Godly Student Chapter 369

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Hey handsome guy, what a coincidence, I'm also going to the Administration Department's office building? Why don't you give me a ride and I'll show you the way? The beauty said with a sweet smile as she bowed and squeezed the seductive white ditch.

University is a place where countless men and women achieve their dreams, whether in school or in relationships. Many people had deeply understood that the opportunity was something they have to snatch. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

As one of the most famous universities in China, Yunhai University had no lack of rich young masters. Maybe the students who eat and drink with you are the descendants of one of China's richest men.

As for the high-profile rich young masters like Cheng Yu, he was the most sought after person in the eyes of the female students. Therefore, when he parked the car next to the female student, she naturally had to seize the opportunity.

Ugh... This... You should tell me the direction, I'll go myself. Seeing that this girl was even more excited than when he saw her, Cheng Yu was shocked. University's girls were indeed a few grades higher than high school's

No worries, how about you leave me a number, handsome. We can have a chat when we have time. Although the girl was a little disappointed, she didn't give up. She even intentionally gave Cheng Yu a coquettish look.

Sorry, I'm in a hurry. Seeing that the other party was so persistent, Cheng Yu could not hold on any longer and hurriedly said.

So it's like that. On the second floor of the fifth tower. Noticing that Cheng Yu wasn't interested, the girl said in disappointment.

Thank you Cheng Yu smiled gratefully and quickly drove the car away.

F * ck, it looks like this university trip isn't so easy. If top-grade fresh meat like me were to be soaked by a girl, then the change would be too great. Cheng Yu sighed as he drove.

Sigh, What a great big fish. He just slipped away like that. The girl looked at the back of the luxurious car with a regretful expression.

Under the envious gaze of many students, Cheng Yu got out of the luxurious car and went directly to the second floor. As he paid attention to the signboard on the door, Cheng Yu finally found the teacher's office with the Department of Economics hanging on it.

Dong, dong, dong. The door to the office was not closed and it was filled with desks. Quite a few teachers were chatting inside. Cheng Yu, who was standing by the door, knocked on the office door.

What do you need? A female teacher in her forties, who was on a desk near the door, said.

Hello, I'm looking for Teacher Cai Xiangyan. Cheng Yu said.

She's on the second table on the right. The female teacher looked at Cheng Yu and said indifferently.

Thank you

Excuse me, are you Teacher Cai? Cheng Yu walked to the second table on the right. A thirty-year-old female teacher, with average looks, was typing on a notebook. Looking at her radiant face, she might be flirting with her lover.

Which class are you in? What's the matter? Cai Xiangyan looked at Cheng Yu and continued typing in her notebook. She had a total of four classes from the Department of Economics. Although it had been more than a month since the start of school, She still couldn't remember every one of her students. She naturally did not know which class Cheng Yu was from.

I'm Cheng Yu from Department 1. I'm here to report in. Yesterday, Cheng Meiyan had told him that she had already helped him apply for a long leave of absence.

Cheng Yu? You're that college entrance examination top scorer, Cheng Yu? Although Cai Xiangyan didn't know many other students, the special case in her hands was unforgettable.

After the results were announced for the summer holidays, the top scorer for the college entrance examination caused a lot of commotion. However, this person with a perfect score had never appeared before. It was as if he just disappeared into thin air.

Many universities in China had invited him, but what was once again puzzling was that this mysterious top scorer had volunteered to be at Yunhai University.

Although Yunhai University was a pretty good university, it was still quite a distance away from the two famous universities in the capital. After this voluntary exposure, it caused quite a stir again. After school, quite a few reporters came to the school to interview, wanting to see just what kind of person was the top scorer for the College Entrance Test.

Unfortunately, the crowd still only heard his name, but didn't see him. Finally, they found out that Cheng Yu had applied for a long leave of absence. Many people guessed that this top scorer did not want to appear in public view

Now that Cheng Yu appeared before her and seeing his handsome face and his expensive clothes, he looked like a rich young master. She even doubted the other party's identity.

When the other teachers heard that Cheng Yu had showed up, they too looked curiously at this legendary top scorer of the college entrance examination. They don't see anything special about this person either

If the results aren't wrong, I think it should be me. Cheng Yu really didn't like the feeling of being treated like a zoo animal.

I don't know why you took such a long vacation. Since you are back to school now, you should study hard. Although your university entrance examination results are shocking, there are still a lot of talented students in the university. I hope that you don't become complacent just because of momentary success and that you will still work hard in the university. Seeing Cheng Yu's arrogant attitude, Cai Xiangyan said in a serious tone.

Alright, Teacher Cai, can you give me my schedule? Cheng Yu said without thinking much of it. He had never cared about his own astonishing results.

When he thought of this extremely dazzling top scorer's halo, Cheng Yu felt a little regretful. If he had known earlier, he would have been like Fatty. He only needed to get 600 points, yet everyone treated him as a special person.

Yes, here's your dorm key, class schedule, and books. Cai Xiangyan said as she took out a class schedule, a dormitory key, and a pile of books from a drawer.

Thank you teacher. If there's nothing else, I'll head back first Cheng Yu took his stuff and left the office.

Returning to the car, Cheng Yu looked at the schedule and found that there were very few courses per day, a maximum of six sessions per day and the minimum of at least two sessions.

Oh my god. the university is so cool. Courses are too casual. However, this was just right. After all, he wasn't a diligent and studious student. It would be even better if the curriculum was blank.

Cheng Yu took out his phone and looked at the date. F * ck, we have two classes today, and it's almost 10 o'clock. He had wanted to give Lin Yuhan a pleasant surprise, but now it seemed that he could only give her a call.

Thinking that it was still school time, Cheng Yu didn't hurry to call her and instead drove to a place not far away from the school building. Sitting in the car and watching the pair of men and women outside, Cheng Yu sighed with emotion.

Remembering the scene in high school, many students studied hard day and night in order to squeeze into the university's doorstep. However, there were so many casual students at the university. As they were all hugging each other, they had long forgotten the difficult times they had been in.

Ding Dong Dong! Ten-odd minutes later, the bell inside the school building finally rang. Soon, a female student came out with a book in her hands.

Cheng Yu tightly stared at the school building, looking forward to the figure that he had missed for a long time. Just as Cheng Yu was getting anxious from waiting, a familiar figure finally appeared in his field of vision.

However, before he could celebrate, he frowned. A few guys had already surrounded her. One of them, a tall guy in a casual black suit was holding a bunch of flowers and blocking Lin Yuhan's path.

Wah, Senior brother Xu has sent flowers again. This is already the tenth day, how envious

That's right, Senior brother Xu not only has a good family background, but he also has outstanding grades. If it were me, I would definitely agree without any hesitation.

Sigh, who asked us to not have their own face?

So what if her face is beautiful? It's still the same after turning off the lights, having a beautiful face doesn't mean anything A girl said unhappily.

Haha, there was a guy confessing to you two days ago, why didn't you accept it? Anyway, isn't it the same if you turn off the lights? A girl beside her teased.

"What do you know? This was only for women, so finding a man naturally meant picking the best. For a guy like Senior Xu, I won't hesitate to agree. " The girl said disapprovingly.

I heard that this Lin Yuhan already has a boyfriend, maybe her boyfriend is even richer? If so, I also won't agree to Senior Xu. A girl said.

I think that's just an excuse. If she really has a boyfriend, then why didn't she just call him out? Her boyfriend wouldn't even dare to stand up for her when she's being pestered every day. What's the use of having a boyfriend like that? Moreover, I have seen countless girls before, so I can tell that she is still young. A beauty like this, which man would let her go? Either this boyfriend doesn't exist, or that man is a piece of trash The girl said in disdain.

Xu Liang, what are you doing? My family's Yuhan has already rejected you, why are you still shamelessly pestering her Before Lin Yuhan could say anything, a slightly chubby girl beside her spoke up first and spoke to the boy who was holding the flowers.

Yuhan, I know you don't know me well enough, so I was a bit hesitant, but it's okay, I don't want you to agree to be my girlfriend right now, you just need to promise me a chance to pursue you. Although the boy was very unhappy with the girl's actions, she was Lin Yuhan's good friend, even though he was unhappy, he didn't dare to do anything to her. Thus, he just ignored her and sent flowers to the gentle-looking Lin Yuhan.

I'm sorry, Senior Xu. I really already have a boyfriend. Thank you for your good intentions, but I hope you won't do this again. Lin Yuhan looked at him and said with a troubled expression.

Ever since he saw Lin Yuhan, he had been infatuated to the core and had always been chasing after her. But no matter how many times Lin Yuhan had refused, Xu Liang had never given up. This had also made Lin Yuhan feel very helpless and distressed.