Godly Student Chapter 357

Is this the ninth floor of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda? How did you do it? Cheng Yu said in surprise. From the start, he had only opened the first six levels. He couldn't even enter the seventh level, but now he had actually reached the ninth level.

Although I've been restricted by your cultivation in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, I still have my ways! The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

What's so special about this ninth floor? Cheng Yu asked. He took a look at his surroundings. Aside from the fact that the layout was slightly different, there weren't any other differences. There were all sorts of strange symbols everywhere.

This was the place where the previous master healed his injuries! The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Healing? Is there any special effect on healing wounds here? Cheng Yu asked curiously. Since the previous owner of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was here to treat his wounds, it seemed that there really was something behind this.

Like I said, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is not as simple as you think it is. These runes are also not as ordinary as they look. There were tens of thousands of combinations of these runes, which also meant that there were tens of thousands of variations. Forget about suppressing a few Nascent Soul stage cultivators, even Rogue Immortals can be suppressed! The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

That powerful? Do you know about all these changes? Cheng Yu said in pleasantly surprised voice. If this Soul Suppressing Pagoda could really suppress a Rogue Immortal, then in the cultivation world, who would he be afraid of?

Of course... I don't know! The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

I don't know how you are still so arrogant! Cheng Yu said snappily.

I don't know about the tens of thousands of variations of these runes, but I do know a few. Among them, there is a way to save you! The Soul Suppressing Orb proudly said.

A way to save me? That's great, I knew it! Senior is much more powerful than I imagined! Cheng Yu said with a good attitude.

Didn't you say that I'm very arrogant? The Soul Suppressing Orb looked at Cheng Yu with disdain as he spoke.

You don't understand, I am praising you. Have you ever seen an incompetent person dare to be arrogant? That's why I'm praising you for your ability to be so arrogant. You should be happy! Cheng Yu shamelessly said.

Tsk, don't you also have no ability? Isn't it the same? The Soul Suppressing Orb said disapprovingly.

... Cheng Yu was speechless. Did he really not have any ability? If he didn't have the ability, how could he have six golden cores? This guy must be jealous.

Enough, stop saying these shameless words. See if the array formation around you is here? This is called the Nine Palace Heaven's Mandate Soul Gathering Formation With the help of this formation, your soul will quickly recover. The Soul Suppressing Orb didn't continue to talk nonsense with him and spoke seriously.

Really? Then will my strength recover as well? Cheng Yu said in pleasant surprise.

As for your strength, you won't be able to recover it completely for the time being, unless you can stay here and cultivate!

The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Then wouldn't I be able to recover faster by coming here often in the future? Cheng Yu said.

Of course not. After you have revived, if you want to come in again, you have to open it yourself! The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Don't you have a way? Why don't you just help me get in like this! Cheng Yu said disapprovingly.

Humph! Your imagination is quite beautiful. If it weren't for the special circumstances this time, I wouldn't have forcefully brought you in to save your life. Even though I am the soul of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, I am still restricted by many rules and cannot enter just because I want to. The Soul Suppressing Orb said in a serious tone.

This... Good! Then when will I be able to revive and when will I be able to recover my strength!

Based on the current situation, it will take another two days for your soul to completely merge together. As for your strength, that will depend on yourself. The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Two days! Alright! Cheng Yu's joy at being revived was diluted by a lot when he thought of how his strength had already been crippled.

Originally, he came to the cultivation world to enhance his strength. In the end, after so long, he actually became an ordinary person. His life was really unpredictable.

Two days later, Cheng Yu's soul finally stabilized and was no longer in a seemingly non-existent state. Although it was still not an actual body, it had become a normal soul.

Soul Suppressing Orb! What should I do now? Will I be able to survive if I return to my own body? Cheng Yu felt that his condition had improved quite a bit as he said excitedly.

Speaking of which, this was the second time that Cheng Yu had been reborn. However, the first time was a little strange, and this time, he was very clear about it. He could not help but feel a bit excited.

How can it be so simple, I still need to cast a Soul Recovering Art on you The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

The Soul Suppressing Orbs Hand formed a seal and chanted an incantation. The Nine Palace Heaven's Mandate Soul Assembling Formation that was supposed to gather Cheng Yu's soul suddenly flashed and the runes floating in the air suddenly dispersed. They returned to the wall of the pagoda.

You need to pay attention to the integration of your mind and spirit and discard all distracting thoughts. I'm going to send you back! The Soul Suppressing Orb shouted at Cheng Yu with a serious expression.

Immediately after, the Soul Suppressing Orb changed hand seals. The formation's center pattern lit up again. The surrounding runes flew out and floated above the formation, wrapping around Cheng Yu.

In the room, Lan Ya was still sitting on the bed as usual, holding Cheng Yu's cold hand as she quietly looked at him.

Cheng Yu, you have to hold on, There's still one more day, but you must definitely come back tomorrow Lan Ya muttered.

She also knew that Cheng Yu no longer felt anything, but she still felt that Cheng Yu wasn't dead and that he would hear her words.

Looking at Cheng Yu's face which was still handsome despite its paleness, Lan Ya gently caressed it. Her eyes were filled with love as if the other wasn't a corpse.

If you can wake up, I'm willing to give you a lot of babies from the beginning until the end of my life. Furthermore, I promise that I won't blame you for being too flowery in the future, and I can even help you trick beautiful girls Lan Ya said with a little sadness.

How she wished that Cheng Yu could be like the past, haggling at her with a smile. If he was still here, he would be very surprised to hear this news

Is that true? Don't lie to me

Of course it's true, how can I possibly... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You. You. You ... But halfway through her sentence, she saw a familiar smiling face that needed a beating looking at her. Lan Ya screamed and threw away Cheng Yu's hand. She pointed at Cheng Yu in fear, and after a few seconds, she fainted.

Holy shit, You said you were going to have a baby when I woke up but it seems as if you've seen a ghost when looking at me Cheng Yu quickly got up and hugged Lan Ya, afraid that she would fall to the ground. He then put her on the bed that he had been lying on.

Hehe, this woman is so funny. She even said that she would help me pick up some girls. This is outrageous. I haven't seen her for so long, but she seems to have grown up again. Looking at Lan Ya's curvy figure, Cheng Yu happily thought. He opened his head to check the room and found that there really was no one there. He then lightly pinched himself. It felt so good, it was better to be alive.

You are really shameless Just as Cheng Yu was lamenting, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind. Cheng Yu quivered and retracted his hand.

Damn, Soul Suppressor, you're being too rude. How can you peek when I have sex with my wife? Cheng Yu was taken aback. Since he suddenly realized a serious problem, didn't that mean that the Soul Suppressing Orb would be able to see the intimate things he does with his woman in the future?

I really didn't wrongly accuse you of being an idiot. Your cultivation base has been crippled, not your brain. If you don't want me to see it, I won't be able to The Soul Suppressing Orb said in a bad mood.

That's right! I am truly confused, and this has nothing to do with my cultivation Cheng Yu slapped his forehead, and said with a sudden realization, then said with surprise and joy: How could it be? How could this be? Soul Suppressor, didn't you say I had been crippled?

It turned out that Cheng Yu had just discovered that he was actually at the late Foundation Establishment stage. He was unable to contain his joy!

I'm only saying that your Jindan is broken, not that your cultivation is completely wasted! He originally thought that he would notice it as soon as he woke up. He didn't expect him to be so useless without him. It took him so long to realize that he was speechless.

Haha. So it was like this! Soul Suppressor, you have done a great job this time. Don't worry, I promised you before that I would find a beautiful female spirit weapon as a wife for you. I will definitely not go back on my words. Although his Jindan was gone, he still had the strength of a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, so he was still very happy.

Moreover, the Soul Suppressing Orb also said that he wouldn't be completely crippled and that he would be able to recover. He believed that as long as he cultivated diligently, he would be able to return the six golden cores.

Don't compare me to you, You want me to give you a soul pet? The Soul Suppressing Orb said in a bad mood.

Hehe, if you really can give birth to a Tool Soul Baby, then I'll definitely find a few Tool Souls for you to be your wife. Cheng Yu smiled.

Yu'er? You ... At this moment, an old man who was standing at the door spoke to Cheng Yu, who was sitting on the bedside in surprise. The person who came was Cheng Yu's master, Qing Xu. When he heard Lan Ya's shout, he thought something had happened.

One had to know that this was his disciple's wife. If something happened to her too, then he really wouldn't be able to explain it to Cheng Yu, so he quickly ran over.

He didn't expect that the one sitting on the bed would be Cheng Yu while the one lying on the bed was Lan Ya. For a moment, he was unable to react. However, he was a cultivator after all, and his cultivation bases were high as well. Unlike Lan Ya, he wasn't frightened to the point of fainting.

Hehe, Master! I'm fine now, thank you for bringing Lan Ya back! Cheng Yu said happily when he saw the person.

You ... How did you suddenly come back to life? Qing Xuanzi said with surprise and joy.

Don't tell the truth! Say that they called your soul back At this time, the Soul Suppressing Orbs voice suddenly sounded in Cheng Yu's mind, reminding him.

Didn't you call my soul back? Although Cheng Yu didn't know why the Soul Suppressing Orb asked him to say this, he didn't refuse and did as he was told.