Godly Student Chapter 376

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Wah, Good fight, Beautifully fought

Beauty, Come on, I'll support you

Beauty, love you

In the bar, a few men were knocked to the ground by Han Xue from a few punches and kicks. Everyone present then shouted excitedly. What were they doing at the nightclub this late at night? They were here to have fun and look for excitement.

It was common for men to fight with men, and it was also common for men to hit women. There were also quite a few women who beat women now, but it was rare for a woman to beat down a few men with such force.

Such a formidable woman, she should have given him her support

You really know her? When the woman leaning on Cheng Yu saw that Han Xue was indeed that powerful, she looked at Cheng Yu in shock and said.

She originally thought that Cheng Yu was just playing around because he saw Han Xue's beauty, but when she saw that Han Xue was really as strong as he said, she couldn't help but suspect, could it be that she really was this man's wife?

Hehe, didn't I already say she is my wife? You didn't want to believe it. Cheng Yu smiled.

Han Xue was the kind of violent woman to begin with. Now that she was in a bad mood, these men really went head to head with guns. If they didn't seek death, they wouldn't die

But I still don't believe it Although the woman admitted that the two really knew each other, she still didn't believe that Cheng Yu had such a beautiful wife.

Believe it or not. Alright, my wife has left, so it's time for me to leave as well. Initially, I wanted to have a feast, but unfortunately, I can only wish that you find a satisfactory beast tonight Seeing Han Xue leave the bar, Cheng Yu also stood up and said to the woman.

Hey A woman still wanted to have a memorable night with Cheng Yu. Who would have thought that he would leave just like that

When Cheng Yu walked out of the bar, Han Xue coincidentally got into a taxi and left.

Along the way, Cheng Yu followed Han Xue, but soon after, he found out that this road was in the direction of his villa. Could she be looking for me?

Not long after, Han Xue indeed took a taxi to his villa and stood at the door of Cheng Yu's villa. Seeing that it was still pitch black inside and no one was inside, Han Xue felt very disappointed.

It had been 4 months. 4 months. He promised that he would come back to see me in 3 months. But now, 4 months had already passed and there was no news of him. Was there really no fate with him? Was she really going to be engaged to that man?

Han Xue felt her heart ache. She leaned against the wall and slowly squatted down. She felt very helpless. She just wanted to be with the person she liked, why was it so difficult?

Beauty. Are you homeless? It just so happens that my house lacks a hostess. Are you interested in going in to discuss it? You have the final say on welfare Just as Han Xue sat on the ground and curled up with her head covered, feeling sad, a familiar voice and accent sounded in her ears.

You ... I'm not dreaming, am I? Han Xue raised her head. She shook her head and muttered when she saw his annoying smile.

Beauty. Are you willing to be my mistress? Cheng Yu squatted down and said while looking at Han Xue with a smile.

I don't want to, You big liar, Big liar Han Xue's eyes reddened and she immediately pounced towards Cheng Yu like a hungry wolf. She used all her strength to beat Cheng Yu's chest.

I'm sorry Hugging Han Xue, the thousands of words in Cheng Yu's heart turned into these three words. Regardless of whether it was his promise to Han Xue or his momentary distrust towards her, he should apologize to her.

Wuuuuu! You bastard! Big bastard! You haven't come back for so long Upon hearing Cheng Yu's apology, the grievances in her heart immediately found an outlet to vent and she started crying bitterly.

Good girl, Stop crying, the Han Xue I know is very strong. How can you cry so easily? Cheng Yu could feel the sadness in Han Xue's heart as he hugged her tightly and comforted her.

I will cry. I will cry Han Xue punched Cheng Yu's chest and cried.

Alright. Today, I'll just be a punching bag and let you hit me to your heart's content Cheng Yu said with a smile as he stroked Han Xue's short hair.

You big liar, big bastard, you deserved to be beaten to death Han Xue cried for a while before she looked up at Cheng Yu and scolded him.

Hehe, with such a beautiful wife, even if you beat me to death, I'm still willing. Cheng Yu lightly wiped away Han Xue's tears as he smiled.

Who's your wife? Shameless Han Xue saw the gentleness in the other party's eyes and said shyly.

Since the first day I saw you Cheng Yu looked at her tear-stained eyelashes and her coquettish expression that was even more mesmerizing. He lowered his head and gently kissed Han Xue's fragrant lips.

Fortunately, they were in the villa area and there were very few pedestrians. Even if there were people, they would only be driving past. In such a beautiful moment, they felt a passion for each other.

The two of them embraced and kissed. At this moment, the entire night belonged to them alone.

Rumble - Just when the two were experiencing this moment of happiness, Han Xue's stomach let out a disappointing sound.

I'm hungry Their lips parted and Han Xue said with a red face.

Hehe, can you bear with it any longer? Today, your husband will make you a barbecue that has never been done before, how about that? Cheng Yu looked at the sky and said with a smile.

Roast meat? Where can we go to roast meat now? Han Xue said.

Hehe, I'm the kind of guy who naturally brought his ingredients with him. Cheng Yu lazily opened the door. With Han Xue in his arms, the two of them walked into the mansion's courtyard.

Wah, Your skills are really amazing. Han Xue cried out in surprise when she saw Cheng Yu gently leap dozens of feet into the air.

Ever since Cheng Yu washed her essence and refined her marrow, her ability had become extremely powerful. Even though she could leap ten feet into the air with a light leap, she couldn't do it as easily as Cheng Yu.

Hehe, this is amazing? I'll take you for a ride later. I'll show you the abilities of an immortal cultivator Cheng Yu said with a smile.

You ... "Is this magic? Seeing Cheng Yu suddenly take out a pile of roasted meat, she said in surprise.

Hehe, this is not a magic trick, these are all from the ring on my hand. He didn't have anything to hide from these women. In any case, he was going to bring them on the road of cultivation, so he would treat it as teaching in advance. He would let them slowly get used to their own abilities while at the same time adapting to their new lifestyle.

Ring? You're saying that all of these things were taken out of your ring? Han Xue looked at the ring on Cheng Yu's finger with a surprised expression.

Knowing Cheng Yu's identity, she did not doubt these miraculous things, but she felt that it was too inconceivable.

That's right, this ring is called a storage ring. It is a very common type of storage treasure for cultivators. It has a very small space, about three cubic meters. You can put some of the smaller things into it. If you want, you just need to use your mind to take them out anytime. It's very convenient. Cheng Yu explained.

Really? It's amazing. Do you still have more? I want it too Han Xue said in surprise. If she also had one, she wouldn't have to worry about buying too many things in the future when shopping.

There are a lot of these things, but I only have a storage bag on me right now and its function is the same. It's just a small bag. If you want one, you can have one. I will help you make a storage ring that's much better than the one I have on hand in the future Cheng Yu took out a storage bag and gave it to Han Xue.

Mhmm, good. How do I use this thing? Han Xue excitedly took the storage pouch and said. She wanted to try out such a magical item.

I've already refined this storage bag. I will pass the technique to you, and you just need to use your will to put in the thing you want to put in. Cheng Yu said.

Un, I'll give it a try Han Xue received the incantation from Cheng Yu and closed her eyes to digest it for a while. She picked up a small stone and followed Cheng Yu's instructions. With a thought, the stone in her hand disappeared.

It went in, it went in Seeing the stone in her hand disappear, Han Xue became as excited as a child.

You can use the same method to take it out now Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Fun, How fun. Haha Seeing that this thing was actually so magical, Han Xue became extremely happy when she transformed the stone into a stone.

Your cultivation is currently too low, you will have more fun in the future. Come, have a look at my secret barbecue Cheng Yu took out the demon beast meat he got from the cultivation world and placed it on the grill, then used his qi to speed it up. Soon, he caught a whiff of the aroma.

It smells so good. What kind of meat is this? Why is it so fragrant? Han Xue sat beside Cheng Yu and smelled the fragrant roasted meat as she asked curiously.

This is wolf meat, but what smells good is not only meat, but also this special seasoning. This seasoning is unique to the cultivation world, after you have eaten it, you will definitely praise it endlessly.

Cultivation world? Could it be that you have been in the cultivation world for the past few months? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Han Xue replied.

That's right. This time, when I went there to look for resources, it could be said that I had gained a lot. It was precisely because of this that I was delayed for so long.

What harvest?

Resources that can allow you to quickly raise your cultivation base, as well as ordinary resources, are scarce. To find materials that can allow an ordinary person like you to quickly raise your cultivation level is truly too hard, so I can only go to the cultivation world. Fortunately, I have good luck and found a lot of good things. Cheng Yu smiled.

Are you doing this for me? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Han Xue was moved. She felt that her waiting was worth it.

Of course. You know that I'm an Immortal cultivator, so my lifespan is very long. I also want you to accompany me and live with me for my entire life. Although I do not know if you wish to live this long, I must do so. I cannot let you leave me. Cheng Yu looked at her and said seriously.

I am willing. No matter how long I live, as long as I can be with you, I'm willing to accompany you. Han Xue said emotionally. Cheng Yu never said why he wanted to leave, but now that she knew the reason, Han Xue was very happy. Because Cheng Yu had never forgotten her, he had always been thinking about her.