Godly Student Chapter 364

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Seeing Lan Ya's body on the bed, Cheng Yu had the urge to spurt out a nosebleed. He quickly got up and walked into the bathroom. Lan Ya immediately opened her eyes. The smile on her face was very treacherous.

Cheng Yu had once told her that before she reached the Foundation Establishment stage, Cheng Yu couldn't touch her. When she recalled Cheng Yu's anxious expression last night, Lan Ya felt it was funny.

When Cheng Yu came out of the bathroom, Lan Ya was already dressed neatly like a sexy city girl.

Lan Ya, I must solemnly declare to you that you are not allowed to tempt me like this in the future. Otherwise, I will definitely teach you a lesson. Cheng Yu gritted his teeth as he looked at Lan Ya.

If he hadn't chanted the Heart Cleansing Curse twice in succession last night, he would have long since fired off his gun. If Lan Ya were to do this to him from time to time, he was really afraid that he would become a cripple.

Hehe, don't tell me that I'm not pretty enough right now. Besides, did I tempt you last night? It's your own imagination and your own heart Lan Ya smiled coquettishly.

Anyways, you can't be like last night. Also, I need to talk to you about something important, it's about Kunlun. Cheng Yu said seriously.

Kunlun? What is it? As she spoke of Kunlun, Lan Ya stopped her joking expression and frowned.

Although the grudge between us and Kunlun is temporarily over, as long as Kunlun exists, we won't be able to truly obtain peace. And right now, my strength has dropped greatly, I can't let Kunlun find out that I'm still alive. Otherwise, our troubles will come back again. Cheng Yu said.

I know that. What else?

I don't know when I'll be able to recover my strength. If Kunlun found me before then, I'm afraid they might harm you, so you have to cultivate well. I have gained a lot from this trip to the cultivation world. Right now, you are still in the Qi Refining stage, I will use pills to help you reach the Foundation Establishment stage. Cheng Yu said seriously.

Forcefully help me build my foundation? Don't tell me you have some other motive? When she heard that Cheng Yu was going to help her build her foundation, Lan Ya looked at Cheng Yu and said something to him.

Cough cough. Of course not, I'm seriously analyzing the pressure from the enemy. If you say that I have a goal, it's for your own good Of course, Cheng Yu knew the meaning behind Lan Ya's smile and spoke righteously.

Lan Ya was a demoness. Among all the women that Cheng Yu knew, Lan Ya was the boldest and unrestrained. Moreover, this woman practiced the Thousand Fantasy Tactic which was used to confuse others.

After all, Cheng Yu was a man, not every man was a Willow. With such a beautiful and sexy woman in front of him, how could Cheng Yu endure it?

Even if he endured it once or twice, would he be able to endure for the rest of his life?. Therefore, Cheng Yu decided to help this woman build her foundation so that she would know of his prowess.

But why do I feel like your words are not trustworthy at all? Lan Ya smiled.

You're thinking too much. Do you think I'm the kind of person who would covet pleasure? You are wrong, you know, I am a man of honor, a man of virtue, a man of purity, a man of little taste. So, you shouldn't use those eyes that look at ordinary men to look at me, but instead should look up to me and worship me. Cheng Yu said solemnly.

Hehe, but I didn't say anything just now Looking at Cheng Yu's narcissistic appearance, Lan Ya chuckled.

Alright, I just feel that your cultivation speed is too slow. You have to understand that Kunlun is not some good man or woman. We will deal with them after we grow up. So, we have to prepare and quickly increase our strength. At that time, even if someone comes looking for trouble with us, we won't be afraid.

Alright, since I've already decided to follow you, what you want to do is up to you. Is there a need to find so many excuses? Lan Ya said snappily.

Lan Ya, I have no choice but to talk about you. You know me too well. Forget it. We'll come back for a deeper understanding after you reach Foundation Establishment. You'll definitely understand it when the time comes. Cheng Yu smiled.

Rogue, Then how are you going to help me raise my strength now? Lan Ya was too lazy to continue talking to him.

You saw the true essence pill that I gave to Shi Ji yesterday. It can raise a person's cultivation by 60 years. Although you can't completely absorb it, it's not a problem to raise you to the later stage of the Qi Refining stage. After you stabilize for a while, I will help you build your foundation in about a month's time. I presume that you also wish to try flying your own sword to heaven and earth? Cheng Yu smiled.

The pills in Cheng Yu's hands were all top-grade pills. These top-grade true essence pills could increase a person's cultivation by 60 years, but with Lan Ya's current physique and strength, she couldn't completely absorb them.

Thirty years of cultivation was enough for her to reach the threshold of Foundation Establishment. With Cheng Yu's help, reaching the Foundation Establishment stage was only a matter of time.

Flying on my own sword? Hearing these words, Lan Ya finally revealed an excited expression.

If there was a way to improve her strength, then flying on her own sword was definitely what Lan Ya was looking forward to the most. Who in the world didn't want to fly around like a bird?

It would only take a few minutes to go back and forth. It took them only four hours to fly from Country M to China, it was like playing outside the country. Just thinking about it made her excited.

Sword flight is only the basic ability of cultivators. As long as you can form a Gold Core, then not only will you have a lifespan of several hundred years, flying through the air would be a piece of cake. Seeing how excited Lan Ya was, Cheng Yu was delighted as well.

Mhmm, I will work hard. Although she knew why Cheng Yu wanted to help her reach Foundation Establishment, she knew even more that he was thinking for her sake.

Furthermore, she no longer wanted to be captured by Kunlun as a threat to Cheng Yu or a bargaining chip. As long as she could reach Foundation Establishment or even Gold Core, she would no longer be a burden to Cheng Yu.

In the end, it was because of her that Cheng Yu had become enemies with Kunlun, and she hated Kunlun as much as Cheng Yu did.

Then, swallow this True Essence Pill. I'll help you absorb it. You need to spend two hours to absorb this pill every day for a total of thirty days. After those thirty days, your cultivation will reach the peak of the late stage of Qi Refining, just one step away from Foundation Establishment. Cheng Yu passed the True Essense Pill to Lan Ya and explained it to her.

Lan Ya swallowed the pill. Cheng Yu placed both of his palms on her back and spread the pill's medicinal properties with his qi, making it much easier for her to absorb.

Cheng Yu retracted his palms and didn't bother Lan Ya anymore. Instead, he let her absorb the energy on her own. The only thing Cheng Yu could do for Lan Ya was paving the way for her. There were some things that she had to try to comprehend on her own.

Otherwise, even if he reached a certain level in the future, he wouldn't be able to help her.


He hadn't driven for a long time. Sitting on his beloved car, he could feel the scenery on both sides quickly retreating. Cheng Yu enjoyed this feeling very much. It was a feeling completely different from flying on his flying sword.

Because this was the life he was about to lead

In Yunhai Aristocrat High School, a Lamborghini with a distinct figure and an exaggerated appearance slowly drove into the campus. Due to helping Lan Ya, it was already noon and it was the school's afternoon break.

Many students couldn't help but glance sideways when they saw such an arrogant sports car appear on the high school campus. The girls were curious about the person in the car. Which aristocratic family's young master was this?

Meanwhile, the boys were envious and jealous. They were all teenagers, while the others had driven such an awesome sports car. They were still trying their best to read the books, but they really didn't choose the right direction when they were reincarnated.

However, these were the freshmen who had just entered high school. Those high school students who were still in their second and third year quickly recognized the owner of this sportscar.

Isn't that Young Master Yu's car? Why would he appear here?

Wah, It really is Young Master Yu

Young Master Yu? Who is Young Master Yu? A high school freshman who didn't understand the situation asked.

Tsk, when you go out in the future, don't even mention being a student of our school. You don't even know Young Master Yu? You really embarrass our school. An old student said in disdain.

"Is this person very famous?"

Not only is he famous, his name is also known throughout the entire education world. Don't you know that this year's college entrance examination has produced the best national result since the college entrance examination?

I know, Cheng Yu! Which student didn't know this name now, but this and this Young Master Yu ... Young Master Yu? Could he be ...? The freshman seemed to have suddenly realized something as he said with a face full of shock.

That's right, the owner of this luxurious car is the most outstanding top scholar in the entire country That person said proudly as if he was the top scholar.

This... But this person seems to be very rich

Tsk, who told you that a rich person can't be the college entrance examination's champion. This explains why Young Master Yu's IQ isn't just average. What's more, can an average person get a perfect score of 750 points? The man looked at the back of the sports car with envy.

Cheng Yu was completely oblivious to the discussions of his classmates. He could only sigh with emotion when he entered this familiar campus once again, unexpectedly it was so cordial.

Just when Cheng Yu was about to call Yao Na, he found that Yao Na had already came out from the teaching building with a few other teachers. One of the male teachers was talking to Yao Na nonstop as if he was very happy, but Yao Na was frowning as she kept walking.

Di! Di! Cheng Yu chuckled. He drove the car behind them and pressed the horn.

Which class is this student from? Doesn't he know that the school forbids honking the horn? The male teacher was happily chatting with Yao Na when he heard the sound of a horn ringing behind them. He immediately became displeased.

It was lunchtime and there were quite a few students driving home. He thought of them as students without a second thought.

Cheng Yu? The male teacher did not recognize the car, but Yao Na could not be more familiar with it. She turned her head and saw the car.