Godly Student Chapter 373

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In that case, let's go check the area first Liu Hai said with a smile.

The three of them got up and walked out of Zhao Minglong's office. Seeing that there was someone standing at the door, Liu Hai didn't mind. He just thought that it was Cheng Yu's follower. After all, Cheng Yu was able to negotiate with him for billions of dollars. It was normal for him to have a secretary, a driver, or a bodyguard.

But Zhao Minglong was different. Even if others didn't know him, it didn't mean that he didn't. The Blood Wolf Gang was one of the gangs that the government of Yunhai had marked, as the number three figures of the Blood Wolf Gang, he was well aware of who they all are.

Furthermore, although Wu Chang's status was not very high, he was quite famous in Yunhai.

Seeing Wu Chang respectfully following behind Cheng Yu, Zhao Minglong could not help but frown. Back then, when Cheng Yu took down the Blood Wolf Gang's headquarters, he also knew that the Blood Wolf Gang was taken over by Cheng Yu.

However, he had talked to Cheng Yu about not doing anything illegal again. It was true that the Blood Wolf Gang had calmed down right now, but their reputation had long since spread far and wide.

Although they had not done anything illegal, it did not mean that others would think different. At the very least, in front of outsiders, the Blood Wolf Gang was still a mafia.

Now that Cheng Yu was so close to Wu Chang, and was discussing business in the city government building. If someone found out about this, they would think that he, the mayor, was colluding with the Blood Wolf Gang. It was not a good thing to come up with some nonsense when the time came. It seemed like he needed to find a time to talk to Cheng Yu about it.

The five of them took two cars to the western suburbs, with Liu Hai, Zhao Minglong, and his secretary, Zhang Wen, being in the car in the front. Zhao Minglong did not want to be too intimate with Cheng Yu, and since Wu Chang was in that car, it would not be good for him to get involved with them as the mayor of a city.

The two cars drove through the city and finally reached the suburbs after two hours of driving. There were weeds everywhere and the roads were full of potholes. They could only pass one through one car at a time.

After another ten minutes or so, the group stopped the cars on a piece of barren land. Cheng Yu got off the car and looked at the boundless wasteland. This piece of wasteland was not bare, nor was it the kind of flat ground where one could see everything from a single glance.

It was the type of mountain that had slopes everywhere, some of them were even barren mountains, and there were even trees growing on them. Cheng Yu was very satisfied with this kind of place. If it was really that kind of flat wasteland, Cheng Yu wouldn't be so fond of it.

Mr. Cheng, what do you think of this place? Seeing that Cheng Yu seemed to be very interested, Liu Hai asked with a smile.

This place is not bad, let's go forward and take a look Cheng Yu nodded.

Sure Anyways, he was here to accompany him in looking at the land, and since the mayor was willing to accompany them, what other opinions did he have?

Little Yu, are you sure you want such a large piece of land? What exactly are you going to use to build it? Cheng Yu was satisfied, but Zhao Minglong was not interested.

It was still a long way from the city, so it was not wise to build commercial land in such a place. If it's used to build a resort, it will be a thing of the past.

Hur Hur, you will know about this in the future. Cheng Yu smiled as he shook his head, but didn't say anything.

His own project was definitely a huge one. He didn't even have the time to think it through completely, and he only had a rough idea of what it was.

He did not know if it would be of any commercial use, and he did not know if it would develop in that direction in the future.

Since he couldn't get the answer, Zhao Minglong didn't ask anymore. He shook his head, and could only wait and see what Cheng Yu would do in the future. But thinking about how such a large land would cost tens of billions, Zhao Minglong felt his heart tremble, and at the same time, he also sighed with emotion.

He was already fifty years old, but he had never seen so much money in his many years. Although his wife's real estate company wasn't small, she still couldn't afford tens of billions in liquid funds.

Cheng Yu was only nineteen this year, and he wasn't even twenty. Last year, when he was sent to his house by the old man, Cheng Yu was still a hedonistic young master who only knew how to enjoy life.

But after two years of time, or more accurately, five or six months of time, he actually accumulated over ten billion. If this rate of amassing money were to be made public, it would be enough to shock the entire world!

Seeing Cheng Yu's young age but completely unsuited maturity, Zhao Minglong even felt that he didn't recognize this Cheng Yu. Ever since Cheng Yu was smashed in the head and woke up, his change was too great.

Not only had his personality changed, but what was even weirder was that Cheng Yu actually had such a strange ability. He, as a modern man, found it hard to understand this sort of thing.

Could it be that it was because of that one strike that caused the brain's potential to be revealed? How else could all this be explained?

Is that a village? Cheng Yu and the others went over a few small hills and unexpectedly saw a village in the distance. This made Cheng Yu a little surprised.

Cheng Yu frowned. He wanted a place where there are not many people, but with the village here, wouldn't it be troublesome if he wanted to move the soil?

Hehe, there are indeed a few villages nearby, but they are not in this wasteland, so you can rest assured. Liu Hai explained with a smile.

So that's how it is? So, there is a boundary between this place and the village? Cheng Yu asked.


Un, that's good. This place is not bad. I'm rather satisfied. I wonder how much it would cost? As long as the villages were not in the wasteland, it would be fine. Although the wasteland was a bit desolate, Cheng Yu wasn't here to explore it.

This... Mr. Cheng, there are some things you may not have understood. In order to promote the development of Yunhai City, this piece of land has been on sale online for several months. Currently, several companies are bidding, and the deadline for bidding is in ten days. If Mr. Cheng does not raise this price now, you might miss this opportunity. Liu Hai explained with a smile.

Bidding? How much is it now? Cheng Yu said in surprise. He had asked Zhao Minglong about it a few months ago. At that time, no one wanted to buy this land, but now, the auction was already going on.

Zhao Minglong was also a bit surprised. He really didn't know about this. After all, this wasn't part of his management, so he couldn't constantly pay attention to this.

The highest price is already at 11 billion Liu Hai said.

11 billion? What is the starting price? Didn't you say 6 billion? Cheng Yu said with a bit of a surprise. Previously, Zhao Minglong told him that this place was only 6 billion, but now the price has already reached 11 billion. This price is rising way too fast!

It's like this. Two years ago, there was a foreign businessman who wanted to buy the land for 6 billion, but in the end, no agreement was reached, so the land was left behind. However, the current prices are no longer the prices from two years ago. There are many entrepreneurs who have set their eyes on this land. The starting price is 9 billion now, increasing every 100 million every time. Liu Hai explained.

He really didn't know much about this land, and he only heard the news about it in the past. He didn't want it, so how could he know about it?

So that's how it is? But there are still 10 days left, can I directly buy it? Cheng Yu said after some thought.

After all, it was not easy to find another suitable large piece of land. It was already so far away from the city, and if he were to search for another place, he would probably be out of the city's range.

Ugh... This... Then how much is Mr. Cheng planning to pay? Liu Hai was in a bit of a dilemma. This sort of public auction wasn't something that he could decide easily, but he really wanted to see what the other party would offer.

12 billion? Cheng Yu thought for a moment. An additional billion should be more or less enough. The starting price was 9 billion, and it only increased by 2 billion till now, 1 billion isn't a small amount.

This... Mr. Cheng, I'm afraid I can't make this decision, why don't you wait for a few more days. Maybe Mr. Cheng will be able to get this land at a cheaper price in a few days. Hearing this price, Liu Hai was slightly dissatisfied.

Then what price does Director Liu think that will allow me to directly buy the land? Cheng Yu obviously knew that the other party thought the price was too low.

This... Please forgive me, Mr. Cheng. Mayor Zhao is here today, so I cannot explain it clearly. This auction is really hard to say. If the price is too low, the government would definitely be unhappy, but if the price is too high, the merchants would definitely be unwilling as well. So I really can't tell you the price, so I'm sorry, and I hope Mr. Cheng can follow the procedure since it's only ten days. I believe that with Mr. Cheng's determination and financial resources, he will definitely be able to take down this land. Although Liu Hai didn't know Cheng Yu's identity, he was definitely a very rich person. Otherwise, he wouldn't offer 1 billion more.

Moreover, the other party clearly had a close relationship with the mayor. Even if he could eat it, he wouldn't dare to eat Cheng Yu in front of the mayor. So it was better to be honest.

14 billion Cheng Yu said.

Hiss... Hearing this number, everyone took a deep breath, even Wu Chang was surprised, how could Young Master Yu have so much money?

Liu Hai was also shocked. He jumped another 2 billion in one go. He is acting as if this is 20 yuan and more could be added at any time. Also, Cheng Yu's initial plan did not seem to be to commercialize the land.

He really couldn't understand why he was spending so much money on a plot of land for private use. Could it be that he wanted to build a manor? But spending ten billion just to buy land? This price was simply too outrageous.

I'm sorry, Mr. Cheng, but this is really not a matter of money. The auction can't be closed just because I said it would be closed. The mayor know's about this matter very well, so I hope that Mr. Cheng would not make things difficult for me. To be honest, Liu Hai was indeed scared by the other side's aura, but he really couldn't do it.

That's right, Little Yu, you should calm down a bit. It's only ten days. You've already waited for so long, don't tell me you care about these ten days? Although Cheng Yu might really have that much money, but he shouldn't spend it that way even if he had the money. This was 14 billion, a sum that others wouldn't even dare to think of in their lifetime.