Godly Student Chapter 366

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That's a must. Can an average person marry his teacher? Cheng Yu said proudly.

You're not allowed to bring up this matter again in the future, otherwise, I'll get angry. Every time she went home, she would recall the look in her mother's eyes and also remember her and Cheng Yu's identities. She could not help but feel conflicted.

Why? Am I that shameful? Cheng Yu said without thinking much of it.

No, I don't want others to know that you were once my student. Teacher and student love was too controversial in society. She didn't want to be described as a woman who disobeyed ethics.

So that's how it is. It doesn't matter, as long as you admit that I'm your husband. You can say whatever you want to the rest. Cheng Yu smiled.

Alright, when will you report to school? Now that the semester has started over a month ago, even if you are the top scorer with a perfect score, it would still be unjustifiable for you to not report in for so long Yao Na didn't want to discuss their relationship with Cheng Yu because she didn't know how to handle it.

Tomorrow, I just got back, so I need to take care of some matters first. What department did you report to me for?

Didn't you already choose? You are in the same major as your little girlfriend, the economics management major. Yao Na said in a slightly jealous tone.

Oh, What about Fatty? When he thought of his first follower, Cheng Yu still held him in high regard.

I wonder what kind of dog shit luck that brat got. He actually managed to score six hundred points this time, it's simply a miracle. As a form teacher, how could she not know what that guy is like? With that little bit of ability of his, not to mention going to Yunhai University, it was impossible for him to be even a second-rate undergraduate.

Although she felt that this kid had cheated, the college entrance examination was like this. As long as you had this kind of ability and it wasn't discovered, then that was true skill.

Moreover, appearing with such a high score in her class was a form of affirmation towards her job. Naturally, she would not pursue this matter to the bottom of her heart.

Hehe, so this means that this kid is also at Yunhai University? Who else knew this better than himself? Not to mention Fatty, if he wanted to, he could give the answers to everyone in the class at the same time. Everyone could get more than 600 points.

However, he did not have that kind of relationship with other people, so he naturally would not reveal too much of his stuff.

Tell me the truth, did you do this? In fact, this question had already appeared in Yao Na's mind long ago. It was just that Cheng Yu wasn't around and she didn't want to ask Fatty to avoid being discovered by others. Seeing Cheng Yu's proud smile, she was even more sure that it was because of him.

Heh heh, what do you think? Isn't it flawless Cheng Yu didn't deny it. He even told the other party that he was a cultivator. So this was a small matter

I knew it was you. Otherwise, with that little bit of ink, he wouldn't have been able to score 600 points even if he brought his books in. You're too bold. The college entrance exam is the most important exam in the entire country, and the entrance exam is also very strict. What will you do if you are discovered? Yao Na said with some dissatisfaction after hearing Cheng Yu admit to it.

Hehe, you're underestimating me. If I can't even handle such a small matter, then wouldn't I have accepted him as my little brother for nothing? Let alone the two invigilators(basically an examiner), even if he were to sit in front of me and stare at me from the start to the end, they wouldn't be able to notice anything. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Why? How did you do it? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Yao Na became curious.

It's very simple, that's all Cheng Yu smiled. His mouth didn't move, but his voice was transmitted into Yao Na's mind.

You ... Were you talking to me just now? Yao Na kept looking at Cheng Yu. When she saw that his mouth didn't move, she heard his voice. She thought she was mistaken and said in surprise.

Of course, who do you think will find out with this method of cheating? Cheng Yu transmitted his voice again.

No wonder. Fatty really stepped on dog shit this time. He was able to recognize you as a boss. Yao Na finally believed that Cheng Yu was talking to him.

Hey, hearing your words, why do I feel like that dog shit? Can't you give a better analogy? Just like you, for you to be able to meet me is the fate of the heavens. You and I are fated to be together forever. Cheng Yu said.

Hehe, I think you're that pile of dog shit. Yao Na smiled.

Then can I go to Yunhai University tomorrow? Cheng Yu didn't want to argue whether he was a pile of dog shit or not.

I've already given your aunt your notice of admission. I don't know if she reported it for you or not, go ask her, if she has already registered for you and accepted your book, you should be able to go straight to school. If you don't have it, you need to report it yourself. Yao Na said.

After having dinner with Yao Na, he sent her back to school. However, she was afraid of being criticized by others, so she got off the car 200 meters in front of the school gate.

Cheng Yu had just returned to Yunhai. He wanted to meet with many people to let everyone know that he, Cheng Yu, had returned.

This time, Cheng Yu was going to Yang Ruoxue's home.

Ding dong Cheng Yu arrived at Yang Ruoxue's villa, pressed the doorbell, and Mrs. Zhang walked out.

Young Master Yu, it's been a long time since you've been here. Why are you only able to come today? Seeing Cheng Yu standing at the door, Mrs. Zhang said happily.

Cheng Yu was a kind person, and he even gave her a few pills he made himself, which not only made her look younger but also made her body look better and healthier. In addition to his relationship with her family's young miss, Mrs. Zhang also liked Cheng Yu a lot and treated him as the young master of the Yang family.

However, Cheng Yu hadn't been here even once in the past few months. How could she not be happy when she saw Cheng Yu's appearance?

Hehe, Mrs. Zhang, you are really getting younger and younger. You are just like an eighteen year old little girl. I'm afraid I'll have to call you sister from now on. Seeing that Zhang Ma had come out, Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Haha, Young Master Yu is still so fond of joking. Would you like to come in and take a seat? I'll make you a cup of tea Mrs. Zhang said as she opened the door.

There's no need, Zhang Ma. I just want to see if Ruoxue is home. Cheng Yu said.

Miss is at the company today. If you want to find her, you can only go to the company. Zhang Ma did not mind and said.

Alright, then I'll be leaving first. Next time, I'll come to drink some tea brewed by Mrs. Zhang. After Cheng Yu said this, he turned around and prepared to leave.

Young Master Yu, wait a moment. Mrs. Zhang suddenly called out to Cheng Yu.

Mrs. Zhang, what's the matter? Cheng Yu turned around and said.

Young Master Yu, have you been quarreling with the Young Miss recently?

No? What's wrong? Cheng Yu asked curiously.

It's good then. I just saw that Young Master Yu hadn't been here for a long time and that Miss is often lost in her own thoughts. I thought you guys were arguing

So that's the case. I've been overseas for the past few months, and I just came back last night. I don't want to argue with Ruoxue, and I don't have the time to do so. Cheng Yu smiled.

That's good, go look for the young miss. I'm sure she'll be very happy to see you. Zhang Ma said with relief.

I never thought this girl would really think about me like that Cheng Yu happily thought as he drove.

RUUUUUUUU! A dark-gray sportscar roared and rushed over from underneath the Wan Mei Building, and just as it turned around after a perfect drift, it stopped.

Mr. Cheng, you're here As soon as Cheng Yu got out of the car, the security guard called Little Four actively ran over to open the door for him.

Hehe, it's you. That's right, your vision is still as good as ever. If there's a chance, I will definitely let you, Yang Dong, get promoted. Cheng Yu said with a smile when he saw the security guard.

Thank you, Mr. Cheng. Thank you, Mr. Cheng. Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Little Four said excitedly.

Cheng Yu walked into the elevator by himself and waited for a while. He stretched his head out and looked outside before pressing down on the floor where Yang Ruoxue was and went straight up. Looking at the empty elevator and seeing that he was the only one there, Cheng Yu was very disappointed. It seemed like he didn't make good use of his time. He remembered that the last time he was here, it was filled with beauties. Sigh

Ding dong, The elevator door opened and Cheng Yu once again entered the office filled with beautiful girls. Unfortunately, the beauties in the office were all working with their heads down while Cheng Yu was blocked by the glass door. The door needed a card to open.

Cheng Yu studied for a while, but no one came to open the door for him. He didn't want Yang Ruoxue to know that he was going to give her a surprise, so he gently placed his hand on the magnetic card sensor.

Ka-cha! * Suddenly, the glass door opened and Cheng Yu snickered before entering the office.

It's you, How did you get in? Cheng Yu had only taken two steps when he was caught by the beautiful girl called Jiajia.

Hehe, so it's little sister Jiajia. It's been a long time since we last met. Did you miss me? Cheng Yu smiled when he saw the other party.

Who would miss you? You haven't even answered how you came in? Jiajia said with a blush.

The door wasn't locked and I just came in

Is the door unlocked? How is that possible? When Jiajia walked up to the glass door and saw that the door was not locked, she wondered if it was broken.

Hey, What are you doing? Jiajia turned around and saw Cheng Yu sneaking into the CEO's office. She quickly called out.

Shh Cheng Yu put his finger to his mouth and shushed her. He then opened the door and walked in. Jiajia was shocked but dared not speak out loud.

Although Cheng Yu had come a few times, she didn't know his identity, but she could tell that his relationship with the CEO was not ordinary, so she could only let him go.

Shan Shan, you came at the right time. Go and give this document to Manager Huang. Sensing that someone had entered, Yang Ruoxue assumed that it was her secretary, Lan Ziyan. She picked up a document and continued to work on the rest of the documents.

What's wrong? Take this file away Yang Ruoxue raised her hand and held it out for a while, but the other party did not accept it. Yang Ruoxue then opened her mouth and spoke again.

Why are you ... You ... The other party still didn't pick up. Li Ruoxue was just about to throw a tantrum when she raised her head and saw a face that appeared in her dreams countless of times in front of her. She was suddenly speechless.