Godly Student Chapter 372

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Sitting in Wu Chang's car, Cheng Yu felt that he still had a long way to go and a lot of problems to solve. Especially the relationship between the women, Cheng Yu had a headache whenever he thought of this, it was even more troublesome than facing Kunlun.

He could start a fight with Kunlun if he had nothing to do or whenever he wants, but with regards to these women, he had no other choice but to take advantage of them.

Unknowingly, the car had already slowly driven into the municipal government. It didn't take long for Yu Gang to meet an acquaintance, Han Xue's father, Han Liwen.

Uncle Han Cheng Yu greeted from afar. This was his future father-in-law, he needed to properly communicate with him.

Little Yu, I heard you went far away and just came back? Han Liwen was also somewhat surprised to see Cheng Yu, but as the mayor's nephew, as well as his daughter's savior, he still had to be polite.

Yeah, I just came back. How is Xiao Xue? I was going to see her tonight. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

This... I'm afraid she's not free Han Liwen's expression was somewhat strange as he looked at Cheng Yu with a somewhat embarrassed expression. From his daughter, he already knew that the two of them were dating, but now that the situation had changed, he didn't know how to explain it to Cheng Yu.

Not free? Is she very busy these days? Cheng Yu, on the other hand, did not think too much and thought that the other party was very busy.

This... Little Yu. There's something I want to tell you. Han Li thought for a moment and decided to tell him.

Haha, Uncle is too polite. What's the matter? Say it Cheng Yu smiled.

Um ... Little Snow, she's getting engaged in two days Han Liwen said somewhat embarrassedly.

Engagement? With whom? This time, Cheng Yu was no longer calm. His expression immediately became cold. Could it be that Han Xue's heart changed? How was this possible! When he had left, she had promised him that she would always wait for him.

One of her colleagues. Seeing Cheng Yu's unsightly expression, Han Liwen felt somewhat embarrassed. This was because he was the one who had planned all of this.

Snowy, she agreed? Cheng Yu said with a cold expression.

This... Yes. Han Li thought for a moment but still nodded his head.

I'll ask her myself. Cheng Yu didn't believe that Han Xue would change her mind so easily, he must get to the bottom of this.

Little Yu, I know that you and Snowy have dated before, but I hope that you and Snowy will stop here Han Liwen earnestly said.

Why? Is it because I am not good enough for Snowy? Cheng Yu said.

Of course not, you must not misunderstand. It is her honor to be able to receive your favor, but the age difference between the two of you is really too big, moreover, you are still just a student right now. I think you should focus on your studies and not on the relationship between a man and a woman. I believe that with your talent, when the time comes to discuss marriage, there will definitely be many outstanding people to choose from. But Xiao Xue is different. She isn't young anymore and it's time for her to get married. So, I hope you don't bother her anymore. Han Liwen told the truth.

Age is not a problem. As long as I am here, she will always be able to maintain her youth and beauty. Cheng Yu never cared about his age. Because in the cultivation world, any random female cultivator was dozens or even hundreds of years old.

Age had never been their standard for choosing a mate. Even if Han Xue was just an ordinary person, he had already washed her essence, so how could he worry about her aging?

Even if you don't care now, you will care in the future. She is a woman, and it is very easy for women to age. When you reach her age, she will already be in her thirties. That's why I don't want you to regret it. Han Liwen earnestly said.

Uncle, perhaps you don't understand what I mean. I said that as long as I am here, she will be able to remain this young forever. Cheng Yu wouldn't give up so easily. If he didn't like her, then so be it. Since he had already decided to marry her, he definitely wouldn't let her go so easily.

This ... Han Liwen still didn't quite understand.

Uncle, I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first. Like I said, no matter how you interpret it, I won't give up on Little Snow. Cheng Yu did not want to explain anymore, because he had to personally go ask Snowy.

He did not know what had happened. However, if someone dared to try and pry him in the corner, he wouldn't let him succeed.

Xiao Yu... Seeing Cheng Yu's firm tone and clear attitude, Han Li didn't know if he should be happy or worried.

Not long ago, the City Council's Organization Department's Minister had been redeployed. The Minister's position had been vacant, and Han Liwen had been a Vice-Minister for quite a few years. Naturally, he wanted to seize this opportunity and push forward.

But out of the several vice ministers, he had the weakest advantage. While he was trying to find a way to get closer to them, Han Liwen suddenly thought of Cheng Yu.

But from Han Xue, she found out that Cheng Yu had been away for a few months and couldn't contact him at all. Just as he was feeling depressed, a young man suddenly appeared in his line of sight.

This person was one of Han Xue's colleagues. Han Liwen noticed that this man was pursuing Han Xue, so he called someone to investigate and was immediately delighted. The other party's father was actually the deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau, and his uncle was the deputy governor of the province.

After collecting the information, Han Liwen immediately had Han Xue bring him back to eat dinner a few times. This person was not bad looking and seemed to be quite good. In addition to the fact that the two of them were about the same age, the other was very fond of Han Xue.

Han Liwen purposefully revealed his thoughts. The other side also happily agreed to help him run and run around his work. Their only request was to marry Han Xue.

But Han Xue didn't agree no matter what. She didn't expect that the man would use his position to suppress Han Liwen. If Han Xue didn't agree, then he wouldn't be able to take another step forward.

Han Liwen didn't think that he would fall into his own trap. Originally, he wanted to use this opportunity to reach his goal, but now, he was at a disadvantage. The other party's uncle was the vice governor. If he were to apply pressure from above, it would be impossible for him, as a government official, to take another step forward.

Han Liwen had no other choice but to admit that the other really did like Han Xue and was very good to her. Moreover, as long as the two of them succeeded, his career as an official would only get better and better. So no matter what, Han Xue was finally forced to agree to be engaged.

However, just when the two were about to get engaged in two days, he didn't expect Cheng Yu to suddenly come back. It really wasn't good. If Cheng Yu was truly unwilling to let the matter go, wouldn't the matter be completely blown out of proportion if he angered the Vice Governor? Besides, his career as an official was also in trouble

Along the way, Cheng Yu had an ugly expression on his face. He was happy at first, but he never thought that something like this would happen. Wu Chang didn't dare to take a deep breath and followed behind obediently.

He thought to himself, someone actually dared to pry my boss' woman. I must investigate that man properly later. If I have the chance, I can help Cheng Yu solve this problem. When that happens, I will have even more benefits.

Ol 'Three, help me check that guy's background. He actually dare to steal my woman? He must be tired of living. Cheng Yu coldly said.

Damn, Wu Chang was disappointed when he thought of the same thing. He had lost a great chance to earn merits. "En He quickly made a call.

Cheng Yu gave Zhao Minglong a call. Not long after, a man walked out. Cheng Yu recognized this man. When he bought the car and was detained by Han Xue at the police station, it was Zhao Minglong who went with him to pick him up.

Hello, Mr. Cheng. My name is Zhang Wen and I'm Mayor Zhao's secretary. Mayor Zhao wants me to lead you up there. The man also recognized Cheng Yu and knew that he was the mayor's nephew. He walked up and politely said.

Thank you Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Little Yu is here. Come< Let me introduce you to Director Liu Hai, the head of the City Planning and Land Resources Committee. If you want to buy land from the government, you can talk to him about it. Director Liu, this is Cheng Yu. The moment Cheng Yu entered the room, Zhao Minglong introduced him.

He didn't mention to Liu Hai about Cheng Yu's identity, nor did he mention that Cheng Yu was his nephew. He didn't want anyone to say that he was relying on his relationship to do something, and he had already told Cheng Yu about this before.

Hello Director Liu, sorry for troubling you. Cheng Yu put away the depression in his heart, extended his hand towards Liu Hai and politely said.

Mr Cheng, you're being too polite. I didn't expect that you would be so young. You're truly an exceptional young man Liu Hai stretched out his hand and shook hands with Cheng Yu as he politely smiled and said.

Zhao Minglong had given him a general idea of the other party's purpose for coming here. Although he did not know the other party's identity, he did not dare to slight the mayor for personally coming here.

However, the other party was so young, yet he dared to talk to him about billions of dollars. This truly made people curious about the other party's identity. Was billions something anyone could afford?

If the other party came from a large clan, then what kind of family would come up with billions to train such a young man? This is too extravagant.

Haha, Director Liu, you flatter me. Cheng Yu said with a faint smile.

I wonder what Mr. Cheng is planning to do with such a large piece of land? Liu Hai said.

Hmm, it should be considered a commercial real estate

Commercial real estate? As the leader of the city planning bureau, he naturally had a plan for every place, so he couldn't sell a piece of land in the center of the city to build a polluting factory.

Well, it should be for personal use, but it might involve commercial use later on. Cheng Yu said after some thought.

Well, that's commercial. Liu Hai nodded.

Sure, but I want to see that piece of land first. If it's appropriate, we can discuss it in more detail. Cheng Yu didn't care about how much money he had to spend, he had to do it anyway. As long as it was a suitable place, it didn't matter how much money he spent.

Good, Then let's go now. Liu Hai didn't object. This business deal was not small. If it was a deal, it would cost billions. Naturally, he would be happy to do that as well because it would help impact his political achievements.