu's true identity, but Cheng Yu had told him that she couldn't reveal his identity.

The older you are, the more confused you become. You even believe in words like this. Who in this world doesn't grow old? It's only natural for people to die from old age. Do you think you can live forever? Mother Han also said with a face full of anger.

This child's words were getting more and more outrageous, and the more she spoke, the more outrageous she became.

But Father Han, who had been sitting on the sofa without saying a word, suddenly had a glint flash across his eyes. This sentence, he had already been reminded twice during the day, and once again he heard Han Xue mention it, this sentence seemed to really have some sort of mystery.

I'm too lazy to tell you. I am going to take a shower and go to bed. Han Xue didn't want to say anything else, she turned and left.

You've met him? Father Han suddenly spoke up.

Yes. Han Xue looked at her father in surprise and nodded her head. It was really strange that he didn't advise her today.

Didn't you say that Little Yu went on a long journey? He's back? Previously, Han Xue told them that Cheng Yu had gone on a long journey, and it was because of this that her father came to find Tang Ze.

Yes, he left for me, and now that he is back again for me, I will not leave him. Han Xue said.

What do you mean by going on a long journey for you? Mother Han said in confusion.