Godly Student Chapter 377

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I am willing. No matter how long I live, as long as I can be with you, I'm willing to accompany you. Han Xue said emotionally

Thank you. Come on, the barbecue is done. Try out my speciality from the Cheng Clan Cheng Yu took off the roast meat, tore off a piece, blew on it, then put it into Han Xue's mouth.

How is it? Cheng Yu looked at her and smiled.

Hm... Delicious, this taste is really too special. I feel that my whole body has become very satisfied. Don't tell me that you people in the cultivation world eat this kind of seasoning and food? Han Xue said in surprise while chewing the barbecue.

Haha, of course it's not. Although this seasoning is unique to the cultivation world, it's something that I concocted myself, it has the effect of improving the physique and lengthening one's life. Although it can't completely wash away one's essence, but as food therapy, the effect is already great, it's naturally impossible for others to eat it. Cheng Yu was a pill refiner, and he had a deep understanding of the mix of ingredients.

Since he was able to refine various medicinal pills with different medicinal herbs, naturally, he was also able to use these ingredients to make the best tasting seasoning. Most importantly, this kind of concoction was not only delicious, it was also suitable for cultivators to eat.

This was because the seasonings he concocted could improve one's physique and replenish spirit energy for cultivators. On the other hand, when the food is eaten by ordinary people, it was even more wondrous.

Of course, this kind of effect required a long term of consumption. Although the effect of eating two meals was very obvious, it was only temporary. Only with long term use would one's body be able to improve.

Really? Then you can open a restaurant. We will be able to make a huge profit with this Han Xue exclaimed in surprise when she heard Cheng Yu say that his seasoning was so magical.

Open a restaurant? That won't do, I don't have that much magical beast meat for them to eat, it's better if I keep it for myself Cheng Yu shook his head. He wasn't short on money right now, so how could he feed others a magical beast?

Is your seasoning only suitable for meat like this? Han Xue said somewhat dejectedly.

That's not the case. It's just that my demon beast meat came from the cultivation world and its meat itself absorbed a lot of spiritual energy. My seasoning can allow the spiritual energy within the meat to be completely absorbed by the human body. As for these common ingredients, although they can also tame this delicacy, the effects are far too lacking. I can only rely on the medicinal ingredients that I have concocted to have their effects. Maybe you can only eat this for a week. Cheng Yu explained.

Spiritual energy was a good thing. It could unknowingly change a person's body. Whether it was consciously absorbing spiritual energy or unconsciously absorbing spiritual energy, it was extremely useful to the human body. This was the most precious gift from nature to everything.

However, the faster the development of society in the secular world was, the more pollution they would cause to nature. Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and Blessed Paradises, even places like these could no longer be found.

It doesn't matter. As long as the flavor of your seasoning is good enough, it doesn't matter if the magical effect is worse. Furthermore, people nowadays only eat food for the taste, there are not many people who really want to pursue the effects of the diet. Han Xue smiled.

Mm, that's not a problem. I just don't have the interest or the time. Why don't you stop being a cop? I'll give you money. How about you open a restaurant? Cheng Yu nodded and said.

I want to be a good cop. It has always been my dream to have outlaws punished by the law. My dream has not been fulfilled, so how can I open a restaurant? Han Xue immediately shook her head. Hehe, I think your greatest achievement as a police officer is to catch a deity like me Hearing Han Xue's words, Cheng Yu said with a smile.

When he thought about Han Xue's ferocious look when she intercepted him, she carried a bit of sexiness in her cold arrogance, and a bit of savagery, he remembered that he had started the fight from the beginning. That feeling was still clearly remembered now, Cheng Yu thought as he looked at Han Xue's bulging chest.

You even said that you didn't know how arrogant and ignorant you were in the past. It was obvious that you weren't a good person. I think that you did it on purpose. Hmph. Right now, it is indeed like that. If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have caught you and allowed me to molest me . Han Xue also seemed to recall the scene from that day and felt that Cheng Yu at that time was both funny and naughty.

Hehe, that was really a misunderstanding. That was the first time I drove a car, so I couldn't help but be a bit excited. Besides, I really didn't know any traffic rules. I was so excited that I realized I couldn't remember which path was the way home. Seeing you, I really wanted to ask for directions, but you didn't want to listen, you had already fined me. How could I not be angry? Cheng Yu explained what had happened back then.

Who would have known that there would be such a magical person like you in this world. Plus, you're driving your own car and running around the city. If I didn't catch you, who else would I catch? Han Xue also felt it was funny. If she hadn't met Cheng Yu's, she might never know that god-like people really existed in this world.

But aren't you Mayor Zhao's nephew? Why were you driving for the first time? And I remember that you grew up in YunhaiHan Xue suddenly felt that something wasn't right. Back then, she had searched for information on Cheng Yu.

However, the Cheng Clan did not want others to know Cheng Yu's identity, so on the record, Cheng Yu made was raised in Yunhai.

Hehe, I can't explain this clearly, but I'll tell you about it in the future. Are you full? Do you want to see how cultivators fly? Cheng Yu also knew that his identity had too many loopholes, so he didn't bother to explain.

Flying? You can fly now? Hearing that they were going to fly, Han Xue wiped her mouth and said excitedly.

Of course, this is called a flying sword. It's a type of flying treasure, and can also be used to harm people. Killing a person can also be done from a thousand miles away Cheng Yu waved his right hand and a blue flying sword suddenly appeared in front of the two of them. It quickly grew in size and emitted a blue glow.

Flying sword? So beautiful, this thing can actually be big or small, how is it going to fly? Han Xue said excitedly as she looked at this thing.

Cheng Yu carried Han Xue Yue on the flying sword. Then, with a sousound, the sword flew away at lightning speed, startling Han Xue.

It's flying, it really flew up. This is so much faster than an airplane. It's so exciting Han Xue excitedly said as she held Cheng Yu's waist and watched the buildings get smaller and smaller.

He also took Yang Ruoxue, Yao Na, and Lan Ya to ride on the flying sword, but they were all very scared at the beginning. Only Han Xue, who was born bold, liked excitement.

Hehe, this is just one of the flying methods for cultivators. This method of flying is usually the method for Foundation Stage cultivators. Experts of the Gold Core stage and above are able to fly in the air and directly fly without the need of a flying sword to fly. Cheng Yu explained to Han Xue.

Then do I have to wait until I reach the Foundation Establishment stage before I can fly? Hearing Cheng Yu's explanation, Han Xue felt both curious and disappointed.

Yes, if you want to fly early then you have to work hard and cultivate. I have a lot of good things, but you won't be able to use them now. As long as your cultivation grows stronger, I'll give them to you one by one. Cheng Yu smiled.

What good stuff? Let me see it first to give me some motivation Han Xue asked curiously.

For example: flying swords, pills, magical equipment, etc. Cheng Yu smiled.

"I want to see Han Xue pulled Cheng Yu's arm and said coquettishly.

Un, then I'll give you a celestial robe first. You can bind it now as well, but it will take a long time. Cheng Yu thought for a moment before taking out a palace clothing that was as thin as silk.

This is an Immortal Robe? It's so thin and beautiful, but why is it so thin? Han Xue held the Immortal clothes as she asked curiously.

Hehe, this is a high grade spirit treasure level defensive immortal robe. It might look thin, but it's not like the ordinary clothes we wear. If a sharp weapon or spiritual energy attacks you, this immortal robe will automatically protect its owner. Cheng Yu smiled.

Isn't this the same as a bulletproof vest? But was it really possible to block an attack with such a thin surface? Won't the bullet go through it? Han Xue said. These clothes were too light and thin, she couldn't even feel them when they were in her hands. It was really hard for her to imagine how something so light could block attacks.

Didn't I already say it? This was a high grade spirit weapon, of course, it couldn't be seen with ordinary eyes. What does a bullet count for? Although blocking the missiles will be somewhat difficult, blocking the artillery shells will definitely not be a problem. Cheng Yu said after thinking about how he had experienced the power of a missile a few days ago.

The power of the missiles was not small. If it wasn't for the fact that he had several Soul-class defensive equipment, he would have been in great danger. It was impossible for a high-grade spiritual weapon to be used against a missile, but it was definitely capable of blocking ordinary artillery shells. As for bullets, it was like a game to them.

Are you for real? This thing can block a cannonball? Don't lie to me. If I listen to you when I am on a mission, I might be like a fool for blocking bullets Han Xue said in disbelief. She pulled at the robe with all her might and realized that they were quite sturdy. However, it was an exaggeration to think that they would be able to stop the bullets.

Why don't you give it a try? Cheng Yu smiled.

How? Am I supposed to shoot myself? And I don't have a gun. Han Xue really wanted to give it a try.

Isn't that simple? Wait a moment Cheng Yu brought his flying sword to a tree and picked up a rock. With a slight flick, the rock broke through a tree that was as thick as a bucket

Wah, The stone bullet of yours is even more powerful than bullets, it can't be a finger flick ability, right? Han Xue said in surprise as she looked at the straight small hole on the tree.

Nope, When the true energy in your body can easily leave your body, this sort of thing is very normal. Wear the Immortal Robe on your body now, lets give it a try Cheng Yu said.

What? Try it on me? I don't want to. It is so powerful, I don't want to pierce a hole in my body. Han Xue was shocked.