Godly Student Chapter 359

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This place is so beautiful. It's as if I've come to paradise Looking at the scenery of the cultivation world. Lan Ya excitedly said while sitting on Cheng Yu's flying sword.

Early in the morning, Cheng Yu took Lan Ya and prepared to return to the secular world. Although Qing Xu did not want Cheng Yu to return to the secular world, he had no other choice. This time, it was Xin Yao who accompanied him. The exit of the cultivation world to the secular world that Cheng Yu knew of was at the Kunlun Mountains

Right now, he could not possibly leave through that place. Wasn't that suicidal, thinking his life was too hard? Thus, Xin Yao personally led the way and sent them to the other exits.

Lan Ya, do you like this kind of place? If we move to the cultivation world in the future, would you be willing to? Seeing that Lan Ya was so excited like a child, Cheng Yu was in a good mood.

It had been four months since he entered the cultivation world from the secular world at the late Foundation Establishment stage. He had been through all sorts of obstacles along the way and had finally reached the mid-stage of the Gold Core stage. Even a mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator has been defeated by him.

However, now that he was back on the road with his late Foundation Establishment cultivation, it really made him sigh endlessly. Thinking about this, Cheng Yu was truly unwilling to give up.

One day, he would come back to kill. Next time, he had to give Kunlun a severe lesson. If possible, he had to give them a devastating blow to prevent them from causing another disaster to the world.

I don't want to Lan Ya shook her head. Why? Don't you think this place is beautiful? Cheng Yu asked curiously.

Although this place is beautiful, there are no signs of life. Moreover, other than being pretty, this damn place is filled with dangers. Killing people is commonplace here, so I don't dare to live here. The secular life may be messy, but that's exactly what life is like. I don't want to be a fairy, I want to be a modern city woman Lan Ya said seriously.

Although this world was so magical that everyone could fly in the sky and live or die on a whim and she had once envied these people and felt that they were deities. However, this trip to the cultivation world made her afraid.

In this place, she really didn't have any sense of security. Anyone could kill her as easily as crushing an ant. Moreover, they didn't have to worry about being chased by the police, they could just kill people on their own.

Besides, she could even start a company in the mortal world to make money and enjoy life. It was a joyful life, but here, she was just a vase and couldn't do anything. If it was a vacation, then it was fine, but if it was a lifetime, then there wouldn't be any fun.

Then do you want to live forever? Cheng Yu said after some thought.

Hearing Lan Ya's words, Cheng Yu suddenly felt that everything he had done was meaningless. Was he going to give up cultivating and live the life of a true modern man? Cheng Yu thought in confusion.

What do you mean? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. When you died in front of me, I was really scared of death. I didn't want you to die, but now I'm not that scare. If you can stay with me forever, I don't want to die. Lan Ya said. Don't worry, I will always be by your side Hearing Lan Ya's words, Cheng Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief. If Lan Ya didn't want to live on, then he might really lose the meaning of his life.

Besides, Cheng Yu has been living for hundreds of years now. If his woman doesn't want to live that long, then what should he do?

Senior Sister. Are you really not willing to go to the secular world with me? It is really good there, at least it was much easier than in the cultivation world. In any case, your cultivation is already so high, there's no need to work so hard to cultivate When the three of them arrived at the cultivation world's exit, Cheng Yu invited Xin Yao again.

Firstly, Xin Yao was so beautiful. As a man, he would always wish for beautiful women to stay by his side. Moreover, he had heard Qing Xu say that Xin Yao had suffered quite a few injuries in order to help him defend his body. Thus, he wanted her to go to the mortal world to experience it and make it up to her.

However, the most important reason was that Xin Yao's cultivation level was high enough; she was at the late Nascent Soul Stage. If he had her by his side to protect him, then what would he have to worry about before he fully recovered his strength?

No, In order to become an Immortal, one needs a firm heart. Don't be swayed so easily. I also hope that junior will understand this day. I don't know why you're cultivating but now that we're on this road, I hope you won't give up halfway. Just like you said, the grudge between you and Kunlun is already irreconcilable. If you don't want your wife to be captured and threatened by them one day, you should be even more determined to continue. Otherwise, what will you use to protect them? Xinyao rejected Cheng Yu's invitation.

She had naturally heard the conversation between Cheng Yu and Lan Ya. She had also noticed the confusion in Cheng Yu's eyes and noticed that Cheng Yu's heart was wavering.

To be honest, Cheng Yu was the most magical person she had ever met, and also the person with the most potential she had ever seen. If he could focus on his cultivation, his future achievements would be limitless.

Since she was a child, she had lived in the cultivation world and had never been polluted by the flashy secular world. Her life and goals were also very simple. Cultivation of the Dao of the Heavens, proof of the Dao of the Heavens.

With an extremely high level of cultivation, flying to the Immortal World was her goal. Since she was so optimistic about Cheng Yu, she naturally didn't want him to be tied down by the secular world and hinder his future.

Ordinary mortals had only lived for a few dozen years, which was simply too short of a time for them. There was no need to waste such thoughts.

Thank you, senior sister, I understand your meaning very well, don't worry. I believe that I will soon be able to return to my previous state Hearing Xinyao's words, Cheng Yu instantly understood what she meant, and so he spoke with gratitude.

What Xin Yao said was right. Since Kunlun was still here, even if he thought that cultivating was useless, was he willing to let Kunlun go? He wasn't willing. Then, would Kunlun be willing to let him go? They were similarly unwilling.

Because of this, it was impossible for Cheng Yu not to cultivate. For the sake of his family, he must work hard to increase his cultivation. Regardless of whether his women were willing to live forever or not, he had to at least do so.

But as for flying to the Immortal World, Cheng Yu definitely didn't want to come back. He came from the Immortal World and he was very clear about what kind of world it was, so he didn't want to return to that world.

He only wanted to become a free and unfettered Immortal in the secular world.

In the end, Xin Yao went back alone. Although Cheng Yu felt somewhat regretful, he didn't think too much about it. He would sooner or later return to this place and he had to return in a strong manner.

After passing through the world of cultivators, what appeared in front of them was the same mountain range. However, the difference was that this place was no longer green, but extremely cold. Every mountain was covered with white snow.

Achoo! Cheng Yu, I'm so cold" Lan Ya instantly sneezed. Her two rows of white teeth clashed as she spoke while curling her body.

Come Cheng Yu pulled Lan Ya's hand and true energy surged from his body, slowly flowing into Lan Ya's body. Lan Ya suddenly felt her entire body warming up, even if the cold wind was to blow on her face, there was no longer any trace of the cold feeling. Suddenly, she felt that cultivation was not a bad thing.

Of course, it was even more necessary to use it to deal with bad people. If she had the strength of Cheng Yu back then, why would she be captured by Kunlun's people? She even almost caused Cheng Yu to die.

Every time she thought of this, Lan Ya regretted that and she had always blamed herself for causing trouble for Cheng Yu. Although Cheng Yu was fine now, his strength had also decreased. After she returned, she must work even harder in her cultivation and not drag down Cheng Yu any longer.

Lan Ya, tell me, how were you captured by Kunlun? Cheng Yu immediately called out his flying sword and flew up. Although this place was already the secular world, there weren't any signs of humans in this damned place, so it didn't matter if someone saw it.

I have to start from that night. Shi Ji and I ... ... Oh right, Cheng Yu, I suddenly remembered something strange. That day, I seemed to have seen Shi Ji turn into a snake, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Lan Ya was about to tell him about the situation at that time, but when she mentioned Shi Ji, she suddenly recalled the situation.

Hehe, you are not seeing things. Shi Ji is not a human. She is a dragon that has cultivated for nearly a thousand years. She had specially come here to protect you. Oh right, is Shi Ji injured? Cheng Yu said worriedly when he thought of that beautiful dragon.

He understood Shi Ji's strength very well. Although she was only at the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, she was comparable to the late stage of the human Foundation Establishment Stage. If they wanted to take away Lan Ya from her, she would have to deal with at least two late-stage Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators.

"Whiz!" While the two of them were talking about the capture of Lan Ya, Cheng Yu suddenly sensed a dangerous aura.

Cheng Yu lowered his head to look. The danger actually came from an unknown flying object. That object was very fast and was quickly flying towards him.

Missile? Cheng Yu looked closely. When that unknown object flew near him, he finally recognized that it was a missile Cheng Yu was surprised and angry at the same time. He quickly hugged Lan Ya and cut her down.

BOOOOOOOOOM! The missile exploded and Cheng Yu was sent flying a distance away. Luckily, he had a few immortal clothes to protect his body and only had to spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Whiz! Whiz! Just as Cheng Yu was stabilizing his body, two more missiles suddenly flew over. Cheng Yu was instantly enraged. Damn, what's going on? He had just come out of the cultivation world and was already attacked by missiles

This time, Cheng Yu had experience and preparation. He wouldn't be so stupid as to split the missiles. He enveloped the two missiles with his true energy and threw them back with a wave of his hand.

BOOOOOOOOM! BOOOOOOOM! The two missiles instantly exploded on the ground