Godly Student Chapter 356

How was it? Teacher, was Chen Yu resurrected? Lan Ya's heart flashed with a bad premonition when she saw Qing Xu's expression. She asked worriedly.

Ai Qing Xu didn't say anything, he only sighed and slightly shook his head.

Although Qing Yuanzi and the others didn't check it out, with their cultivation, they could tell at a glance what was going on with Cheng Yu. They also felt helpless!

How can this be? Didn't you say there was a way? Why? Why is he still not awake! Lan Ya said with tears in her eyes.

We didn't expect it to be like this. Logically speaking, this method should be possible, but with so many souls appearing, what we can't understand is why we can't find the soul of Yu'Er? Qing Yuanzi asked curiously.

If this method was useless, then these ghost souls wouldn't appear. Since these ghost souls appeared, then it meant that this method was effective, but why isn't Cheng Yu's soul appearing? He also did not understand.

Could it be that you guys made a mistake, or maybe it is because it definitely hasn't been long enough since Cheng Yu died in Kunlun. His soul must still be in Kunlun, so it will definitely take him some time to get here. Why don't you try again? This time it will definitely work, okay? Lan Ya pulled on qing Yuanzi's sleeve as she wailed.

Martial Nephew, don't be agitated. I know you're feeling terrible, but the situation you're talking about is impossible. This soul summoning spell had nothing to do with where he died. Furthermore, with our current state, we won't be able to use this kind of soul summoning technique anymore. We'll need at least another month to recover. Qing Yuanzi said.

They had already used up a lot of energy just now. If they were to do it again, even if they brought back Cheng Yu's soul, they wouldn't be able to bring him back alive.

Then what should we do? Do you really want to see Cheng Yu die like this? Didn't you guys also say that this method is useful? Lan Ya sobbed.

This... Fellow disciples, what do you think we should do about this matter? Qing Yuanzi asked the others. AFter all, this required the attitude of the others. The soul summoning technique was indeed tiring, and it was not something that could be easily used.

... Everyone fell silent. After all, they had done their best to help them up to this point. In order to awaken a person's soul, they had to expend their soul power. Although they could recover, the recovery rate of their soul power was far too slow.

If they continued to use it, it would most likely affect their future cultivation. Although they owed Cheng Yu a favor, they had almost paid it back by now. If they were to use their future cultivation as a wager, they would have to reconsider.

Martial Uncles, I beg you, please try again! Just once, if it doesn't work again, I will definitely not trouble you anymore. Looking at the unsettled expressions of the few of them, Lan Ya pleaded in tears.

Qing Xu didn't say anything, but he was looking forward to it. He knew that it was already too late to say anything because he knew everyone's situation. He also knew the difficulty of using the Soul Summoning Technique again.

Seeing such a pitiful appearance from Lan Ya, a few of them hesitated. After all, it was not a simple matter.

Senior Brother, what do you say? Qing Yuanzi looked at Qing Xu and said.

I am Yu'ers master. Naturally, I hope that you can make another move. However, I will also respect your decision. Qing Xu said seriously.

I'd like to try again, but it'll have to be in three days. Qing Yuanzi was the first to speak.

Junior Brother Yun, thank you Qing Xu was surprised and happy to hear what Qing Yuanzi said.

This... The others still had a lot of concerns. They looked at each other and nodded in the end. Alright then! Three days later, we are willing to try again.

Great, thank you! Qing Xu said excitedly.

Senior Masters, regardless of the outcome, I thank you on behalf of Cheng Yu Lan Ya was extremely excited as she spoke. She knelt down and kowtowed to the elders.

Since everyone had already made their decisions, the elders didn't say anything more and directly returned to their own mountain peak. This soul summoning technique was not to be underestimated as it required three days of proper recover, and none of them wanted it to affect their future cultivation.

Junior brother, you should go back and rest, I'll have to trouble you again after three days Only Qing Xu, Qing Yuanzi, Xin Yao, and Lan Ya were left. After bringing Cheng Yu back to his room, Qing Xu looked at Qing Yuanzi and said.

Alright Qing Yuanzi did not say anything else, he left with the injured Xin Yao.

Disciple's wife, you'll have to take good care of Yu'er for the next three days. I also need a good rest Finally, Qing Xu looked at Lan Ya and said.

Yes, thank you, Master, Lan Ya said gratefully. Qing Xu felt that Lan Ya was always too incongruous, so he asked her to address him and his martial uncles as Cheng Yu did.

Cheng Yu, did you hear that? Three days later is your last hope, you must definitely come back In the room, only the body of Cheng Yu and Lan Ya was left.


Inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, Cheng Yu's soul was still extremely unstable. Not only was it transparent, but it also seemed as if it could disappear at any time.

[Whiz] Suddenly, a man appeared in front of Cheng Yu.

Who are you? Cheng Yu asked in alarm when he saw the man. Was there anyone else in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda? Why didn't he notice it before?

Who am I? You don't recognize me already? Initially, I wanted to tell you about the situation outside. The man laughed.

Soul Suppressing! You are the Soul Suppressing Orb! Cheng Yu said in surprise.

He was extremely familiar with this voice, but he had only heard it before and had never seen the other party's appearance. He was wearing a white Daoist robe and had tied up his hair. He looked to be in his twenties, and he was quite handsome.

However, thinking that this guy was even more handsome than him in the Daoist attire, Cheng Yu felt a bit displeased. Damn, this father will also have a head of shiny black hair in the future.

AT least you have a good eye, apart from me, who else can be so free in this Soul Suppressing Pagoda? The Soul Suppressing Orb laughed.

Senior, didn't you say you were going to tell me about the situation outside? Cheng Yu's soul was currently very unstable and was unable to sense the outside world.

Today, your master and the others were using the resurrection skill on you. Unfortunately, it didn't work Soul Suppressing Orb faintly said.

Ressurection? Was there such a powerful spell? How come I didn't know Cheng Yu exclaimed.

With just your cultivation, there are many things you don't know about The soul Suppressing Orb said in a bad mood.

Then why didn't he succeed? Cheng Yu said dejectedly. He felt disdain towards the resurrection skill. Not even a person could be revived. What kind of skill was this?.

Aren't you smart? Guess! The Soul Suppressing Orb laughed.

How should I know? I don't even know how to use the resurrection skill Cheng Yu said snappily.

Because they didn't summon back you soul and spirit, The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

My three souls and seven spirits? Isn't my soul and spirit here?, Why can't I? Cheng Yu asked curiously.

It's simple, your soul and spirit are sealed here by me! They would be damned if they could get back

What?, Are you kidding me? You clearly know they want to summon my soul, but you still aren't letting me out? You want to kill me? Cheng Yu said angrily.

[Hng hng] The Soul Suppressing Orb let out two prideful laughs but didn't say anything.

You... You can't be thinking of doing something to me! Suddenly, Cheng Yu had a bad premonition as he looked at the Soul Suppressing Orb in fear.

[Hng hng] The soul Suppressing Orb still didn't speak but looked at Cheng Yu with a face full of ill intentions.

Hey!, I don't believe it! Do you really want to do something to me? Cheng Yu said in fear.

Tsk tsk, Aren't you quite brave? How come you've become such a coward now? The Soul Suppressing Orb laughed.

If you're being held hostage by someone, of course, you will Cheng Yu said, I must remind you, I'm the master of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, If you want to harm me, you will be punished by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Looks like you're not stupid after all The Soul Suppressing Orb laughed.

You scared me, Don't you know that I'm very weak right now? Cheng Yu tried ot put down his worries when he saw the Soul Suppressing Orbs expression.

Then wy are you still shouting at me The Soul Suppressing Orb said in a bad mood.

Tell me, why didn't you release me and let them revive me? Cheng Yu asked.

I told you this a long time ago, you soul has been destroyed. Even if I let you out, even if you do wake up, you'd still be cripple The SOul Suppressing Orb Said.

Why? Have I been crippled Cheng Yu said.

That's right, your Gold Core has been shattered

What?, All six of them shattered? He no longer had any connection or perception with his physical body, so how would he know abou the situation with ihs physical body?

Nonsense, although you although you have six Gold Cores, but all six Gold Cores are one. Do you think you can break them apart?

What should I do?, Then I can't stay here either Cheng Yu said with a gloomy face.

That's why you are underestimating the Soul Suppressing Pagoda too much. Since you can seal the souls of your enemies, you can naturally restore your own soul as well The Soul Suppressing Orb said arrogantly.

Repair the Soul? Cheng Yu exclaimed.

That's right, do you know where we are?

Where?, Isn't this the Soul Suppressing Pagoda? Cheng Yu said in confusion.

Nonsense, I'm talking about which layer we are at

Which layer?, Eh? I've never seen this place before! Could it be the seventh floor? But can you open the seventh floor?t Cheng Yu carefully observed the environment on this floor.

Although these runes looked similar, one could still tell the difference.

This isn't the first six levels. However, this isn't the seventh. This is the ninth level The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

The ninth Level? How did you do it? Cheng Yu said in suprise.