Godly Student Chapter 371

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What? You have a wife? Lin Yuhan said in shock.

Hearing that, Cheng Yu was a little flustered, and he was even a little scared. He didn't dare to imagine what would happen next.

You silly girl, what are you thinking about? You laugh like my wife. Don't you know that I'm talking about you? Cheng Yu smiled.

But his heart was thumping nonstop because the wife he was talking about just now was indeed Lin Yuhan herself, but it was also a fact that he had several women he liked. Looking at Lin Yuhan's manner, he could not help but feel guilty, there was still a lot of pressure in wanting to enjoy the blessings of others

Are you sure you didn't lie to me? Lin Yuhan looked into his eyes and said seriously.

Of course I'm not lying to you. The reason why I went to university is all because of you. Do you think that I would abandon you? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Hmph, it sounds so nice. Don't tell me that you won't be studying at university without me? There are so many beautiful girls at the university. I think they must have come for this Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Lin Yuhan's heart calmed down a lot. She felt that she had made a big fuss over nothing...

Hehe, I've already seen them. There's still a huge gap between them and Little Han Han. Seeing that Lin Yuhan didn't think too much about it, Cheng Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

So, if there was someone more beautiful than me, you would have gone after them? Lin Yuhan glared at him and said angrily.

Of course... No, am I the kind of person who would change his mind? With a wife as beautiful as Little Han Han, I wake up happy in my dreams every night. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Who would believe you, there's no truth in your mouth. Lin Yuhan pouted, but she felt very happy in her heart.

He originally wanted to take Lin Yuhan to see the place, but Lin Yuhan insisted on going back to the library with her sisters. Cheng Yu had no choice but to take Lin Yuhan around, eat something and then send her back to school.

He thought that if he wanted to go there in the afternoon, he would have to go through a lot of procedures, so he called Wu Chang to tell him to go to his villa.

After Cheng Yu finished making the call, he thought for a moment, then dialed Qin Canghai's number, and got him and savage wolf to come to his villa. When the three of them heard the news of Cheng Yu's return, they were overjoyed and immediately ran towards his villa.

Cheng Yu returned home first, and not long after, Qin Canghai and the other two rushed over like the wind.

Young Master Yu, You're finally back. Qin Canghai and the rest said happily the moment they entered the villa.

Hehe, did anything happen during this period of time? Cheng Yu said while looking at the three of them.

The three of them had already officially entered the Qi Refining stage. Although in his eyes, this level of cultivation was too low, Cheng Yu was still very happy.

After all, the three of them had been normal people before. If it wasn't for the fact that he had found the Spirit Origin Fruit, it wouldn't have been easy for them to sense the existence of Qi so quickly.

It's not that big of a deal, but it's quite a lot of small matters. It's just the actions of a few other gangs. Qin Canghai said.

Oh? You all should be able to take care of it yourselves Cheng Yu was not interested in these kinds of things. With their current strength, who would they be afraid of in a fight?

Rest assured Young Master Yu, we are now truly Heaven Stage experts. Even if the Green Bamboo Gang were to cause trouble for us, we wouldn't be afraid. Thinking of their current strength, Qin Canghai and the other two were extremely excited.

Heaven Stage, that was a martial arts realm that many people yearned for. A martial artist who could reach the Heaven realm was a big boss. A Heaven realm master's whole body was filled with inner Qi, it was not something that a simple inner strength could compare with.

Legend has it that people who had reached the peak of the Heaven Stage could release their inner Qi to wound others. Previously, they did not understand the realm of martial arts. However, after knowing this, Qin Canghai and the other two were pleasantly surprised to discover that Cheng Yu's methods were the characteristics of peak Heaven Stage experts.

And now, with the help of Cheng Yu, they had already reached the level where other people used most of their lifespan to reach. It was already beyond the scope of the Heaven Stage.

Every time they thought of this, the three of them were extremely excited, especially Wu Chang, he had long treated Cheng Yu as an immortal master and his daughter had taken Cheng Yu as her master.

Un, that's good. I don't want to interfere in the affairs of the Violent Wolf Gang. If with your current strength, you can't even solve these problems, that would be too disappointing. Cheng Yu said indifferently while looking at the three of them.

Although Cheng Yu was young, and the three of them were almost the same age as Cheng Yu's father, but in front of Cheng Yu, they always felt an invisible pressure, as if they could not surpass it.

Yes, Rest assured Young Master Yu, we definitely won't let you down. Qin Canghai said.

That's good. Have any of your men also felt Qi? Qin Canghai and the other two may have thought that Cheng Yu easily allowed them to reach the Heaven Stage, but only Cheng Yu knew the difficulty of this.

Even though he was a pill refiner, he was still unable to draw qi directly into their body, much less concoct such a miraculous pill.

The reason why his women and Qin Canghai's group could reach the Qi Refining stage so quickly was entirely because of the Spirit Origin Fruit. The Spirit Origin Fruit could help wash away one's body essence and improve one's physique. Moreover, the Spirit Origin Fruit itself contained a large amount of spirit energy, which allowed them to quickly comprehend the existence of Qi and thus allow them to reach the Qi Refining stage.

Cheng Yu had also thought of refining the Bone Ablutionary Pill, but he'd already looked for the Spirit Cleansing Grass because it is one of the ingredients to make the Bone Ablutionary Pill. On this trip to the cultivation world, Cheng Yu had been hoarding treasures and didn't have the time to search for a large amount of Spirit Cleansing Grass.

Spirit Cleansing Grass was a very rare thing even in the cultivation world. Otherwise, the cultivation world would have produced cultivators in batches a long time ago. One had to know that the cultivation world was mostly composed of ordinary people, and the cultivators were all found among them.

Moreover, the reason why there were so many cultivators in the cultivation world and why they had more Immortal cultivation potential compared to the secular world was because they were affected by the environment.

The cultivation world was full of spirit energy and everything was natural, without any modern pollution. Thus, in the cultivation world, even if they were ordinary people, their physiques were much better than the secular world people.

Therefore, it would be easier for them to absorb and comprehend energy.

Cheng Yu had no way to concoct a large amount of Bone Ablutionary Pill, and among the various pills found in the Forest of Death, there was no Bone Ablutionary Pill. It had to be said that this was a regret in Cheng Yu's heart.

Now, the reason why Cheng Yu had paid such a huge price to buy land was to create a place that was rich in spiritual energy, just like the cultivation world.

Only if these people lived in this environment for a long time would their physiques be improved, and only then would Cheng Yu be able to make them feel the existence of Qi more easily.

Yes, but there are only three of them, and they are triplets. There were more than five hundred people in the Violent Wolf Gang, but there were only three that managed to realize the existence of Qi. Qin Canghai felt very ashamed.

Three? That's not bad. Cheng Yu was not disappointed. He knew the probability of this happening. He had already checked on the aptitudes of those people, they all had poor aptitudes.

He thought that there wouldn't be an existence that could feel qi among them, but he didn't expect there would be three more. This was already an unexpected surprise.

With three people comprehending Qi, he would be able to save three Spirit Origin Fruits. This already made him very happy.

Let them wait for me in the nightclub tonight. I want to meet them. Cheng Yu said after some thought. Right now, what Cheng Yu lacked the most was talent.

It wasn't easy for three people to become Immortal; they had to be nurtured. Even though it might be very slow, he had quite a bit of wealth, and even if he were to use pills, he could still make a few decent cultivators out of it.

He actually wanted to go to the cultivation world to find someone, but the cultivation world and the mortal world didn't interact. Let alone whether they were willing to come to the mortal world, even if they were willing, he wouldn't dare to do so.

If people were to know that he had moved people from the cultivation world into the secular world, it would definitely arouse the hostility of those sects. Those who didn't know would think that he was trying to occupy the secular world. At that time, even Limitless Palace wouldn't be able to protect him.

Alright Qin Canghai knew that Cheng Yu wanted to train them.

Here are three True Essence Pills, they can increase your cultivation by 60 years. Take them back and absorb them. I believe that you are not far from the intermediate level of the Refinement Stage. The other bottle is a Qi Gathering Pill. Since you already know how to use it, I will not say anything else. Cheng Yu took out three True Essence Pills and three bottles of Qi Gathering Pills and gave them to the three of them.

These three people were his only arms. He had to nurture them properly. As for those women, he would not let them go out and fight.

Thank you, Young Master Yu The three of them excitedly said as they received the pills.

They knew that every time Cheng Yu came looking for them, there would always be something good. Indeed, Cheng Yu actually gave them such a good gift, a Mid Refinement Stage expert? Heaven Stage Mid Rank? Just thinking about it made them excited.

Alright, Canghai and Violent Wolf, go back first. Ol ‘Three will accompany me on some business later. After understanding their situation, Cheng Yu sent them out.

The three of them had long since tacitly agreed that Wu Chang was Cheng Yu's assistant, and usually, Wu Chang would stay by his side whenever there was a problem, as for Qin Canghai and Violent Wolf, they would manage the nightclub properly.

Young Master Yu, where are we going now? There were only two people in the living room, so Wu Chang asked.

Although Cheng Yu always asked him to run errands for him, he wasn't the least bit dissatisfied. On the contrary, he was very happy. Moreover, he was not the only one who wanted to do something for Cheng Yu. Even Qin Canghai and the savage wolf were envious of him.

To the city hall Cheng Yu said indifferently and took the lead to leave the villa.

Wu Chang Zai didn't ask any further questions as he happily kept the pills, and followed behind Cheng Yu. The Violent Wolf Gang was becoming more and more famous, and as the gang's third in command, Wu Chang's status had naturally skyrocketed. However, if others were to see Wu Chang happy to be a follower of a young man, how would they feel?

Only Wu Chang knew that all his reputation was just for show and that everything he had now was because of Cheng Yu. As long as Cheng Yu said it, all the glory and wealth in front of him would be gone with a wave of his hand.

Moreover, Cheng Yu was so mysterious. If he followed such a boss, his future path would be limitless.