Godly Student Chapter 362

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Cheng Yu, aren't we going back to Yunhai? Why did you come here in the wilderness?" It would take more than ten hours to fly from M Country to China, but Cheng Yu only took three to four hours. This only made Lan Ya sigh that with this speed, this was the best way to travel.

He wanted to know how Shi Ji was doing. After all, because of her having to protect Lan Ya from Kunlun, he had to check whether she was really injured or not.

What's more, he would like to invite Shi Ji and the other girls to the cultivation world in the future. It would be a pity if he did not use such an excellent bodyguard.

Let's go take a look at Shi Ji first. She might be in her flood dragon body when you see her. You have to be mentally prepared Cheng Yu reminded her.

Ah? Flood Dragon Body? That big snake? When she thought about the appearance of that huge snake, she felt her heart go numb.

When she didn't know this before, her relationship with Shi Ji was pretty good. However, now that she thought about how big of a snake Shi Ji was, she was nervous, even a little bit afraid.

Hehe, there's nothing to worry about. It's not like she will hurt you. You're going to break her heart. Cheng Yu gently held Lan Ya's hand and said.

I... I'll try my best Lan Ya also felt that this was not good for Shi Ji. However, the resistance in her heart was not something she could let go so easily.

Whiz! Cheng Yu used his flying sword to quickly pass through a patch of forest and soon arrived at a familiar cliff top. He didn't stop and directly flew down from the cliff.

Shi Ji! As soon as Cheng Yu entered the valley, he saw a giant dragon coiling around the Spirit Origin tree.

CHI ~ CHI ~ ~ The giant dragon raised its head and saw that the person who had arrived was Cheng Yu.

AHHHHHHH! It was her first time seeing Shi Ji's real body at such a close distance, Lan Ya still couldn't help but to scream and hide behind Cheng Yu. Even though she knew the other party was that cold and elegant Shi Ji, it was difficult for her to link the two.

One was a top-quality ice-cold beauty that could enchant the dreams of all men, while the other was a giant dragon that could scare off countless heroes. The difference between the two was too great.

When Xu Xian first saw the white lady's snake body on his bed, she must have been scared out of her wits. At this moment, she could understand how Xu Xian felt. (Legend of the White Snake)

You should take human form first Cheng Yu helplessly threw a pill into Shi Ji's mouth.

Swoosh! Shi Ji opened her giant mouth and swallowed Cheng Yu's pill. In an instant, a white light surrounded her body. When Lan Ya opened her eyes again, the one standing in front of her was the beautiful Shi Ji who had lived with her before.

Shi Ji When she saw Shi Ji in human form, Lan Ya's resistance was decreased. Although she still didn't dare to approach Shi Yan, she was no longer afraid.

Shi Ji nodded and didn't say anything. This was already a habit of hers. She thought that if Cheng Yu hadn't suddenly barged into this valley, Shi Ji might not be able to speak at all for the rest of her life.

Are you hurt? Cheng Yu asked as he saw that Shi Ji's complexion was not very good. It was obvious that she had a sickly pale complexion.

Hm... Sorry, I didn't protect her back then Although he couldn't see the expression on the other party's face, Cheng Yu could tell that the other party was apologizing sincerely.

It's alright. You are not to be blamed for this. Besides, isn't Lan Ya back now? I'm sure she wouldn't blame you, would she? Cheng Yu said with a smile before looking at Lan Ya.

That's right, Shi Ji, I'm very grateful to you. Furthermore, you were injured because of me, so I should be the one apologizing Lan Ya also spoke sincerely.

Shi Ji did not speak. Seeing the look in her eyes, she knew that she was not lying. Her heart couldn't help but warm up. Although she had been recuperating these few days, she planned to save Lan Ya after her injuries recovered.

It was because she had promised Cheng Yu that she would protect these women, but she made a mistake. She blamed herself, so she had been trying very hard to recover from her injuries these past few days. She didn't expect that Cheng Yu would bring her back today.

Although she really wanted to know how Cheng Yu brought her back, she didn't ask in the end. Less talk was her natural disposition.

Drink this Cheng Yu took out a bottle of God's Water and gave it to Shi Ji.

Shi Ji took the small pill bottle and sniffed it. She didn't smell anything special, but it gave off a very comfortable feeling. She looked at Cheng Yu, and without asking any further questions, she directly drank it down.

Immediately, Shi Yan felt that her injuries were healing rapidly. It was much faster than when she was healing next to the Spirit Origin Tree. It was simply too amazing.

Shi Ji, follow me from now on Cheng Yu ignored Shi Ji's shocked and curious eyes and directly said to her.

Hiss! But as soon as Cheng Yu opened his mouth, he felt a pain in his waist. He turned around and saw Lan Ya looking at him with a warning look on her face.

Lan Ya, don't misunderstand. I meant for her to live together with us in the future and also have someone to look after you. Moreover, if I ever go out again, I will need her to protect you Cheng Yu hurriedly explained.

I'm fine here Before Lan Ya could say anything, Shi Ji had already rejected him.

Shi Ji, don't you want to reach Core Formation earlier? The reason he came today was to completely subdue Shi Ji. He was lacking talented people, especially in the cultivation world.

Shi Ji already had this cultivation level, so he only needed to wait for one more step before he could become a Gold Core stage expert. Even if he wasn't here, he wouldn't have to worry about the secular Kunlun Sect sending more people.

Didn't you say that you would give me the Energy Conversion Pills when you return from the cultivation world? Bring it over Shi Ji didn't pay any attention to Cheng Yu and only wanted him to fulfill his original promise.

Of course, I won't lie to you about this, but even if I give you the Energy Conversion Pill, you won't be able to use it to form your core for who knows how many years. But if you agree to follow me in the future, I'll let you have the chance to form your core in a short period of tim Cheng Yu took out an Energy Conversion Pill and handed it over to Shi Ji.

Originally, he planned to go to the cultivation world to refine Yuan Dan, but he did not expect that this trip to the cultivation world completely deviated from his original direction. However, in the end, he was pleasantly surprised.

Although he hadn't found any Yuan Qi Grass, he already had countless pills on his hands. Furthermore, every pill was of the highest quality and there was nothing better than this.

Shi Ji didn't know much about the Energy Conversion Pill, but she could feel the pure spiritual energy within the pill.

Don't tell me you have a way to help me reach Core Formation quickly? Shi Ji was very concerned about this problem. She was a flood dragon, so there was nothing more attractive to her than helping her raise her strength.

Of course, or I wouldn't have said that. Cheng Yu smiled. This time, he was very confident that he would be able to recruit this demonic beast.

How can you prove it to me? Shi Ji naturally knew that the reason why she was recruited was to be his bodyguard and to protect a few women.

As for increasing your cultivation base rapidly, not only do I have a better cultivation environment, I also have better resources for you. Cheng Yu smiled and then took out a top-grade true essence pill

This is a top-grade true essence pill. As long as you take one, it will help you increase your cultivation by 50 years. Do you think you'll be able to reach Core Formation if I give you a few more? Cheng Yu smiled.

Really? Do you have many of these pills? Shi Ji said in surprise. She didn't know much about pills, but she knew that she really needed something like this. If Cheng Yu could provide her with such a pill for a long period of time, then it wouldn't be long before she could reach Core Formation.

Hearing Cheng Yu's words, even Lan Ya was surprised. This bastard, he actually refused to give her such a good thing.

Of course it's real. There are fifty of them here Cheng Yu took out a pill bottle and slowly poured it out. Then, crystal clear pills appeared one by one in front of the two women.

Since this thing is so useful, why are you still in the late Foundation Establishment stage? Looking at so many beautiful pills, Shi Ji suddenly realized an important point.

Because I didn't consume these pills. Cheng Yu said.

"Why? Don't you want to form your core earlier? Or is this pill of yours simply deceiving me? " Although Shi Ji didn't have any experience in the mortal world, it didn't mean that she was stupid.

If this pill was really as powerful as he had said, then Cheng Yu would have already been able to successfully formed his core in the past four months. How could he not consume it?

To tell you the truth, I was originally in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage and I almost died because of Lan Ya. Although I survived in the end, the Gold Core was destroyed by someone, so I have returned to the late stage of the Foundation Establishment stage. But I believe that it won't be long before you see me recover my strength again. You can ask Lan Ya about this. I believe she won't lie to you Cheng Yu did not hide anything and said simply.

Really? Shi Ji looked at Lan Ya and asked seriously.

Yes Lan Ya looked apologetically at Cheng Yu. Although she hadn't personally seen Cheng Yu's previous strength, she had heard from Xin Yao that he was extremely powerful. Even a middle stage Nascent Soul stage cultivator had died at Cheng Yu's hands.

If it wasn't for her, Cheng Yu wouldn't be like this right now.

However, Cheng Yu had already forgotten about this matter. He gently pulled on Lan Ya's hand, telling her not to care about it.

I believe you, but you can keep eating this? If not, doesn't that mean that my cultivation can't continuously increase? Shi Ji asked again.

That's right, we can't keep eating this thing, but we can still use it every once in awhile, so don't worry. What's more, you're only at the Foundation establishment stage. It's definitely impossible for you to break through to the Gold Core Stage very quickly. Even with the help of such a pill, you still have to work hard to cultivate. Otherwise it'll affect your foundation, it's not a good thing to just blindly use the help of such a pill. Cheng Yu nodded.

Then this thing is only so-so. I'll be able to form my own Core once I train for a few more years. Shi Ji said. Hehe, of course, the benefits I gave you were not limited to just these. With your demand for spiritual energy, to be honest, your supply from the Spirit Origin Tree is far from being enough. This girl was pretty smart, he couldn't even seduce her like this. Then what else can you offer me? Shi Ji said.