Godly Student Chapter 360

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At the research facility, all the staff was busy as usual. A few months ago, they had obtained a very important secret information.

Because of this, they had been extremely cautious during this period of time, guarding against spies and enemies sent by other countries to break into the base to steal information.

As usual, the reconnaissance unit looked at the radar scanner. As the soldier leaned back in his chair with his legs on the table and a cup of hot coffee in his hand, an alarm beeped in the scanner.

The soldier's mouth just touched the coffee and got a shock. The coffee spilled all over his body and he quickly got up to check the scanner. There was a red dot moving and it was quickly heading towards their base.

Sir; Something's happening. An unknown object is quickly heading towards our base. Please give me your instructions The soldier hurriedly picked up the phone beside him and said.

Get in touch with the other party immediately and confirm that he isn't one of us A voice came from the other end of the phone.

Roger After the man hung up the phone, he immediately sent out a radio wave towards the moving object. However, there was no response

How is it? Who is that person? At this time, a few soldiers walked into the room and asked in a serious tone.

The other party has not replied, and I am unable to confirm the officer said.

Let's keep in contact The officer said.

I'm sorry, sir, but I still can't get any information back After a while, the soldier shook his head again.

Defensive system, get ready; For close-range air defense missiles, ready to fire in 10 seconds The officer immediately gave the order to attack.

Whiz! Thus, the first anti-aircraft missile was successfully launched

BOOOOOOOOM! A loud sound rang out in the sky as thick smoke billowed out

How is it? Is the target destroyed? the officer asked again.

Sir; The target is still there. But it doesn't seem to have moved That soldier said in surprise when he saw the red dot on the scanner.

No. 23 missile, get ready. Launch in five seconds The officer was surprised. Didn't he just hit the target? Why hadn't it fallen yet?

Whiz! Whiz! Five seconds later, two more missiles fired from the base. But this time, after waiting for a while, there was no sound of an explosion from the command room. Just as the military officer was about to ask about the situation, the soldier nervously shouted, Not good, our missiles have returned

Boom! Boom! Just as the soldier finished his sentence, two huge explosions suddenly sounded nearby. They immediately felt the ground shake.

Enemy attacks! Prepare to defend at full strengththe officer exclaimed.

BEEP ~ BEEP ~ BEEP ~ BEEP ~ Red alarms immediately sounded all over the base. Many of the staff were flustered and started running all over the place.

In the sky, Cheng Yu was shocked and angry. Damn it, he was flying well in the sky, but he was suddenly attacked by a missile. How could he not be angry? If it were anyone else, they would have been smashed into smithereens.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Just when Cheng Yu was about to go down to investigate, several missiles flew out from the ground.

Damn, So many? Cheng Yu was shocked and quickly gave up on the idea of going down to face the enemy. He grabbed a few of the first missiles and sent them back. Just as he was about to slip away, five fighter jets suddenly appeared.

Cheng Yu, let's run In Cheng Yu's arms, Lan Ya was terrified. She had lived for more than twenty years, but she had never encountered such a battle formation.

If the incident at Kunlun had left her feeling magical and afraid, then the sight of so many missiles and fighter jets had made her feel terrified. After all, although Kunlun kidnapped her, they didn't intend to hurt her.

But now it was different. As a modern woman, she actually encountered the attacks of missiles and fighter jets. This was truly a death threat, and the degree of fear she felt was clearly different.

It had to be known that although Lan Ya had already entered the cultivation world and witnessed many things that exceeded her comprehension range, and she herself also had a Qi Condensation cultivation, in terms of her knowledge and experience, her view of the world was still stuck in modern society.

She was afraid of bullets, let alone missiles. She could not believe it. What was even more unbelievable was that Cheng Yu was foolish enough to use a knife to hack at a missile.

Fortunately, he was strong enough, or else he would have died an unjust death.

Hearing Lan Ya's words, Cheng Yu also felt that he couldn't stay here any longer. He had yet to figure out the situation and the other party seemed to have a large number of people. He had to take care of Lan Ya, so it was impossible for him to continue fighting with them.

Although Cheng Yu and Lan Ya were very nervous, the people sitting inside the fighter jet opposite them were shocked

Oh God, What did I see? Seeing that their target was two people, this guy was completely dumbfounded.

What was even more surprising was that these two people were actually standing on top of a huge Oriental sword. Oh my god, Was this a deity from the East?

Sir, Sir; Discover target! Discover target! Their target was two Asians. However, the two of them were only standing on a giant sword and did not use any offensive weapons After the pilot recovered from his shock, he quickly reported the situation to the base.

What? The opponent did not have any weapons. Intercept them and bring them back In the base, the officer said in surprise.

Oh my god, That person actually threw the missile back Just when the pilot finished his report, he saw Cheng Yu throw another missile back, causing him to almost crash from the shock. br>
What? The officers of the base were also shocked! He shouted angrily, What is going on?

This is bad. The other side is attacking me. Ah!... Just as he was about to stop Cheng Yu, a sword shadow suddenly slashed towards him.

BOOOOOOM! The fighter jet directly exploded!

Bald Eagle One! Bald Eagle One! Please answer! Please answer! The liaison officer shouted out. However, they could only hear a loud explosion. There was no other sound from the other side

Boom! Boom! Boom! Immediately after that, the other four fighters also exploded and crashed in the same way.

Reporting, all five of our fighter jets have crashed. The target is already heading southeast The liaison turned to the officer.

Seal off the southeastern airfield. If any unknown objects were to appear, shoot it down, fighter jets: twenty to thirty would follow suit the officer shouted.

This was too strange. The message from the pilot was just a few words. They were unclear about what had happened, so they were completely unable to understand each other's situation.

However, the only thing they could be sure of was that the two of them were from the East

Could it be someone sent by the Chinese military? Did they know that the resources had been sent here? The officer's mind raced as he analyzed the possible identity of the assailant.

Cheng Yu hugged Lan Ya and flew for hundreds of kilometers before actually laughing out loud. This is great, I actually killed so many big guys

In the past, when he served as a Divine Dragon Instructor in Beijing, he had wanted to experience the power of modern missiles, but unfortunately, the missiles there could not be casually tested.

Now, it was all good. He had indeed experimented on it. He did not understand it at the beginning, but he actually managed to strike the missile. It was truly a failure. Luckily, he had quite a bit of the soul equipment and celestial clothes on. He had prepared this when he left the sect. He didn't expect it to be of use this time around.

Although that missile was powerful, it was still not as powerful as an explosion from a Jindan. Moreover, it had too many drawbacks. Just like how he used his qi to wrap the missile and easily sent it back. This thing was pretty good against modern people because no one would dare to receive a missile like him, and no one else would be able to.

However, for cultivators like them, it was different. If they let it explode, it would still be quite dangerous. However, it would be useless if it couldn't be exploded.

Stimulation is stimulation, but don't do such a thing in the future. Although you are very powerful, this isn't a good thing after all. What if an accident happens? Lan Ya's heart was still pounding.

Cheng Yu was too daring. Seeing the missile getting closer and closer, bigger and bigger, her heart almost jumped out of her throat. Fortunately, it was a thrill, but she didn't want to experience it anymore.

With such a dangerous situation, she was afraid that even if she didn't have a heart attack a few more times, it would still cause a heart attack.

Haha, Lan Ya, no matter what you say, you will become a godlike existence in the future. You should get used to it as soon as possible. Look, didn't you think that people couldn't fly freely? But during this trip to the cultivation world, didn't you see people like this everywhere? Cheng Yu smiled.

Compared to a dangerous person like Guang Ning, this kind of missile was child's play. He died once, no. He had probably died twice before, but he was already used to it and did not feel afraid at all.

The two of them quickly made their way through the forest, passing through several small villages. Looking at these buildings that were clearly different from China's, Lan Ya's curiosity was piqued.

Cheng Yu, we don't seem to be in China right now I can see that too. If it was in China, we definitely wouldn't have encountered such a thing. However, I've never been to other countries. Can you tell which country this is from? Cheng Yu said.

He also did not expect that the cultivation world's exit would be overseas. It seemed that the cultivation world was indeed much bigger than he had imagined.

How could I tell? Unless I ask someone else Although Lan Ya had been to a few countries, it was also a famous tourist spot. This place was filled with mountains and rivers, not some famous tourist spot, how could she know? Good; After all, we can't fly around casually in the day, and there's a village up ahead. We'll go down and ask about the situation, or else we won't even know where China is Cheng Yu saw the village ahead and flew off the ground in advance.

Hehe; It doesn't matter, since the earth is round, and you don't need to put in any more gas, we're not afraid of not being able to go back. We're doing a world tour Lan Ya chuckled.