Godly Student Chapter 374

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Xiao Yu, this matter is indeed not that simple. You should wait a few more days. You're being too hasty. Zhao Minglong saw that Cheng Yu seemed to still have the urge to add something else, so he quickly spoke up to stop him.

Did this brat think he was some kind of money printing machine? Regardless of the price, if he had to evaluate the The Greatest Prodigal in the Country award, he believed that Cheng Yu would definitely be able to obtain this prize without any suspense.

After living for so many years, he had never seen anyone spend this much money. In his eyes, money must be nothing more than a roll of toilet paper.

If Cheng Yu knew that his aunt was so desperate to run a company and that the entire company's assets were only 20 billion, he didn't know what he would think. If his aunt knew that her nephew was going to spend 14 billion on a piece of wasteland, she would probably faint from excitement.

This... Good. I'll wait a few more days and see. I'm determined to get this land. I hope that Director Liu can provide me reliable information in time. If anyone wants to increase the price for this land, I would like to be notified in time. As long as I take this land, I will repay you handsomely in the future Seeing the serious expressions in their eyes, Cheng Yu knew that it was impossible to take this place down today, so he could only agree to wait for a few days.

This... Liu Hai looked at the mayor. The words that Cheng Yu had said were like a bribe. In front of the mayor, he was rather nervous, not knowing whether to agree or not.

Haha, don't worry about it, Director Liu. This is not considered a violation of the rules, and this way, we can sell it for a higher price, right? This is also a contribution made for Yunhai Zhao Minglong also saw Liu Hai's worry and said with a smile.

Haha, since the mayor has already said so, then I will do as he says. I will definitely pass on the news to Mr. Cheng in time. I believe that Mr. Cheng will be the final winner After hearing that the mayor had spoken on behalf of Cheng Yu, he wasn't that worried anymore and agreed without hesitation.

Then I'll thank Director Liu first. I don't think Director Liu's health is too good. I have a pill here that I believe can restore Director Liu's strength Cheng Yu looked at Liu Hai and suddenly took out a very small glass bottle. There was a red pill inside and said to Liu Hai with a smile.

Mr. Cheng also know medical skills? Liu Hai immediately blushed when he heard Cheng Yu say that he could revitalize his heroic spirit. It seemed that the other party had really seen through his problem.

He had indeed been looking for a lot of famous doctors during this period of time. However, there really weren't any that could really cure his body. They were all useless, and he had been scolded quite a bit by his wife for this matter.

Recently, he didn't even dare to go in bed with his wife because of this issue. This made him very vexed. He didn't expect that at such a young age, Cheng Yu would be able to tell that there was such a problem with his body with a single glance. He was quite looking forward to it in his heart.

Hur Hur, I have some knowledge. I believe that Chief Liu will find out after taking this pill. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

This pill was specially made by Peng Dahai when he asked for his help. For these ordinary pills, Cheng Yu would make 99 pills every time he used the furnace. He gave one to Peng Dahai last time, so he still had a large bottle with him. He didn't expect that Director Liu also had problems in this aspect, so he did it smoothly.

Is this pill really that magical? Liu Hai said doubtfully.

He ate a lot of pills, but all of them were one-time-use pills. They really weren't good for him.

Don't worry about that. If it can't cure you, you can come and find me anytime. Cheng Yu said confidently. What a joke, if his generation's immortal doctor was unable to solve such a small problem, then wouldn't that mean he had completely disgraced himself as an immortal?

Thank you, Mr. Cheng. How much does this pill cost? Liu Hai laughed, but he still didn't really believe it. If this medicine was really useless, then what was the point in asking you for it? Besides, the mayor was right next to him. He didn't want anyone to find out that he had been bribed.

Director Liu, you're acting like a stranger now, aren't you? We're friends. If you have to talk about money for small things between friends, that would be too bad for our friendship, don't you think? Cheng Yu said in dissatisfaction.

Director Liu, just take it. There is nothing taboo about this. It is normal for friends to exchange courtesies. Zhao Minglong knew that Liu Hai was a very cautious person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have sat stably as the head of the Ministry of Land and Resources for so long.

The Ministry of Land and Resources, you know, is a truly powerful and oily department that controls all the land in the country. In this country where every inch of land was worth money, which enterprise did not want land? Which merchant doesn't want a piece of land that's cheap and good?

Therefore, the officials of Land and Resources were people that entrepreneurs fought over. As long as they had a lot of rich friends, their days would naturally get better.

Every year, there would be many people who would fall from this position. The more powerful the government, the more resources they would have and the more people wanting to use those resources.

Liu Hai, on the other hand, had been a director for a long time. He already knew how to live well and is able to keep his position in this tempting society.

Then I'll thank Mr. Cheng for his good intentions. Hearing the mayor's words, Liu Hai accepted it with a smile.

Since the mayor accepted it like that, if you don't accept it, you won't give the mayor any face.

Since we've finished looking at this place, it's about time for us to eat. It's really exhausting to let the two leaders travel so far today. Let's go have a meal together Cheng Yu said, seeing that the task was done.

There's no need for that. I still have some things to take care of. Next time Zhao Minglong refused.

Because of Wu Chang, it was better for him to avoid them, especially the place where they were eating, it was a mess and it would not be good if others saw it.

That's right, we'll stay for the meal after Mr. Cheng gets the land Originally, Liuhai was going to agree because it was good to have something to eat and drink, but since the mayor had spoken, how could he still agree to eat?

Everyone went back along the way, and when they reached the city, they directly went their separate ways.

Send me home first. Later on, remember to make those three guys wait for me at the nightclub Cheng Yu leaned against the front passenger seat and said with his eyes closed.

Alright, Young Master Yu Wu Chang didn't say anything as he drove straight to Cheng Yu's villa.

After returning home, Cheng Yu walked into the bathroom and took a shower. He looked at the time, it was also the time for Han Xue to get off work. Cheng Yu changed his clothes and drove to the Central City Police Department.

Along the way, Cheng Yu had mixed feelings. He had told himself countless times that if it was a woman he liked, he would definitely not let her go.

But now, he was hesitating. If Han Xue really did fall in love with that person, would he let her go or not?

At 5: 30 PM, Cheng Yu's car punctually parked outside the police station, but he didn't directly park in front of the police station. At 5: 30 PM, Cheng Yu's

At 5: 40, Han Xue indeed came out from inside, and a man followed beside her.

Seeing this man, Cheng Yu frowned. He knew this person. It was actually when he came to the police station to find Han Xue. This guy even attacked him. This person seemed to be called Tang Ze.

So it turns out that this guy is trying to pry open my corner Cheng Yu said coldly.

However, seeing that Han Xue didn't seem to be very interested in Tang Ze, although the two of them walked, Han Xue still had a cold expression and didn't say anything.

Seeing this situation, Cheng Yu's heart felt much better. At least, it seemed that Han Xue didn't like that guy. If so, why did she agree to his engagement?

Was it really as her father had said? Worried that he would abandon her after she grew old? Didn't I already tell her my identity? How could she grow old with me around?

If that's not the case, then why did Han Xue agree? Snowy, I know there's a pretty good western restaurant ahead, let's go eat together Tang Ze had long since gotten used to Han Xue's cold expression. He knew that she wouldn't forget that fellow from a few months ago.

However, in two more days, he would be engaged to her. As long as the two of them were to establish a relationship, in addition to his sincere treatment, Han Xue would definitely like him.

I'm not hungry, I'm going home first, find someone else to eat with Han Xue said with an expressionless face.

How can you not be hungry? You haven't had anything to eat since noon. Why don't we go eat KFC Tang Ze said with concern.

I said I'm not hungry, I'm going home first. Please don't follow me again, otherwise I'll get angry Han Xue said loudly to Tang Ze with a straight face.

Alright, alright, alright. Don't be angry, I won't follow. Tang Ze quickly gave in. These few months, he had argued many times over Han Xue's attitude towards him, but he really liked Han Xue. Now, he didn't want to argue anymore, and everything would wait until the two were engaged.

At the very least, at that time, even if he were to argue with her, he would argue with her boldly and righteously. Thus, he decided to endure it.

Cheng Yu stood in the distance and watched the two of them. He didn't intend to immediately go out and see Han Xue.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Tang Ze's eyes as he watched Han Xue leave. Hmph, one day I will ride you under my body, and I'll see if you can still act arrogant in front of me.

Tang Ze, right? At this moment, an ice-cold voice sounded from behind him.

It's you Tang Ze turned around upon hearing this and saw that it was the man whom Han Xue had been yearning for day and night. His eyes immediately radiated enmity. I heard that this guy has quite a deep relationship with the mayor. However, why did this brat suddenly appear after suddenly disappearing for a few months? Could it be that he knows that I'm getting engaged to Han Xue? So you came back? Cheng Yu's appearance gave him a bad feeling. He felt that his engagement would be very troublesome.