Godly Student Chapter 361

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We're actually in Country M Cheng Yu and Lan Ya asked around in the town and finally found out which country they were in.

So it's country M, then I was trying to win glory for my country Cheng Yu smiled. Cheng Yu was someone who had memorized the history of China and the history of the world. Although he didn't have that many national emotions, he was still a Chinese. When he thought about the tragic history of China, he couldn't help feeling a little sad.

Even though today was just a coincidence, and it was just a small battle, at least he felt good about it.

Hehe, then ask the country to give you a for the glory of our country medal. What do we do now? Lan Ya smiled.

Since we're already here, let's have a good stroll. We can't leave until the evening anyway. This small town was located in the wasteland of the western part of M Nation. There weren't many families in the entire town. Even though the two of them said they were strolling around, it was actually just strolling around.

However, it was rare for the two of them to have the chance to be alone. The two of them actually enjoyed this leisure time.

Lan Ya had been with Cheng Yu more or less because she wanted to rely on Cheng Yu's background to escape the suppression of Kunlun. Although the two of them were very intimate when they were together, Lan Ya mostly treated Cheng Yu as her little brother and relied on him.

But this time, she was captured by Kunlun and rescued by Cheng Yu with his life on the line. She saw the love Cheng Yu had for her and was absolutely sincere. When she thought of Cheng Yu's death, she suddenly felt as if she had lost everything.

Now that Cheng Yu had come back to life completely unscathed, she cherished the time she had spent with him. Although seeing how much Cheng Yu loved her and cared about her, she knew that once they returned, he would no longer belong to her alone.

Lan Ya knows that she can't convince Cheng Yu to only love her. The only thing she can do is to stay by his side and trust that he won't abandon her.

At this moment, Cheng Yu was feeling extremely relaxed. It had already been four months since he entered the cultivation world. In these months, Cheng Yu didn't have a single day where he didn't tense up.

Kunlun had never stopped chasing him, moreover, the cultivation world was a dangerous place, to begin with. The past four months had been tiring for Cheng Yu. Compared to his days in Yunhai, he was more tired than ever before.

Right now, the two of them were quietly walking on the road of a foreign country town. Others would occasionally glance at them, but they would look at each other in a friendly manner, making him feel that this was the true secular World.

Only in this world would he not have to worry about someone suddenly appearing and killing him. Thinking of this, he became even more determined. He had to properly protect this rare peace of his. He absolutely couldn't allow anyone to disrupt his plans.

As night gradually fell, Cheng Yu came into the wilderness and cooked a cultivation world's barbecue for Lan Ya. It was especially fragrant and had a special texture to it, causing Lan Ya to heartily eat, exclaiming that this was the most delicious food she had ever eaten.

After the two of them had their fill, they finally set off for Yunhai

At this moment, in a forest that was tens of kilometers away from where Cheng Yu and the M Army had once clashed, a ten-man team was nervously watching the scouting machine flying through the sky.

Captain, What was going on today? Why do I hear the sound of fire? Could it be that Team Two has been discovered? A man whose face was green and colorless said as he looked at a man whose face was also painted with oil. Surprisingly, these people actually spoke Mandarin.

I don't think so. From the voice at that time, both sides were using large-scale weapons. It's impossible for the army to use missiles against us. Isn't that like using a cannon to shoot mosquitoes? The man who was addressed as Captain said.

Ugh... Captain, isn't this metaphor of yours a little ...? Do we look like mosquitoes? One of them said.

Haha, you look like a fly with a green hat now. A green hat on his head Another man teased.

Tsk, it's as if you're not wearing a green hat That person spat out in disdain.

Enough, stop messing around. No matter what happened today, the entire target area has been sealed off. The target has sent more troops and is still searching everywhere. We have to be careful. Maybe we'll stay here forever. The captain said with a serious expression.

Captain, how can you raise others' morale and then extinguish our prestige? We have the unique moves taught to us by our instructors, so it would be easy for us to take on a few soldiers Long Liu said with pride.

Humph, You can shoot, but can you shoot someone else's bullet? The captain said.

Err... Long Liu did not dare to speak anymore. His martial arts skills were indeed much better now. If he fought bare-handed, he would not be afraid of anyone, but it was hard to tell when to use a gun. As the saying goes, no matter how good one's martial arts is, one would still be afraid of a kitchen knife.

It would be great if we had the ability of the instructor. I heard that the instructor can block bullets. In the past, the instructor even had videos like this uploaded to the internet? Dragon 8 said excitedly.

So this ten-man team was one of the ten members of the Divine Dragon Squad that Cheng Yu had taught.

It shouldn't be! Even though the instructor is powerful, he's still made of flesh and blood. How could he withstand a bullet? Long Wu didn't quite believe it.

This is absolutely true. I've seen the video before, and it's precisely because of that video that the instructor was called over. The leader said. Recalling the powerful figure in the video, a fervent look burst forth in his eyes.

Is that true? Then why didn't you say so earlier, and let us see the instructor's domineering skills Long Wu said in dissatisfaction.

There's nothing I can do about that. The video was once popular on the internet, and because it involved the background and influence of the person involved, it was deleted in a single day. If we want to see it, we have to find a superior. The captain said.

So that's how it is, sigh. What a pity, the instructor only taught us for a few days before leaving. If he can keep teaching us, we can definitely be like him and block the bullets. At that time, we'll be able to leave as soon as we want. How could I be as useless as I am now? I actually got stuck in this shitty place with these country bumpkins. Long Liu said with regret.

As long as we can make it back alive, we'll be able to meet the instructor. At that time, we'll definitely be able to learn a few amazing moves. Long Wu said excitedly.

Didn't the instructor leave us a set of martial arts secret manuals? He said that as long as we could feel the presence of Qi, we would be able to find him in the future. The instructor was able to split the trash can into two with a single palm. If we had that ability, we wouldn't need guns. One palm will be able to split the opponent into two Every time they recalled the deep memories the instructor had left them, their blood would boil.

Attention all. Something's wrong, there seems to be an enemy army ahead Just as everyone was discussing the instructor's various mystical techniques with great excitement, the captain suddenly stopped and said nervously.

Ka ~ Ka ~ Ka ~! When everyone heard this, their serious expressions were restored. They quickly checked their weapons and equipment. The bullets were loaded and their eyes were focused on the place where the light was sweeping. They were ready to fight at any moment now.

Kill the enemy's dogs first The captain said.

Chirp ~ Chirp ~ Chirp ~ Chirp ~! The few of them aimed at the target, and a gunshot rang out.

Aooo! Aooo! In an instant, the miserable howls of military dogs could be heard from the distance.

Woof, woof, woof! At this moment, the barking of military dogs could be heard again. It seemed that not all military dogs had been wiped out. Then, the soldiers let out a few o He then moved over quickly.

This is bad. The other side has discovered us, retreat As for the ten men, they were also barking, causing the atmosphere to become extremely tense. The other party clearly had quite a large number of people. It would be better to retreat first.

The ten of them didn't say a word as they moved quickly through the forest with their guns in hand.

Woof, woof, woof! The ten of them moved, and the military dog barked even more happily

Tat tat tat! Tat tat tat! Ten people were running in front of them, but behind them, there was the sound of gunfire.

Everyone, split up gather at the second stronghold. Remember to kill the enemy's military dog first Noticing the bullets coming from his side and hitting the surrounding trees and plants, the captain immediately shouted.

All ten of them were well-trained top-level commandos. Although the enemy's firepower was dense, all ten of them had plenty of combat experience. Thus, the two of them ran in different directions safely.

Damn it, We are being chased by military dogs. Long Qi, help me cover this area. I'll kill the military dogs behind us first. Long Liu said. Then with a flash, he found a large tree and strung it up.

Ok Seeing this, Long Qi hurriedly changed directions again.

Hurry up, he's right in front of us When the pursuers saw the person running in front of them, they quickly chased after him with their dogs.

Chirp! Suddenly, a soft gunshot was heard. The gunshot hit the military dog in front of it, and it fell to the ground with an "Awoo!" sound.

Over here, This way Seeing that his dog had been killed, the leader of the pursuers immediately changed his direction and rushed towards Dragon Six.

BOOOOOOM! BOOOOOOOM! At this moment, two grenades were thrown in the direction that Long Qi had fled in. With two loud explosions, he toppled over and fell to the ground. However, the two of them did not continue to fight. Instead, they ran in the direction of the second stronghold.

This kind of battle happened in more than one place, but luckily, they were able to move freely with fewer people. One went to one place, and one went to another place. For a time, the pursuers were in complete chaos.

Captain, could it be that one of our teams has been ambushed? Should we go and support them? In the other direction, they also saw the scout planes flying back and forth in the sky from time to time, which made them tense up.

No need, I believe they can handle it. Our mission is to retrieve the information Team Two's leader frowned as he looked at the scouts flying overhead from time to time.