Godly Student Chapter 368

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Alright then, send the money to my account, I want to use it. Cheng Yu also believed that Yang Ruoxue wouldn't lie to him, so he said that.

Money is automatically transferred to your account every month. But are you really going to spend ten billion to build a house? Have you lost your mind? Yang Ruoxue found it hard to understand Cheng Yu's actions.

Perhaps to him, earning money was too easy. Any pill formula would be enough for him to squander his entire life. But even so, does he have to treat money as paper?

Of course it's true. There are some things that I cannot tell you right now. After I've finished preparing everything, you will know why I need so much money. I will let you see what a miracle is. Cheng Yu smiled mysteriously.

This idea had already formed in Cheng Yu's mind a few months ago, but at that time, there was no money, and most importantly, there were no resources.

But now it was different. This trip to the cultivation world could be said to be quite fruitful. It was enough for him to build an ideal home.

He believed that once this idea was realized, it would become the most dazzling miracle of the entire world.

Humph. Anyway, it's your own money, you can do whatever you want, but I want to see what you can come up with. Can your house be rimmed with diamonds? Yang Ruoxue said in a depressed tone.

Hur Hur, but that might not be the case Cheng Yu smiled.

He sat in Yang Ruoxue's office for the whole afternoon and ate together after work in the evening before separating.

Cheng Yu really wanted to follow Yang Ruoxue home, but unfortunately, he still had matters to take care of, so he could only give up.

RUUUUUUUU! A burst of rumbling sounds broke the silence of the night as Cheng Yu drove his car into Zhao Minglong's house.

He took out the key to open the door and saw Zhao Minglong's family sitting in the living room watching TV. Just as they were curious about who opened the door, Cheng Yu appeared in front of them.

Little Yu? When did you get back? Zhao Minglong said in surprise.

Whiz! Before Cheng Yu could even make a sound, a small figure had already rushed into his arms.

Keke, did you miss your bro? Cheng Yu hugged Keke and kissed her on the cheek while smiling.

Yes Keke hugged Cheng Yu's neck tightly. Haha, uncle, aunt, are you two doing well? Cousin Fang, did you miss your cousin? Cheng Yu carried Keke into the living room and greeted everyone.

Humph, Who would miss you? You didn't even give me a call for so long Zhao Yunfang said to Cheng Yu in a very dissatisfied manner.

Little Yu, where did you go? It's been so long since there's been any news. If it wasn't for your grandpa telling me not to worry, we would have already posted an announcement to find someone Seeing that Cheng Yu had returned safe and sound, Cheng Meiyan also relaxed.

Hur Hur, I just went to tour around. I'm just here to say hello to grandpa. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

So that's how it is. You must be here today to get the university notice. Brat, you really do hide your strength well. You actually managed to get such a result. Back then, you frightened us all When she thought about Cheng Yu's amazing full marks, it gave her quite a scare.

As his aunt, how could she not know what kind of trash Cheng Yu was? Ever since he was young, he didn't like to read books, but now he took out a school report card with a perfect score. If it wasn't because this was the college entrance exam, she would have thought that this was a fake report card made by Cheng Yu himself.

But then again, no matter how Cheng Yu got this result, since everyone admitted to it, as his family, what could be happier than this?

Her nephew was the unparalleled top scorer in the history of the college entrance examination. Wherever he went, it would be a matter of incomparable honor and glory.

Hehe, this is an accident. You know that I usually keep a low profile. The moment I get serious during the college entrance exam, I'll expose myself. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Cousin, since you're so amazing, can you help me out? Who knows, maybe by the time I take my college entrance exam, I might be able to become the second top scorer with a perfect score? Zhao Yunfang said excitedly as she recalled her cousin's enviable score.

In the eyes of the students right now, Cheng Yu was just like a god of learning. What could be more amazing than getting a perfect score on the college entrance examination? Since ancient times, it had been hard to find such people.

Of course, there's no problem with that. This is just a small matter Cheng Yu said without thinking much of it. Zhao Yunfang had always been a smart person, and her academic performance was not bad either. As long as he helped her improve her memory, even if she didn't get a perfect score on the test, he believed that her results would be shocking enough.

Really, Cousin, you're not allowed to go back on your word. Zhao Yunfang said excitedly.

When did cousin lie to you? Here, eat this. It's enough to make you increase your memory. Cheng Yu casually took out a pill and said.

What kind of pill is this, to be able to increase my memory after eating it? It wasn't just Zhao Yunfang, even Zhao Minglong and his wife said in disbelief.

This is called Soul Recovering Pill. It can help increase a person's memory. Once Fang Fang ate this, I believe she will remember everything really quickly. Cheng Yu explained with a smile.

There is such a miraculous medicine? Is this is also a new drug developed by Wan-Mei Group? Zhao Minglong said. In recent months, the products of the Wanmei Group have appeared out of nowhere, setting off a huge wave in the Chinese beauty industry. Now, there is probably no one in China who didn't know of this company.

Wrong, how could the Wan mei Group have the strength to do so? These were all done by me. Cheng Yu said in disdain.

Such a miraculous pill was created by you? Earlier, Cheng Yu had said that the pill was his, but she didn't think that Cheng Yu would have been able to create such a magical pill.

Of course, but I don't have the intention to put this pill on the market. Cheng Yu was no longer short on money, and it was impossible for him to use all of his abilities.

To him, money was like a pile of numbers, just like now. As long as he needed it, he has many ways to earn money.

He could give the extra money to those who needed it, but he wouldn't. Everyone has their own destiny. He is not the Savior, and he has no duty or obligation to do so.

Even in the cultivation world, there was a huge gap between the rich and the poor, just like how he currently possessed a large amount of resources. He alone would not be able to use all of them, but it was impossible for him to just give them to someone else.

In a human's life, there would always be a goal that they had to strive for. It was just that the goal they had to strive for was different. A man's goal is to become rich and another man's goal is for the eternal happiness of the people around him.

Mhm, the Wan Mei Group has already made a name for themselves, so it's better to settle down for a bit. Zhao Minglong nodded.

Oh right, Uncle, I told you last time that I wanted to buy a piece of land. Was the place you mentioned before still on sale? Right now, what Cheng Yu cared the most about was his great idea.

Yes, but the land is desolate. Why do you need such a barren land? Traffic isn't convenient, and that place isn't that good either Zhao Minglong frowned and said.

I won't tell you this for now. I want to take a look at it sometime. I wonder when uncle will have the time? Cheng Yu said.

If you're in a hurry, I can accompany you tomorrow. But do you really have the money to buy such a large land? It was hard for him to understand his nephew.

Regardless of what he did or what happened to him, it was all extremely mysterious, even inconceivable. Normal people would not be able to understand it at all.

Don't worry about that. If I don't have any money, I will tell you about it. I'll look for you at the city hall tomorrow Cheng Yu said.

Alright He knew that Cheng Yu was cooperating with the Wan mei Group, so the Wan mei Group must have made a lot in the past few months.

As the owner of the new product, Cheng Yu definitely had a good share of this collaboration.

Seeing Cheng Yu grow so fast and his ability to amass wealth so fast, it was impossible for him to not be able to accept it even if he wanted to.

Cheng Yu did not return to his villa, but stayed at the Zhao Family for the night.

Seeing Keke, who had already fallen asleep beside him, Cheng Yu hesitated. He didn't know whether he should let Keke cultivate to become an immortal. After all, Keke had just gotten used to living in the city.

If she was allowed to cultivate to the Immortal Realm, she would definitely become different from the other children. He was afraid that this would affect her current life.

Cheng Yu shook his head and stopped thinking about it. After all, he had the Source Spirit Pill, and as long as he was around, he would have a way to help her cultivate quickly.

The next day, Cheng Yu had breakfast and headed to Yunhai University without a word.

Although Cheng Yu had never been to Yunhai University, how could he be afraid of being unable to find it with the navigation system? Actually, Yunhai University wasn't that far away from Yunhai High School. Soon, Cheng Yu arrived at the main gate of Yunhai University.

This is a university? It really is a paradise on earth Watching the female students who went in and out of the university, dressed in very fashionable attire, Cheng Yu suddenly began to look forward to the university life.

If it was said that high school girls were full of youthful vigor, then universities were definitely full of youthful beauty. They were no longer subject to the various restrictions of the school, and they no longer had to wear tasteless school uniforms.

Moreover, there were many people driving luxury cars like him on campus, and he even saw quite a few that were more arrogant than his car.

Cheng Yu slowly drove the car into the school. Halfway there, he suddenly stopped the car. Where was he going?

Remembering that his first little brother, Fatty, was also here, he quickly took out his phone and made a call.

Sorry, the number you dialed does not exist, please verify it before you dial A pleasant voice came from the other side.

F * ck, did this guy change his number? Cheng Yu looked at the phone and said gloomily.

Hey beautiful lady, may I ask where is the teacher's office in the Department of Economics and Administration? Helplessly, Cheng Yu saw a beautiful lady, dressed in revealing clothes and fashionable clothes walking over. He immediately spoke with a friendly tone.

Hey handsome brother, what a coincidence. I have to go to the administration building too. Why don't we go togetherr When the girl saw him driving such a good car and he was so handsome, she immediately bent over and said with a sweet voice.