Godly Student Chapter 365

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Cheng Yu Yao Na looked at the familiar car and her voice trembled. Clearly, she could not suppress the excitement on her face.

She didn't know when this former student of hers would come to her dreams uncontrollably. It had been more than four months and there was no news at all. She knew that Cheng Yu was no ordinary person, but she still couldn't help worrying for him.

Now, he had finally returned

Hehe, Teacher Yao, are you interested in having a meal together? A familiar face stretched out from the car window, looking at Yao Na with a smile.

What class are you in? How can you talk to your teacher like that? It's too rude. I need to ask the chairman to properly talk to you. Before Yao Na could say anything, the male teacher beside her spoke first.

This student was really too rude. This was simply disrespecting a teacher. Yao Na was currently the target of his pursuit. How could he let the student steal the limelight? Even though this student seemed to be very rich, driving such a good car.

But in school, teachers were still teachers. So what if their family was rich?

What are you daydreaming for? Get in the car, I haven't had my breakfast yet. Seeing Yao Na standing there in a daze, Cheng Yu spoke up once again. He did not take this male teacher seriously at all.

Cheng Yu had never seen this person before, so he must be a newly transferred teacher, but he had no interest in men.

You... The male teacher was infuriated. He was a specially hired special grade teacher of this school, but when had he ever been treated so badly by his students?

Everyone, I'm sorry, but I have some matters to take care of with him, so I won't be coming with you today. Yao Na knew Cheng Yu's personality and he was more stubborn than anyone else. Although Teacher Liao Yun was a newcomer, he was a special grade teacher and had a very high status in the school. She didn't want him to start a fight with Cheng Yu.

Teacher Li, Teacher Zhang, sorry about today. I'll treat you two to a meal next time Seeing Yao Na get on the car, Cheng Yu smiled and said to the other two female teachers. These two were the teachers who worked in the same office as Yao Na, so it could be said that they had met each other a few times.

However, Cheng Yu's words as if he was not taking Liao Yun seriously. Coupled with the fact that Yao Na actually got into his car, they felt even more unhappy.

Hehe, you're welcome. You can go now The two teachers politely replied.

Teacher Yao, how could you go out to eat with your students? This will cause people to misunderstand Liao Yun said to Yao Na.

BOOM, However, before he could get Yao Na to reply, Cheng Yu had already started the car and roared away.

Teacher Yao... Liao Yun shouted once more, but the other party was already far away. All that could be seen was a gloomy expression on his face.

Teacher Li, Teacher Zhang, you two know this person as well? Which class is he from? Why haven't I met him before? At this point, Liao Yun turned to the two female teachers and said.

Er, Teacher Liao. This person is called Cheng Yu. He is a student of Teacher Yao from the past Teacher Zhang said.

Cheng Yu? This name sounds so familiar. Where have I heard of it? Liao Yun said with a frown. If he had met such an arrogant person before, he would definitely not have forgotten about him. How could he not have an impression of him?

Hur Hur, Teacher Liao. This person is the champion of this year's college entrance examination Teacher Li smiled.

College Entrance Examination Champion? Cheng Yu? He's that national top scholar who scored a perfect score on the college entrance exam Liao Yun said in surprise.

The top scorer of the College Entrance Examination who scored 750 points. This was something that had never happened before in the history of the College Entrance Test. As first-year teachers of their third year, they were naturally extremely familiar with this name.

Many of the media began to dig up information about Cheng Yu, but unfortunately, this college entrance examination champion was even more mysterious. Many reporters had even found out about his relationship with the Mayor of Yunhai City, but never once had they seen this legendary top scorer for the college entrance exam.

This situation made people even more curious about Cheng Yu. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful the people were, they couldn't find any trace of Cheng Yu. Thus, Cheng Yu became the most mysterious top scholar in history.

When did you get back? Yao Na said as she sat in the car.

Last night, I came to find you as soon as I went out today. Was it touching? Cheng Yu smiled.

Hmph, you haven't even replied to a text message in so long, what's there to be touched about? Yao Na was somewhat happy in her heart, but she spoke with dissatisfaction.

Hehe, I really have no other choice. There is no signal at that place Cheng Yu smiled.

Where the hell did you go? Is there still a place that has no signal in this world? Although she had some understanding of Cheng Yu's identity, she still didn't know much about the truth. She also wanted to know where Cheng Yu went and where he had been for so long.

You already know that I'm a cultivator. I went to a place that's filled with cultivators like me. It's called the Cultivation World.

Cultivation world? Why did you go to that place? You know it's dangerous. Yao Na said nervously when she heard that Cheng Yu was almost dead.

For you, of course. He wouldn't dare to say that it was for you girls, then he would really die.

For me? Who would believe you, I think it's for your little girlfriend Yao Na said.

I swear to God, it's definitely because of you. Cheng Yu raised his right hand and said, but in his heart, he was saying, for all of you

Alright, drive properly. Tell me, what did you do? Yao Na wanted to know more about Cheng Yu and was very curious about the cultivation world that Cheng Yu talked about.

Of course, the reason I went was to raise my strength. With how beautiful you are, there are so many people who surround you every day and have ideas about you. If I don't have a few tricks up my sleeve, how can I fight against your followers in the future? Cheng Yu smiled.

What are you talking about? When did I get surrounded by a lot of followers? Yao Na said.

How can it not be? Wasn't there one more just now? Looking at his excited expression, he almost beat me up. Cheng Yu smiled.

Don't let your imagination run wild. He's just a special grade teacher hired by the school. He's in the same group as me, so he'll be with us. Yao Na was afraid that Cheng Yu would misunderstand, so she quickly explained.

Hehe, I didn't say anything. Why are you so nervous? Besides, do you think I'm such a disgraceful person? Did you think I would do something to him just now? Besides, if you have a man pursuing you, then that means you are very attractive. My wife is so popular, how could I not be happy? Cheng Yu smiled.

Who's your wife? Don't talk nonsense. It had been a long time since she saw Cheng Yu, but now that this slippery fellow had returned, she felt that this feeling had become a lot more intimate.

Nana, you have no choice, because you are already aboard my ship. Hehe, if you dare, I will definitely tie you up again Cheng Yu laughed.

You're so shameless, I didn't agree to anything.

It's alright. I'll go and have a good chat with my mother-in-law one day. I remember that she's quite satisfied with me.

Alright, you didn't come here today to talk about this, right? Thinking of her mother at home, Yao Na felt helpless because she had already mentioned about when she was going to bring Cheng Yu back for dinner more than once.

Especially four months ago, Cheng Yu suddenly bought her two cars. When her mother found out about this, she was so happy that she almost sent a notice to everyone in the village.

Of course, I came to see you on purpose. You don't know how much I've missed you in these four months, especially when I was on the verge of death several times. I was really afraid that I wouldn't be able to come back to see you. Cheng Yu said affectionately to Yao Na.

You... Then don't go to that place again, okay? You are already very powerful. Can't we live like this in Yunhai? Seeing Cheng Yu's passionate eyes, Yao Na also said emotionally.

Well, I wouldn't go to that place again unless I was forced to. Cheng Yu nodded.

He also wanted to stay in the city and live a carefree and happy life, but Kunlun had always been his sore point. One day, they would have to fight an unavoidable battle.

Cheng Yu didn't want to die. With so many good women accompanying him, how could he be willing to become a ghost?

Good. By the way, I have good news for you. Yao Na nodded.

To me, being able to see you is the best news. Cheng Yu smiled.

You're annoying. You only know how to talk nice. Don't you want to know your college entrance examination results? Yao Na gouged out Cheng Yu with her eyes.

I think there shouldn't be any problems with Yunhai University, right? Cheng Yu didn't really care that much about this sort of thing, as long as he could get admitted into Yunhai University.

Of course, not to mention Yunhai University, I believe no other school in China will reject you. As a teacher, she was truly excited about her own student being able to achieve such a result.

As a teacher in charge of the class, because of Cheng Yu's amazing results, she was awarded a lot of rewards by the school's leaders and even the Yunhai Education Bureau.

That Awesome? Could it be that I am the top scholar? In his opinion, only the top scholar in his memories was so powerful that even the emperor would receive him. Although there was no emperor in this world, it shouldn't be difficult for a top scholar to enter other universities.

That's right. You're not only the top scholar, but you're also the only top scorer in the history of the college entrance examination. Yao Na said excitedly. She remembered that when she first met Cheng Yu, she scolded him severely. She didn't expect that Cheng Yu would be so capable in the upcoming college entrance examination.

Perfect score? I really didn't expect this to happen, hehe, but it sounds quite comfortable. Although Cheng Yu didn't really care about this sort of thing, he was still quite happy with his results.

Hmph, someone like you, if others were to achieve such results, wouldn't they go crazy? Although Cheng Yu was happy, Yao Na was a little dissatisfied as he didn't seem as excited as she was.

This is a must. Can an average person marry his teacher home? Cheng Yu smiled.