Godly Student Chapter 370

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I'm sorry, Senior Xu. I really already have a boyfriend. I hope that you won't bother me again in the future. Lin Yuhan said helplessly.

Yuhan, I've asked around a long time ago, you don't have a boyfriend, I know this is just an excuse, but I really like you, I beg you to give me a chance. Xu Liang remained unmoved as he continued to speak with deep emotion.

Senior Xu, I'm really not lying to you.

Then call him out. Unless I personally witness it, I would really like to see who can become your boyfriend. Even if you do have a boyfriend, if he's not as good as I thought he was, I won't let him go. Xu Liang said firmly.

Ever since he was young, he had been enveloped by countless halos of light. There was never a lack of women around him, and he didn't even know how many of them had delivered themselves to him. He didn't believe that there were still women in this world that he couldn't catch up to.

Lin Yuhan was the first person to reject him, regardless of whether he was a man or a woman. The more they couldn't get their hands on, the more they needed to get their hands on them, and that was what Xu Liang thought.

You... Since the other party was so troublesome, Lin Yuhan was anxious, but she did not know what to do.

This person had been pestering her for more than a day or two. What made her even more irritated was that he still had to pester her every day at her mother's stall, making things difficult for her mother.

Do you think you're outstanding? Just as Lin Yuhan was at a loss for words, a voice rang out.

Cheng... Cheng Yu? You. You're back? Lin Yuhan suddenly raised her head and looked at the person behind Xu Liang. Her heart ached and her eyes reddened. She immediately felt wronged.

Since when did my Little Han Han learn to cry? So many students are watching, how embarrassing Seeing Lin Yuhan's aggrieved expression, Cheng Yu's heart ached. He coldly looked at Xu Liang, then quickly went in front of Lin Yuhan and wiped her tears.

When did you get back? Lin Yuhan also realized that she had lost her composure, and sniffled embarrassedly.

The night before yesterday, I took care of some matters and came to school today to report on it. Come, let's find a quiet place to chat. Cheng Yu looked at Xu Liang and was about to leave.

Stop, You're Yuhan's boyfriend? Xu Liang didn't expect Lin Yuhan to actually have a boyfriend, especially seeing Lin Yuhan in front of him like a little bird following its mother.

He had known Lin Yuhan for more than a month, and she had never been cold or warm to him, maintaining a certain distance from him. No matter how hard he tried, he had not managed to get close to her, but now in front of this man, she was actually so obedient.

Yuhan was also called by you? I don't know how you know my family's Yuhan, but from today onwards, it's best not to let me see you within a meter of her. Otherwise, don't blame me for not telling you what a warning is Cheng Yu looked at him and said in a cold voice.

If not for the fact that Xu Liang was a normal person, he would have already slapped him when he saw the tinge of grievance in Lin Yuhan's eyes.

Brat, don't be too arrogant with your words. You have to understand that saying something that causes trouble isn't something that can only happen in movies He had seen arrogant people before, but he had never seen someone as arrogant as Cheng Yu. When had Xu Liang ever heard someone talk to him like that? His expression immediately turned cold as he spoke without the slightest trace of politeness.

Scram Cheng Yu stared at Xu Liang and coldly spat out a word.

Xu Liang looked into Cheng Yu's eyes and was startled. He immediately took a few steps back. Luckily, there were a few people supporting him from behind. Otherwise, he would have fallen to the ground.

Cheng Yu did not care about these shameless people, and directly pulled Lin Yuhan's hand and walked away.

What a domineering man, is this person Lin Yuhan's boyfriend? So handsome

That's right, This was what a true man should be like. It was no wonder that Xu Liang was looked down upon. Compared to him, he's way too much of a pretty boy.

Tsk, I wonder who said that his boyfriend was useless just now?

Look, they're driving a Lamborghini, Too handsome, he is truly young and rich. I'm so envious of his girlfriend. Seeing Cheng Yu bringing Lin Yuhan into the sports car and leaving with a loud boom, countless men and women were envious.

The female student envied Lin Yuhan's good life, she had such a young and rich boyfriend. On the other hand, the boys were envious of Cheng Yu's sports car, which was worth several million yuan. Sigh, he was also a twenty year old young man, so how could the gap between them be so big?

After Cheng Yu left, the crowd gradually dispersed. No one noticed a girl wearing a long blue skirt behind a big tree. The girl was as beautiful as a flower and her skin was as white as snow. As she watched Cheng Yu leave, her eyebrows slightly knitted, as if she was thinking about something.

Does that kid often comes to bother you? Cheng Yu said while sitting in the car.

Yeah, he came to see me often after we met during the welcoming event, but I didn't pay much attention to him. Lin Yuhan was afraid that Cheng Yu would misunderstand, so she quickly explained.

Didn't I teach you kung fu? In the future, if you meet such an annoying fellow, just beat him up. Cheng Yu smiled.

I'm not like you, hitting someone after a few sentences. Lin Yuhan said snappily. Although she was still persisting on cultivating the cultivation technique that Cheng Yu taught her every day, she had never used it and didn't know if it would be useful or not. Furthermore, she had a gentle personality, so why would she hit him?

Hehe, that's alright. It's the same if I protect you. Otherwise, if you take my job, then I won't be able to find a reason to stay by your side in the future. Cheng Yu smiled.

Anyway, his goal for making Lin Yuhan cultivate was not to let her beat people up. Although he initially made her cultivate to protect herself because of the matter at Kunlun, the most important thing was to let Lin Yuhan extend her life. He did not want Lin Yuhan to leave him in a few decades.

Humph You say that but you went out for so long and didn't even give me a single call, and I couldn't get through to you, we also agreed on at most three months, but it's already been more than four months, if you hadn't told me that you were a cultivator, I would have long reported in for a missing person. Regarding Cheng Yu leaving for four months without any news, Lin Yuhan was worried a lot.

Hehe, this is an accident. I definitely won't do it again in the future. This time, I've brought back a lot of good stuff. It's enough for me to not have to go out at all. Cheng Yu said with a smile. Although the delay was over a month, he felt that it was all worth it.

In the future? You can't be thinking of disappearing for a few months again without any reason, right? Lin Yuhan was surprised.

That's hard to say, but I don't have any plans for the short term. After all, he had plenty of resources at his disposal, so he would not be lacking any resources in the near future.

Hmph, if you disappear like that again, I'll ignore you. Maybe it was because she hadn't seen Cheng Yu for a long time, but now that Cheng Yu had suddenly returned, Lin Yuhan felt that she had never been this relaxed in the past few months. She, who was always unwilling to express her feelings, actually had a bit of a spoiled, coquettish air around her.

Hehe, I promise you that I won't disappear in the future. Cheng Yu also felt the change in Lin Yuhan and was extremely happy.

Oh yeah, did that fatty change his number? Why can't I call him? Cheng Yu suddenly asked when he recalled the previous trio.

Yeah, that guy is also in Yunhai University, and he's in our class. Although Lin Yuhan didn't ask the fatty how he got so many points on the test, she knew that Cheng Yu was the culprit.

Give me his number later. Oh right, there's no class in the afternoon. Have you made any arrangements? He thought about going to the place with Zhao Minglong in the afternoon and bringing Lin Yuhan along to have a look if she had nothing else to do.

This... I told my sisters in the dorm that I was going to the library. Lin Yuhan looked at Cheng Yu and said embarrassedly.

No way. Little Han Han, I saw that couples went to university to talk about love, how can you work so hard? Cheng Yu said in astonishment. This girl couldn't have become addicted to learning!

Seeing that there weren't many classes on the schedule, this girl went to the library to study.

You don't need to study when you go to university? Do you think everyone can eat and drink like you? Otherwise, how can I find a job after graduation Lin Yuhan disagreed with Cheng Yu's thoughts.

This... Little Han Han, don't you have me? What other job do you need? Cheng Yu was speechless. He couldn't even spend all of his money right now, so what was the use of having so much money?

I don't need your money. I can make money by myself Lin Yuhan said seriously.

Alright then. You can earn enough money to support me from now on Everyone had their own goals and dreams, so he naturally would not object to what Lin Yuhan wanted to do. As long as she was happy, he would support her.

What you want is beautiful, the money I earn needs to feed my mom. You're so rich, so how can you care so much about my money? Lin Yuhan said snappily.

Little Han Han, you can't say that. Husband and wife, if you don't raise me, then I will raise you. Since you don't want me to raise you, then I can only let you raise me. Besides, maybe one day I might go bankrupt Cheng Yu smiled.

Humph Stop making sarcastic remarks. Who told you to we would be together as husband and wife? You think too much Lin Yuhan raised her head and said.

Hehe, I just heard someone say that they have a boyfriend, could it be that it's not me? If not, then I'll go and kill him now

What I just said was just an excuse. Anyway, I was upset by his pestering. Lin Yuhan smiled.

Little Han Han, did you know? You look beautiful when you laugh. Just like my wife

What? You have a wife? Cheng Yu was joking, and he was talking about Lin Yuhan, but Lin Yuhan seemed to have another meaning. Her expression changed, and she looked at Cheng Yu with an ugly expression.