Godly Student Chapter 363

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Then what else can you offer me? Shi Ji said. Shi Ji was not stupid. Seeing Cheng Yu's confident look, she knew that Cheng Yu had other good things to offer and that she had to fight for greater benefits.

I can provide you with a cultivation environment that is thousands of times richer than the spiritual energy here Cheng Yu said with a smile.

In Cheng Yu's opinion, as long as Shi Ji could follow him, these resources could be made available to her, so he didn't care how Shi Ji bargained.

Resources were dead, but humans were alive. Without enough talented people, his resources were a huge waste.

A thousand times richer than the spiritual energy here? Shi Ji did not quite believe Cheng Yu. She had been to the city for a walk and had a rough understanding of the situation outside.

Speaking of spiritual energy, the spiritual energy outside was simply too sparse. There was no way for her to cultivate. This was also the reason why she wasn't willing to leave this place. With this magical Spirit Origin Tree, she could cultivate peacefully and especially after hearing Cheng Yu's words, she put all the Spirit Stones back next to the Spirit Origin Tree. The Spirit Origin Tree was releasing much more stable Spirit Qi, and it was showing signs of it increasing.

So the density of spiritual energy here was definitely ten times higher than the outside, but Cheng Yu actually said that he could provide a place a thousand times denser than the spiritual energy here. This wasn't trustworthy.

Hehe, I know you don't believe me, but it doesn't matter, I can take you to see for yourself right now Cheng Yu also didn't care about Shi Ji's suspicions.

Now? Shi Ji said in surprise. The passageway was located in this mortal world?

That's right, I'll take you there right now, but don't resist my will Cheng Yu said.

Sure Shi Ji nodded.

Whiz! With a thought from Cheng Yu, he raised his hand and swept Shi Ji and Lan Ya into the Mountain and River Diagram. Shi Ji and Lan Ya were shocked at first. They felt that their vision had suddenly turned blurry. When they were able to see the scene in front of them once again, their mouths gaped wide open. They were so shocked that they couldn't speak.

This... How was this possible? Could this be a fairyland? Shi Ji said in surprise.

Looking at the huge number of spiritual and crystal meridians in the sky, even though Shi Ji didn't know what they were, she could already feel the shocking amount of spiritual energy within them.

Cheng Yu, is this really a fairyland? How can there be such a beautiful place? Although the spirit veins in the sky were enough to shock her, Lan Ya had paid more attention to the exceptionally beautiful scenery of this world.

It was as if she was inside a painting. The blue sky, the green mountains, the flowers and plants were all over the place. The only regret was that she did not see any animals

Hehe, this is one of my treasures, and the spirit veins in the sky are the source of spirit energy. With them here, the spirit energy will only become denser and denser, and not to mention thousands of times denser than your valley, it won't even be strange for it to be ten thousand times denser in the future. You should be able to imagine how many times faster it will be for you to cultivate here compared to cultivating in the mountain valley. Cheng Yu explained with a smile.

Shi Ji was a demonic beast. Her body was huge and had advanced from the middle Foundation Establishment stage to the late Foundation Establishment stage. However, compared to humans, she needed to absorb several times more spiritual energy.

Therefore, it was not easy for demonic beasts to cultivate. Every single Foundation Establishment stage demonic beasts would be at least thousands of years old. As for those human geniuses in the cultivation world, they had already reached the Nascent Soul stage at the age of two hundred. This showed how big of a gap there was between the two of them.

If I agree to follow you, can I also come here to train in the future? Seeing this place, Shi Ji no longer had any reason to reject it. As long as she could stay here and cultivate, it wouldn't be a bad thing to follow Cheng Yu, even though she felt that she was being controlled.

That's only natural. Although you're following me, I won't let you run errands every day. It's just that when I'm not around, or when I need you to help me, I will find you. You can always cultivate in here. Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Good, As long as you let me cultivate here, I'm willing to follow you Receiving Cheng Yu's confirmation, Shi Ji did not hesitate at all. This was simply the best place for cultivation, no one would reject something like this.

That's great, You can stay here right now, but I need to move your Spirit Tree here, you won't refuse, right? The Spirit Origin Tree will only grow better here Cheng Yu said.

Although it was now useless to him, it was still a rare treasure tree. Now that Shi Ji was with him, he didn't want to risk the chance of someone else finding it here and taking it away.

Do whatever you want The reason why Shi Ji was so protective to the Spirit Origin tree was because she needed its rich spiritual energy. Now that she had a better place, moving in would not be a bad thing and she could still take care of it.

Oh right, I also want to introduce you to a friend, Huo Yu After transplanting the Spirit Origin Tree into the Mountain and River Diagram, Cheng Yu suddenly remembered that Huo Yu had settled down here a long time ago.

Ji Suddenly, a loud and clear bird cry could be heard coming from the distant mountain peak, followed by a large, fiery red bird that quickly flew over.

This is... Shi Ji looked at the fiery red bird in astonishment. It actually had a cultivation of a mid-stage Golden Core.

Huo Yu, why are you still in the Gold Core stage? This was also the first time that Cheng Yu had seen Huo Yu after he had gained a new life. He thought that Huo Yu would fall back to the same realm as him, but this fellow was actually at the middle Gold Core stage.

Master, this kind of thing can only happen once. My cultivation level was too low, so it was easy for me to keep most of my cultivation. However, it will be even more difficult if I want to continue to level up. Huo Yu transmitted her thoughts to Cheng Yu.

So that's how it is. If that's the case, then that's great. I was still worried about the arrival of the Gold Core stage from Kunlun. I don't have to worry anymore with you here. Cheng Yu said with a pleasantly surprised voice. He never thought that there would be such a thing. Cheng Yu had never encountered such a thing before, so he didn't know that Magic Pets would only drop one level.

Don't worry, Master. With me here, you won't be harmed. Huo Yu said.

Haha, thank you, Huo Yu. Oh right, I've found you a companion Then, he looked at the shocked Shi Ji and said, Shi Ji, this is my Magic Pet, Hou Yu.

Magic pet? Shi Ji did not understand it at all.

It is different from you. It is a magical beast. You can be its companion in the future Cheng Yu gave a simple explanation.

Demonic beasts were similar to human cultivators. When one cultivated to the Gold Core stage, they could transform into a human. But magical beasts were different. In theory, they shouldn't be able to take human form. There were no golden cores or demonic cores, only magic cores.

That's right, Huo Yu, can you transform? Cheng Yu suddenly asked. In his memory, magical beasts could not take human form.

Seems not Huo Yu also replied.

Then what if you eat my Consolidating Equipment Pill? Cheng Yu said with curiosity. He then took out a Consolidating Equipment Pill and gave it to Huo Yu.

Huo Yu gulped down the pill, but there was no reaction from her at all.

It looks like you really are unable to materialize. Cheng Yu said in disappointment. If Huo Yu could take form, then Huo Yu would be able to follow him around for a long time. With a middle Gold Core stage bodyguard, how could he be afraid of Kunlun?

After talking to Huo Yu and Shi Ji for a while, Cheng Yu finally took Lan Ya and flew back to Yunhai. In the middle of the night, Cheng Yu was no longer afraid of being discovered and soon returned to his villa.

Looking at everything that was familiar to him, Cheng Yu felt a sense of familiarity. This was his home.

Cheng Yu took out his phone and charged it with electricity. The moment the phone was turned on, it startled him. His phone kept beeping. Cheng Yu didn't even have the time to look at it and directly put it to the side.

Looking at the content of everyone's text, some were concerned, some were anxious, and some were worried. An inexplicable feeling of warmth suddenly emerged in Cheng Yu's heart. Perhaps this was the feeling of home

Cheng Yu wasn't in a hurry to call back. There should be a lot of things he needed to deal with first, and he also wanted to give those women a surprise, so it was better not to make a call first.

While Cheng Yu was considering the future direction, Lan Ya walked downstairs. She wore a bathrobe was faintly discernible, and her hair still had some water droplets on it. Her skin was white and rosy, and she had a pair of crystal high heels. She walked over gracefully but also coquettishly.

What a beautiful bathing diagram

Gulp, Cheng Yu looked at the flirtatious expression on Lan Ya's face. His heart pounded as if it was about to jump out. His body seemed to have gone berserk, becoming extremely fiery.

What do you want? Let me tell you, we are a single man and a single woman in the same room, don't you dare take advantage of me, I won't resist Cheng Yu swallowed his saliva and said as he suppressed the lust in his heart.

This woman was too infuriating. Coupled with her enthusiasm, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to control himself.

Hehe, Cheng Yu, we haven't been intimate in a long time, don't you want to try? Seeing that Cheng Yu obviously wanted to but pretended to be reserved, she said with a smile.

Don't try to tempt me. When have we ever been intimate with each other? At most, we would only touch and scratch each other Cheng Yu smiled.

Then do you want to try it? Lan Ya revealed her tongue, licking her lips as she spoke with an enchanting tone.

You said it yourself Cheng Yu swallowed his saliva and couldn't hold it in any longer. Like a hungry wolf, he pounced on her and threw her onto the bed.

The next day, when Cheng Yu woke up, the beautiful lady beside the bed was still sleeping soundly in his arms. Cheng Yu was depressed. Carrying such a beauty, he didn't do anything in the end.

It wasn't that Cheng Yu couldn't do it, it was that he shouldn't. These women did not have the potential to cultivate. Even with Cheng Yu's help, it would be very difficult for them to achieve great things, so they could not easily breakthrough. He had to wait until their foundation was complete.

Therefore, even if Cheng Yu was in pain, he could only endure it