Godly Student Chapter 367

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You... You still know how to come back? Yang Ruoxue looked at the face in front of her who had appeared countless times in her dreams. She was a little excited, but she immediately concealed her emotions, feigning indifference while speaking with slight dissatisfaction.

Hehe, my wife is still here. How could I not know how to return? Cheng Yu was very sensitive and noticed the excitement in Yang Ruoxue's eyes. He held her hand and said with a smile.

Hmph, who's your wife? After being away for so long, I'm afraid that you've already hooked up with quite a few young girls Yang Rouxue took her hand back and made a few symbolic stabs before allowing Cheng Yu to grab onto it. Her face was slightly flushed.

Ruoxue, can I take it that you're feeling jealous? Cheng Yu was sitting on Yang Ruoxue's desk. He gently caressed her hands, it was so tender and soft that he couldn't bear to put them down.

Stop dreaming, who would be jealous of a playboy like you? Yang Ruoxue pouted.

Ruoxue, you got skinnier Looking at Yang Ruoxue's pretty face, Cheng Yu felt his heart ache as he said this.

Where? Yang Ruoxue was a little afraid to look at Cheng Yu's gentle eyes, so she touched her slightly hot face and said.

You didn't practice the cultivation technique I taught you? Cheng Yu said. Seeing that she was only at the early Qi Refining stage, there was also a look of exhaustion on her face.

Busy working every day, how can I have time? Yang Ruoxue said.

Why are you working so hard? We don't lack money

The company is currently on the rise, how can I slack off so easily? Yang Ruoxue shook her head.

You can give it to the people below. You don't have to do everything by yourself. Although Cheng Yu didn't have the experience of being a CEO, he had once been a Sect Leader, so he shouldn't be too far off. In any case, he had so many people under his control.

I'm worried about leaving some things to others, I will take good care of myself. Is there anything else you need me for? If not, I'm going to work. Looking at the pile of documents on the table, Yang Ruoxue dismissed the guest.

Don't, Ruoxue, we haven't met for such a long time. Can't you give me some time? It will take time for us to build up our relationship as well Cheng Yu closed the document Yang Ruoxue just opened and said with a sad face.

Who wants to cultivate their relationship with you? I really have a lot of documents to deal with right now. Yang Ruoxue said awkwardly.

Ruoxue, you hurt my heart so much, do you know that for the past four months, I have been thinking about you every night, lingering on the edge of death several times, almost not coming back. But when I realized that you were still waiting for me, I crawled back from the edge of death. Now that I've finally returned, I can't even talk to you. It's like my heart is being chopped into a thousand pieces. Cheng Yu said with a sorrowful expression as he held his chest.

This... I am not as heartless as you make me out to be Seeing Cheng Yu's appearance, Yang Ruoxue said embarrassedly.

I don't blame you. Who told me to care so much about you Cheng Yu said tenderly.

I ... Yang Ruoxue was panicking and didn't know what to do.

Cheng Yu gently moved his face over, wanting to kiss that alluring and sexy lips.

Yang Ruoxue became even more nervous as her hands gently supported Cheng Yu's chest. She didn't know if she should refuse or not. Her heart was beating wildly like a little deer.

Ka-cha! * Just when Cheng Yu had smelled the fragrance of Yang Ruoxue's breath, the office door suddenly opened. A woman was standing in front of the door with a document in hand.

This woman was none other than Yang Ruoxue's secretary, Lan Ziyan. Usually, Yang Ruoxue was busy with work and didn't want to be influenced by others, so Lan Ziyan didn't need to knock on the door to enter the office.

But today, she didn't expect her boss to have a man in her office, and their posture was so ambiguous. For a moment, Lan Ziyan didn't know whether to advance or retreat.

What is it? Come in Yang Ruoxue didn't expect that her secretary would see such a scene. She immediately pushed Cheng Yu away with a blush and pretended to be calm as she spoke.

Oh, Director Yang, here are the financial statements for this month that you requested. Lan Ziyan woke up from her stupor and quickly walked in to hand the documents to Yang Ruoxue.

En, if there's nothing else, you can go out first. Oh right, bring Mr. Cheng Yu a cup of tea. Yang Ruoxue took the report and said.

Alright Lan Ziyan was also surprised when she saw the man's face. She knew that all the new products in the company these past few months came from the hands of this mysterious young man.

She had originally thought that the two of them were just cooperating, but now it seemed that the two of them were a couple. Not giving her time to think about it, she quickly left the office.

It's all your fault. making me look like a fool in front of my subordinates. Lan Ziyan closed the door and walked out. Yang Ruoxue said to Cheng Yu with a face full of dissatisfaction.

Hur Hur, what's that? You're the boss and not a saint. It's only right and proper for men and women to love each other. Cheng Yu said with a smile, I didn't even get to kiss you just now, how about we do it again?

Who wants to try again with you? Sit for a while. I'll deal with the documents first. Let's have dinner together tonight. Yang Ruoxue pushed Cheng Yu off the desk and said.

Alright, It's such a pity, your secretary doesn't know the rules. How could she just barge in like that? Cheng Yu said with a disappointed expression.

I allowed her to come in without knocking. Yang Ruoxue said.

Not long after, Lan Ziyan made two cups of tea.

Secretary Lan, you've disturbed my plans just now. Shouldn't you compensate me as well? Cheng Yu took the tea from the other party and said while smiling at her.

Huh? Lan Ziyan was still immersed in her shock from what Cheng Yu had just said. Her face turned red and she didn't know what to do.

Alright, you can leave now Yang Ruoxue quickly said when she saw that this little pervert was flirting with girls again.

Don't even think about her. If I find out that you have ulterior motives towards her, I'll ignore you. After Lan Ziyan left, Yang Ruoxue viciously looked at Cheng Yu and said.

Cough cough, don't misunderstand. How could I possibly be that sort of person? You really look down on me. Hearing Yang Ruoxue's words, Cheng Yu nearly choked on his tea as he hurriedly said.

Hmph, that would be for the best Yang Ruoxue coldly snorted and started to process the documents.

Cheng Yu sat in her office shamelessly. He picked up the financial statement that Lan Ziyan had brought with her for last month. When he saw the numbers on it, his eyes immediately lit up.

Ruoxue, if I want to apply for funds from your company, how much can I get at most? Cheng Yu said.

Propose funds? What do you want? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Yang Ruoxue said vigilantly.

I have a big project which requires a large number of funds. I want to see how much funds you can provide me. Cheng Yu said.

What project?" Is there a new product? Yang Ruoxue said excitedly.

Ever since she started working with Cheng Yu, the appearance of the pill had allowed Wan Mei to quickly rise in the beauty industry. Especially in these few months, after buying several production lines and expanding their production, the two products had now completely opened up their markets, causing a heated response throughout the country.

Now that she had tens of billions of dollars in turnover every month, besides the cost of all sorts of expenses, the profits were also terrifyingly large. Moreover, the products of the Longevity Pill were already in the market, this was yet another huge fortune.

If Cheng Yu still had new products, of course, she would have to grab them.

No, this is my personal matter, of course, it's ours as well. Cheng Yu smiled.

Both of ours? What is it? Yang Ruoxue said with a puzzled expression.

I want a plot of land.

Land? What are you going to do there?

I should say it's to create a home for us Cheng Yu thought about it for a moment. He didn't know how to describe this kind of place.

Home? To build a villa? Don't you already have a villa? Yang Ruoxue said with a puzzled expression.

This is different. I can't explain it clearly now, but you'll know about it in the future. Cheng Yu said.

Then how much do you need? To her, buying a plot of land to build a few houses didn't cost much.

It would probably cost tens of billions Cheng Yu didn't know much about these things, but back then when he was discussing with Zhao Tianlong, he had said that the land would cost around six billion yuan.

From the looks of it, if you add in the construction etc, it would at least cost tens of billions

What? tens of billions? Do you use the money as concrete to build your house? Yang Ruoxue said in surprise.

Dozens of billions? I see that your monthly report has more than tens of billions of dollars, so it looks very easy Cheng Yu said disapprovingly.

Although he had a basic understanding of Chinese money, he had never experienced the hardships of making money, so he didn't understand the market price and only knew that he easily got that much money.

Easy? Of course you think it's easy to have so much money in a few months since you haven't done anything at all. But do you know how many people work overtime day and night for the money on this report? Yang Ruoxue said snappily.

Then why don't you give them more wages? We've already made so much money. Cheng Yu said disapprovingly.

The salary that we, Wan Mei, have given them is already very high, but it can't be too outrageous. It would be unrealistic if every employee has the salary of a manager. Yang Ruoxue said snappily.

This person really takes money for granted. He is planning to spend tens of billions of dollars so casually

My share should be quite good, right? Even though there was so much money in the report, he still had half of it. It should be enough for him to spend.

There should be more than 10 billion Yang Ruoxue said.

It can't be, you already made 20 billion in profit this month. I only made 20 billion in four months, you can't be taking my money for yourself, right? Cheng Yu said in disbelief.

Who took it for themselves? We only opened up the national market last month, so we only had this kind of result. Although we also sold well in the past, our production is limited, so naturally, we can't compare with what we have now. Yang Ruoxue said snappily.